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Shopping from home last Christmas. I think I’ll do it again!

I have always loved the day after Thanksgiving — for the leftovers and the great deals to be had. In years’ past I’ve often hit the stores on Black Friday without a clue as to where I was going or what I was getting. Thankfully, with the wrinkles and age spots, I’ve also gained a little shopping savvy. The world wide web is your place for a head’s up on Black Friday Deals!

Here’s what I can see from where I stand:

**Amazon started their Black Friday sales yesterday. Browse their specials and perhaps you’ll be able to cross a few gifts off your list. (And if you’ve been using Swagbucks, you can trade your points in for Amazon gift cards.)

** also began some fun things yesterday.

  • Follow them on twitter and your retweets can earn you some great prizes, including a $100 Home Depot Card.
  • More than 100 of their featured retailers are offering DOUBLE cash back this holiday weekend, including 20% cash back from The Gap, 20% back from SnapFish, and 14% back from Barnes&Noble. With a few clicks of a mouse, you save time, gas, sore feet, and some cash!

**Check out the huge catalog of Black Friday Deals at AFullCup! Thanks to their CVS sneak peek, one FishBoy is pretty happy to be scoring a very inexpensive MP3 player this week with his birthday money.

** Ebates is also offering double cash back at select stores, like 15% at Shutterfly and 10% at Old Navy.

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  1. Hi Jessica! I plan on doing this for Christmas this year. We live about an hour away from any good shopping (even Target!) and with 2 little ones under 3, I am not about to go on a marathon shopping trip. 😉 Plus, I have SwagBucks to use and recently signed up for Ebates (why had I not heard about them sooner?!?! 🙂 ) so I am all set! I don't have lots of people to shop for, but saving money on any of my Christmas shopping is better than nothing. Thanks for the tips you listed!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I am blessed! says

    I'm with you. I went out last year for the first time ever and it was not fun. Traffic and lines are not my idea of a good time. I've already bought lots of gifts on Amazon and Vision Forum.

  3. FishMama says

    Don't get me wrong… I loooovvve to shop — with a full wallet and no kids! Online and quiet after bedtime is often so much easier, though.

  4. Samantha Laury says

    i love all the random promotions that come out just for Black Friday — i'll be driving around all day

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