Simplify Your Meals to Save Time in the Kitchen

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Today’s Day 3 of Kitchen Time Savers. All month I’ll be sharing ways that you can save time in the kitchen.

simplify your meals to save time

There has been more than one occasion when I’ve planned a huge, elaborate meal that took hours to pull off. Oh, sure, I do this for holiday meals. A lot of people do. But, sometimes this is just for a weeknight dinner.

A weeknight dinner when my people would be more than happy to eat spaghetti and meatballs, not three different courses.

I know that if I serve simple meals, my family will eat it, eat well, and I’ll save time in the kitchen. The simple meals that we enjoy are delicious meals, don’t get me wrong. They’re just not overcomplicated. And that is a very good thing.

Here’s what I mean when I say simple:

  • lasagna, cornbread, and salad
  • meatloaf, rice, and greens
  • beans and rice with vegetables
  • potstickers, rice, and steamed vegetables
  • taco night
  • grilled chicken, garlic bread, and a salad

These are not complicated meals. They come together quickly (most are freezer friendly in some way). They don’t require me to be in the kitchen for very long.

Simplify your meals and you’ll save time.

Kitchen Time Savers series | Life as MOMThis post is part of the Kitchen Time Savers series. You can follow along this month as we explore lots of ways to make more efficient use of our time in the kitchen.

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  1. Hi Jessica:
    Would you consider doing a fall and winter version of your “no cook” meals ? Soooo handy!

    • It’s an intriguing idea, but what would you want to eat that was cold in fall and winter? I can only think of sandwiches and salads. [puts thinking cap on]

      • There has to be something – I need there to be something! Maybe a couple of recipes for casseroles that could be eaten for one dinner, then turned into a no cook dinner a couple of days later with the addition of broth? Do you have a chicken and rice/noodle casserole that would work? Or cold cuts that could be heated and then served with a no cook sauce?

        • Jessica Fisher says

          I guess we need to redefine “cook”. I think of no-cook as not hot. But you’re thinking something different. I got plenty of what you’re talking about. Just not cold.

  2. We do potstickers, rice, and veggies usually every week. Of course, we have to add your Potsticker Dipping Sauce from Good Cheap Eats. Simple but oh so good.

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