Something That Made Us Smile

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Maybe I’m weird, but I thought this was a cute video.

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  1. oh wow. I was really wondering where this one was going at first. Reminds me of most European commercials…weird, but interesting. I liked it though!

  2. My eight year old thought it was the best – we both laughed – apple doesn’t fall far from the tree at my house!

  3. I am glad that i watched it all the way to the end. Otherwise I might be grossed out. I hate mice.

    1. Think I better warn ppl to watch it to the end? I hate rodents irl, too. But, I liked Ratatouille. 😉 I guess animated rodents have a place in my heart.

  4. I was starting to think why you had this on your blog.Once I watched it I got the children to watch.They loved it!Thank you for the great laugh.

  5. You’re a nut! In a good way… 🙂 That snap made me jump a couple inches, then I wondered, “What the heck is wrong with this woman?” Yes, the end was quite cute, but the snap set me back for a second. I totally hate watching things suffer- I know I’m a wuss.