Simplify Mealtime with Make-Ahead Casseroles

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Make-ahead casseroles simplify mealtime. Try one of these delicious recipes to keep your family happy and well fed on those busy days.

Simplify Mealtime with Make-Ahead Casseroles | Life as MOM

One-dish breakfasts or dinners are just the ticket for fall meals. You can make them ahead; they are warm and cozy; and they taste great. I call that a triple win.

Here we’ve rounded up five simple favorites. All are freezer-friendly, kid-friendly, and budget-friendly.

Obviously, it’s time to make friends with the humble casserole.

Breakfast Casseroles

Breakfast casseroles are fantastic if you’ve got overnight guests or are bringing a contribution to a brunch potluck. Just make them the night before and then pop them in the oven in the morning. They’re also perfect if your family likes “breakfast for dinner” as well.

Simpifly Mealtime with Make-Ahead Casseroles | Maple Butterred French Toast Casserole | Life as MOM

Buttered Maple French Toast Casserole

Delicious Buttered Maple French Toast without the tedious frying. Just slice the bread, pour over the batter, and bake.

Simpifly Mealtime with Make-Ahead Casseroles | Spicy Turkey Egg Bake | Life as MOM

Spicy Turkey Egg Bake

This Spicy Turkey Egg Bake makes for a protein-packed breakfast…or dinner. If you want to make it ahead, cool the meat before adding the other ingredients. Then either stash in the fridge overnight or freeze it to bake at a later date. Simply thaw completely before baking.

Dinner Casseroles

Simpifly Mealtime with Make-Ahead Casseroles | Chile Cheese Bake | Life as MOM

Chile Cheese Bake

This Chile Cheese Bake has all of the flavor of our beloved Poblano Chile Enchiladas but without quite so much work.

Simplify Mealtimes with Make-Ahead Casseroles | Fresh Basil and Garlic Chive Lasagna | Life as MOM

Fresh Basil and Garlic Chive Lasagna

Thisย beef lasagna is flavored with fresh basil and chives. It’s easy to double or triple and store the extras in the freezer.

Simplify Mealtimes with Make-Ahead Casserole | Chicken Pot Pie | Life as MOM

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie is a fall favorite– tender chicken with peas, potatoes, and all in a delicious gravy. It’s easy to make two at once and pop one in the freezer for a later date.

What’s your favorite make-ahead casserole?

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  1. Yum-O! I need some one-dish solutions! Are these in your new cookbook? If so, I’ve really got to win one from Moneysaving Mom…uh, I mean, buy one on Amazon!

  2. That chicken pot pie is just beautiful. This fall weather is definitely making me crave that comfort meal. I’ve never frozen breakfast casseroles, but maybe I need to give that a try for busy mornings. My favorite make ahead casseroles are pot pies and Mexican casseroles. Thanks for sharing the links, as I am always looking for new inspiration.

  3. Don’t forget your awesome Lawnmower Casserole!!! Our family looooooves that recipe! :). It’s a fun twist on your typical taco and easy to make, thank you so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I just got your newest cookbook, woohoo! I’m so excited! ๐Ÿ˜€

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