Paper Clutter Triage

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Mandi from Life Your Way and I have joined forces with to bring you a video series on managing your paper clutter.

We’ll spend the next few months discussing strategies for managing your paper clutter. This week I address “paper clutter triage” – how to sort and distinguish the important from what can be trashed or sent to the round file.

Click here if you can’t see the video.

Did you miss Part 1? Watch Mandi’s introduction to the sources of paper clutter here.

Be sure to visit and learn how it can help you manage what matters most!

What do YOU do to tame paper clutter in your home?

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  1. My main paper clutter is the kids’ school work and artwork. I hate to toss everything but the volume is out of control! I hope you can address artwork/school work in later videos.

  2. We’ve been doing this for about a year now. It’s amazing how much easier life is when you don’t have junk mail laying around. I usually stand by the trash can and toss away what I can and then we burn the rest (credit card appl and such). Looking forward to this series Jessica! Thanks!

  3. I’ve been spending today trying to remove electronic paper clutter from my harddrive. I thought it might distract me from the regular paper clutter everywhere else in the house. I am very good about recycling newspapers regularly. We don’t subscribe to any and I still have several arrive each week.

  4. GREAT POST: It is amazing how great you can feel if you can successfully manage all the paper coming in and going out of your home.

    I am a new subscriber to LifeAsMom and am loving it. Thank you for all that you do!

    I had to take the idea of the Inbox a step further 3 years ago because I was getting overwhelmed with the pile that developed and realized how much mental and physical time it took me to further organize it and that happened every time I sat down to do something.

    I noticed that all the stuff could easily be further filed for a later task while I was “touching it once”.

    First, I got one of those inexpensive, but pretty box filers with the lid, some hanging folders and some manila folders (again, pretty colors to motivate me, who wants to look at drab gray and beige).

    Second, I looked at all that was in my Inbox. There were things to do, to file, to pay, to read, to use and that was about it. These became the labels on the hanging folders.

    Third, as a mom, I am also kind of in charge of organizing everyone else’s paper clutter…(I just have to accept this role until such time as my children can learn the system for themselves; my husband is working to support us and has very little time so I submit to my role with a tiny grumble) so each person in the house gets a manila folder within the hanging folders (as necessary-the baby doesn’t have a To Read folder yet), the house counts as another person here.

    Fourth, now that your Inbox is setup for your unique family, you just have to do your sorting with your Inbox handy (I also have a pretty basket next to my Inbox for recycling).

    And fifth and most important, set aside a chunk of time once a week, twice a week, once a month, whatever meets your needs or the needs of your Inbox to go through the hanging folders.

    For example, I go through my To Read folder every Sunday night before bed. I go through my To File folders (again I do everyone’s) only once a month because I loathe filing and my To Do folders get looked at every two weeks (within that folder things sort of automatically get prioritzed with most pressing things on top and all my wishful thinking to dos filter to the bottom of that folder).

    Hope this helps anyone with an overwhelming Inbox.