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Our first online Christmas order arrived today. {Shhh! I ordered FishBoy5 is Chargers’ jersey from Kohls.}

I love to order online because you get such a bigger selection than in the store. And if you go through an online coupon website, you can maximize your savings.

I’ve told you about Ebates. Well, there is another site similar called ShopAtHome. I haven’t done an in-depth comparison of the two, but it looks like you can get some pretty sweet discounts. Sign up with ShopAtHome and receive $5 just for signing up and then get cash back at 100s of retailers. At a quick glance, I see that you can get 10% back from Old Navy and 5% back from Target. I know where I’ll be Christmas shopping.

So before you go straight to the merchant’s website, pop in at ShopAtHome and see what you can save.

Now is the time to start planning and saving. ‘Tis the season….

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  1. Shaylasr says

    I do a lot of my shopping online. My one main problem is that i'll find a REALLY good deal and rush to get it and then after I've made the purchase I realize I didn't go through one of the cash back sites
    🙁 I get so mad at myself. Someday maybe I'll learn.

  2. Make sure to really track what you buy through Shop at Home. I have made a few purchases and none of my cashbacks have posted (even months later!) I'm still in the process of getting all my infomation together to prove that I purchased the items so I can't comment on their customer service yet but write down the track back number if possible and keep good records. I have not had this problem with other rebate sites so I'm kind of disappointed.

  3. Online shopping helps me save both money and time. It also lets me get rid of unwanted crowd and queue.

  4. FishMama says

    Thanks for the heads up, MMS. Anyone else have this trouble?

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