Get in on the Spring Cleaning Action

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Last Spring, we walked through Spring Cleaning together. If you missed that series, you can catch up — and see the insides of my linen cupboard, too.

There’s all sorts of other Spring Cleaning ideas and inspiration to be had.

Check out this good clean fun:

Simple Mom is hosting a 5-week cleaning program. It starts Monday, so plan accordingly.

Other good ideas:

5 Easy Steps to Clean a Kitchen :: from The Mom Writes

Spring Cleaning :: from Organizing Your Way

Chore Planning and Homemade Household Cleaners :: from Vanderbilt Wife

Housecleaning Schedules :: from the Happy Housewife

Removing Soap Scum :: from Getting Freedom

Washing Windows :: from The Finer Things in Life

Intentional Cleaning :: from Steady Mom

Do YOU spring clean?

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  1. YES!!! And I am going to read everything posted here to better organize my thorough cleaning methods. Thanks for the series!

  2. I wouldn’t describe my cleaning as spring cleaning, more of seasonal cleaning. I air out pillows and comforters. I wash the trash cans, diaper pails, and high chair. I do the seasonal clothing switch and get the puddle jumpers out for mud season. The other stuff I try to do monthly when I do my zone cleaning, though I’m a little behind right now because of all the viruses making their lovely way through my home. 🙁

    When fall hits, I have another checklist of stuff to do like getting out the winter clothes and boots, doing the seasonal clothing switch.

  3. are you going thru this series again this spring on your blog or should I just go thru it myself following the links you posted?

  4. We are getting ready for a big move. We are decluttering major. You can see our decluttering party on my blog here if anyone is interested. Clutter is like the old blog movie…. It grows and suffocates. (At least that is our take) Simplicity is a beautiful thing, I’m trying to obtain that with the Lord’s help. I am so tired of clutter keeping me from what is important. I’m moving on! : )

  5. I peeked at your links. I’m going to come clean & say I do not clean my bathrooms as often as I should either! Who would want to? My family & I live in a townhouse, where there are 4 bathrooms. 3 full, 1 powder room. To me, that is one toilet too many. 🙂

  6. I love this recipe. Sounds so easy. I posted a link to it on my blog today and I grabbed your button as well. Wanted to let you know.
    I’m a longtime reader and love all your ideas. I have taken many of them and put them to use in my home. Thanks!

  7. I have been using my motivated mom list since before the new year and I love it! I have passed it on to many of my friends who swear by it also!