Staging for Living (& A Giveaway from Glidden)

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A few months ago, I read this post on “staging your home for living.” It struck a chord. Twice now, we have remodeled our home and got it looking spiffy and beautiful and wonderful — and then sold it and moved away. There’s a bittersweet irony in that. So, for the last couple months I’ve been thinking about that idea.

How can we make our home be more of how we want to live?

This week I put some feet to it. I started sorting through the kitchen cupboards; came up with 3 boxes of stuff to give away. Who knew? I decided to finally sell the extensive collection of china that I received as a gift a few years ago. My own “favorite dishes” were in boxes in the garage. We did a swap and sale. Two wonderful ladies are going to get to enjoy the dishes that would otherwise languish in boxes.

Last night hubs finally rerouted some cables and chords so that the TV and stereo are where we’ve been “meaning to put them” for quite some time. Today the kids and I moved furniture and vacuumed. When FishPapa came home from work he secured bookshelves to walls.

We’re not moving, in fact, we’ll be extending our lease for another year. But, we want to live in a way that is beautiful and simple and fun. We want to enjoy these quickly passing days with our kids. Too much to maintain or rearrange isn’t conducive to family time. While we don’t have a huge list of house projects, it’s nice to knock them out rather than letting them linger. Plus, it’s nice to be surrounded by beauty instead of mess.

We’re not done, but we got a great start. We’ll be painting dressers and picture frames in the coming weeks. And getting rid of a lot more stuff that is just taking up space.


One thing that can totally transform a room is the tasteful use of accent colors. You don’t have to repaint an entire room to give it a little pizzazz. And with all the fun, bright colors that are available, you could quickly and easily paint one wall to brighten things up a bit.

Glidden recently sent us a couple testers from the Glidden Brilliance Collection in colors that totally match our living room couch. The gold and red are just beautiful — and make me pine away for fall.

One of the great things about the testers — besides the colors — is that the paintbrush is built into the cap! How easy is that? You don’t have to mess with anything. Just unscrew the cap and paint a small section of wall. Then wait. Observe the color patch during different times and lighting of day so that you can get a better feel for how it will be on the whole wall.

Glidden has a great interactive site to help you choose colors — and their paints are currently available at Walmart, an added plus since Walmart is so easy to get to for most people. Seems they’re making it as easy as can be to add color to your wall — except, of course, do the painting for you.

(And from years of being married to a contractor, can I suggest that you go one shade lighter on the paint chip than you think you really want. Can’t tell you how many clients asked for a color change after they realized their color was too dark. Just saying.)

This week three LifeasMOM readers will each win a $25 gift card to Walmart, complements of Glidden so they can brighten, lighten, and stage their homes for living.

To Enter:

Tell us one thing you want to do to “stage your house for living.”

Giveaway will be open until 8 pm PST on Tuesday, August 16th. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS: thebauerfamily@, <skiulatr@,  kccuties@

Disclosure: I was provided complimentary paint testers as well as compensated for time spent administering this giveaway.

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  1. Christine says:

    Buying fresh flowers or cutting flowers from our yard for our kitchen table.

  2. Paint my office and finally get our papers in order and my home business a real hub.

  3. I keep the area where people walk through the door super clean. It gives a false impression. And somedays I’m ok with that. 🙂

  4. De-cluttering! This is an ongoing task in our home!

  5. Swap the living and dining rooms and brighten them up with some new paint.

  6. Jennifer Landers says:

    I wash the walls a lot! I have a toddler that is constantly finding something to get on the walls.

  7. We have been in our home almost a year and have barely made a dent in our to-do wish list! I have only painted two rooms and have 5 on the waiting list!

  8. I want to declutter my kitchen and dining room and put up some simple artwork to add beauty to the rooms.

  9. Paint the girls room!!!!

  10. I’m repainting the guest room and we really need new flooring in the family room and dining room.

  11. Jessie C. says:

    Keep the coreway clean and without whatsoever stuffs.

  12. I’d like to paint my daughter’s room to match her new comforter. I’m tired of “masking tape” color walls!

  13. Danelle B. says:

    Update our bedroom. It is the only room in the house that isnt done yet.

  14. I would love to do some work in our playroom.

  15. Make my bedroom a nice and relaxing place to be by removing all clutter, and painting.

  16. Finally, put some pictures up on the walls (we’ve been here 3 years ….)

  17. Decluttering and rearranging top my list:)
    miamichickens at yahoo dot com

  18. Melissa S says:

    Currently working on a re-do for the boy’s room

  19. I need to revamp the boys room. My youngest hits teendom next year. I need to figure out how to give each of the boys their own space within a small space and update the space to reflect their interests better.

  20. I’d love to declutter a bit and make it more homey.

  21. So much to do; so little time, money, energy. Our bedroom needs serious attention to be restful. Declutter, swap out furniture, and PAINT!

  22. I try to keep our living area clean & toy free- it is where we spend the most time.

  23. We need to make our office/guest room/ music room somehow better for daily living… I avoid going in there, probably isn’t too exciting for my parents when they are here.

  24. Anne Marie says:

    Paint – I really need to paint the walls and the trim and even the doors – need a paint overhaul!

  25. I want to declutter and paint my children’s bathroom.

  26. Michelle Y says:

    Actually get around to hanging up our pictures, etc. We moved in 4 months ago and haven’t touched them yet!

  27. I want to rearrange the living room furniture. It’s boring me.

  28. Jen Herold says:

    Declutter the family room, get rid of the toys that no one ever plays with to make more room for the toys that the girls love to play with. put up some storage cubbies to help keep toys neater and easier to find, and then repaint the room to give it a fresh new feeling.

  29. Carrie Phelps says:

    I would love to repaint my bathroom, it’s too small & dark.

  30. We need to paint and put up new curtains, that will make the livingroom and diningroom seem new.

  31. We’ve just moved our soon to be family of six into a small two bedroom townhouse. I’d love to find a beautiful wooden pantry to add to our kitchen, which is tiny and was of course designed for someone who eats outs for at least two meals a day 🙂

  32. working hard to organize some closets and give each child their own little space/shelf/cubby to store their special treasures and ‘hard-to-share’ toys.

  33. i want to put up some shelving in our space under the stairs for storage and a makeshift pantry.

  34. Traci Babcock says:

    Sort and clean the play room and my craft room once the kids are back in school. Thay have been used so much this summer that things are no longer organized or easy to use!

  35. I want to paint my foyer. The Beige I have in there never worked, but at the time we felt too rushed to “fix” it at the time. That was 6 years ago and it still isn’t “fixed”!

  36. I was just thinking that when my 4 children go back to school I need to do a simple project around the house to change it up a bit. I think I would like to paint our living room. We spend a lot of time there together and guests see that room first, after the entryway! Thank you!

  37. I would like to go through every room and sort out things that need to go.

  38. I have needed to recover some chair seats from my grandmother’s dining room set for years, but haven’t found a fabric I love. We are also painting some large canvases to hang about our new house. I love the idea of “staging your home for living”.

  39. I would like to provide more usable storage to the 1st floor for my husband. His piles are a huge issue.

  40. Our loft into an office for me (bills, coupons, scrapbooking)

  41. I am redoing rooms to give each of my boys their own space. They have shared a room for several years, and now our older son has requested his “own space”. I am also trying to spruce up the house before going back to work this fall.

  42. We just did the same thing…. redoing a house just to sell it! It made me wonder ‘why didn’t we do this a long time ago?’ So now I need to get it in gear where we are and get our office done. It’s the place we’re supposed to be most productive, and yet it’s the most UNdone space we have!

  43. Decluttering all those unused or rarely used things in my kitchen will help a lot – some fresh flowers wouldn’t hurt either. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  44. Christina Dunnan says:

    I’m dying to get our pictures hung up on the wall! As long-time renters, we are terrible about staging our apartment, but it has been my mission this Summer (I’m a teacher) to get it in good shape. The last thing on my list is to hang pictures – and since school starts tomorrow, I’m running out of time! 😉

  45. Tori Palmer says:

    I would love to paint the walls in all the rooms of our house. Right now they are all the same color, and beige type color. They all match. I like color and a bright house.

  46. We just moved into a house, and there is so much to be done. However, the first room being painted is one of our daughter’s, because even though it’s not in a public space, it’s very important to her. Having her room ‘done’ makes her feel more like it’s home.

  47. We are attempting to de-clutter, and then de-clutter, and then de-clutter!

  48. We definitely need to repaint. We are in the midst of repainting my parent’s house to sell and it makes such a difference. Can’t wait to do ours.

  49. I want to paint my boy’s playroom a fun , bright yellow!

  50. We’ve actually done the opposite, we re-did the house so we wouldn’t have to sell it. About five years ago we realized we out grew the house so we either needed to move or re-model. Housing was so expensive (this was before the collapse) and we didn’t feel we were really getting that much more than what we had so we called in a contractor to finish the basement and add a bathroom. We then went through, swapped out the light fixtures and doors, did a ton of painting and bought some new furniture. We felt like we were in a new home and it was A LOT cheaper than buying a new home.

    Now I’m just need to re-paint the living, replace the blinds & make new slip covers for the cushions. I’m hoping I win!

    Enjoy your new ‘staging’!

  51. This is the perfect giveaway for me. I’ve been wanting to paint my boring white walls for a few years now to brighten up out home.

  52. I’m ready to repaint the kitchen!

  53. Rebecca W. says:

    I need some paint that is really durable but pretty.

  54. I’ve been planning to paint an accent wall in our living room, so this would be perfect!
    It’s also way past time to finish up the window trim and baseboards in our 6yo house…

  55. I’d like to repaint the family room and find a better way to organize all the kids’ toys.

  56. cathi carpenter says:

    well…our kitchen has been torn up for Years..yes…YEARS. We have been on CONCRETE since the dishwasher debockle TWO years ago… soooooooo why not paint? Well that lead to a mess of stripping all the wall paper that was …ewwwww….. So now we have painted walls but NO trim anywhere… I wish my husband would just get with the program on this. 🙁

  57. We’ve just moved, so I have a list of projects and things I’d like to do or buy that’s about a mile long, and will take us years to work our way through it. Highest priority for me is getting some better lights for the playroom!

  58. Change the paint colors in our rooms to give them that “WOW” factor.

  59. Repaint the “baby’s ” room. He is now FOUR!!! Needs a big boy room and a big bed~~~

  60. I am always trying to declutter.I think it grows.

  61. We moved into our house 6 weeks ago and I would like to get a few rooms painted and get pictures hung where I want them- before the baby starts chewing on the frames leaning against the walls 🙂

  62. Danielle Budd says:

    I would finally get my living room together! it’s been a year but it just still doesn’t seem right now matter how i set it up, also paint the bedroom!

  63. I want to repaint our home. Our current flat paint us covered in hundreds of little hand prints!

  64. I REALLY want to paint our walls. This would give me the push I need to get it done… hopefully.

  65. I want to repaint and rearrange the kids’ playroom and bedroom.

  66. Michelle Murphy says:

    We’d love to repaint our master bathroom. When we moved in two years ago it was bright yellow. I’d prefer a more calm and soothing color.

  67. I would like to paint and decorate just a bit to give our home a facelift. It’s starting to get depressing and blah inside, but with no plans to move, I need to make the incentive myself.

  68. Carmen goddard says:

    I want to paint our living room – that is the room we spend the most time in. We moved in this house 6 years ago and I never did like the color but haven’t done anything about it! Thanks

  69. My goal is to finish the rest of the basement. Right now the concrete floors and walls are a great playroom because the kids can’t destroy anything in there. But there is no heat or electricity so it doesn’t get used much in the winter months. So it feels a large wasted space.

  70. I would like to redo my living room so I can live in it and not use it as a staging area for things to put away or do!

  71. Lots of decluttering to do. We keep talking about adding some pops of color, but have been indecisive. Fall would be a great time to get going on it. Thanks for the giveaways!

  72. I really want to update our kitchen, paint the stove hood and put in a new apron front sink to go with the more country charm that fills the house.

  73. I would like to get new window treatments.

  74. Moving the TV from the mantle to a cabinet so that we can patch and paint the huge holes prior owner made when mounting flat screen on wall. Could relate to this post a lot…staging a house to get it so nice for resale and then waiting again for another move. Why do we do that?!?

  75. I need to convert the guest room / office into a “big boy” room for my 3 year old. Then get his room ready for baby #2….

  76. Focus on our bedroom.. It is the place where all the piles of mail, books, papers go when company comes over. I need to make it more peaceful and organized, and not just our ‘go-to extra space’.

  77. Diana Campbell says:

    I would love to paint some items around my home and hang some pictures. Thanks for the giveaway.

  78. Our bathrooms have no paint – even the cabinets are the same color as the wall! I want to paint a cabinet with black glossy paint.

  79. maureen keim says:

    I am working on replacing our old worn out very used furniture,,one piece at a time-

  80. I would like to make our front entry a bit more homey and welcoming when you first walk in. another picture needs to be hung and i’m on the hunt for a cute bench/pillows to put there.

  81. I want to repair a hole in the plaster wall at the end of our hallway and repaint the hallway. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into the house.

  82. put pictures up on the walls…finally! Totally could use some cold hard cash to buy some prints for our walls!

  83. I would love to finish my living room, which needs new baseboards, and a half wall built to separate it from the entrance, then I could finally, finally put my furniture where I want it. It could also use a new window and the door needs painting, but if I could at least get the furniture back then I’d enjoy “living” in my living room. 🙂

  84. I want to repaint all the trim in our living room!!

  85. Putting new flooring in the family room!

  86. We are planning a master bedroom redo! This is our 3rd house and it seems like the master bedroom never gets as much attention as the rest of the house. We hope to change that in the next six months!

  87. It’s time to redo the boys’ rooms. We want to loft the bed in one to give him more room for storage and play. The the other boy just needs an update. I’m thinking about painting the furniture. Both need organization and storage help!

  88. We really want to replace our doors and paint our wooden trim white.

  89. I would like to paint a few rooms and put up some new curtains.

  90. Ooo, Ooo! I hope I win–we are moving to LA from Indiana in a couple weeks, and we know that we will be doing some painting fairly soon after moving in to our new home. We have red couches, and the walls in our soon-to-be living room are red–that’ll be a little too much.:)

  91. I’ve been wanting to paint our family room- it’s a dull white and will look so much better with an updated color

  92. Oh definitely clear out some clutter and repaint the dining room!

  93. Christine S says:

    I would love to put something on the walls.

  94. Jennifer E says:

    I’d like to hang up our family pictures.

  95. Jennifer H. says:

    We just bought our first home and I have so many ideas! Yesterday, I received some old wall hangings from my husband’s late grandmother’s house. They are guady gold now, but will be beautiful with white spray paint. I know they will be perfect for our bedroom, but I can’t decide which wall will get them.

  96. We’re planning on painting!! Our oldest son just got married and moved…it’s finally time to paint his room, which we’ve vowed to do for some time. 🙁

  97. Sally mcquaid says:

    My husband and I are organizing our house so we can enjoy the small house and not be ubcontent with the little space we have. That means making what we have look the best it can with painting and care

  98. Reclaiming our basement!

  99. I want to rip out all the 70’s looking wallpaper that is covering the master bedroom and turn the whole room into a relaxing Oasis of a place instead of an outdated bedroom.

  100. Good timing! I’m just starting a huge declutter& organize effort as we count down the last 12 weeks to baby’s arrival. I really need some bins/shelves that actually work for our playroom and I desperately want to paint our nursery area since previous kiddos really enjoyed peeling sections of wallpaper off!

  101. kat amber says:

    i would love to be able to finish up redoing the living room and my library.

  102. Jennifer Foutch says:

    Finish my bathroom remodeling project.

  103. DECLUTTERING & repainting our dining room-we want to do a coffee theme. 🙂

  104. Making our formal living room a place to ‘live’ and not a place to collect junk.

  105. I really want to paint our hallways–lots of scuff marks and dings from a houseful of wonderful children.

  106. Hang artwork that I really, truly love, even if it matching nothing else in our home. I think we’re finally finding OUR style. 🙂

  107. I’d like to finish accessorizing my mantel.

  108. Declutter and accessorize our built-in bookshelves in the living room.

  109. Make some changes to my son’s room since he’s about to move out of the crib.

  110. We really need to paint and I would love to paint my kitchen a bright yellow. It’s my favorite place to be so I want it to be bright and welcoming!

  111. Declutter and add some nice “grownup” accessories.

  112. Rebecca Scott says:

    Get our “office space” organized and get our girls’ toys organized so they can be out to play with but not everywhere.

  113. I’d love to paint a stencil wall in my living room, then personalize the room with our family pics!

  114. I’d like to finish decorating our master bedroom!

  115. I want to repaint 2 of our bathrooms!!

  116. I want to declutter our master bedroom (we don’t have a basement or an attic, so our bedroom becomes the “holding area” for everything waiting to be organized, stored, donated, etc.) Also, I would love to paint the kitchen/dining area walls and paint our girls’ dressers.

  117. I’ve got some painting i want to do, and some framing of pictures I’ve had printed, but are just sitting around.

  118. I soooo want to paint murals on my kids’ walls. The rest of the house needs attention also, but they’re only young once!

  119. Funny you should mention this….
    I was laying in bed the other night thinking about some different decorating ideas when I realized that every single main living area in my house needed repainted. So instead of shopping at Hobby Lobby I picked up 2 gallons of paint at Menards and will be spending the next few months painting walls, trim and kitchen cupboards. We need to get our house “sale” ready but I’m doing this for me and my family.
    Also going to have a yard clean-up, it’s gotten a bit embarrassing out there!

  120. I would love to get some painting projects done that have been begging for our attention for quite awhile. I also need to declutter again! Hard work but our house is always more peaceful in the end!

  121. I would LOVE to update and fix my girls’ bathroom. That was supposed to happen this year but it won’t, we are broke!

  122. I would like to paint and fix up our back door entry area.

  123. When my son leaves for college this week, I plan to freshen up the upstairs (his domain) with paint, cleaning the carpet, and throwing out clutter.

  124. I want do declutter!

  125. I am constantly getting rid of things. It’s amazing how many things in your home you never use and I want to have a decluttered house full of useful items, not junk.

  126. As soon as my oldest goes back to school we are cleaning out the playroom of toys that are no longer used and then rearranging everything. I’m tired of the kids not picking up their toys because the mess is overwhelming and the storage not so great. I want to make this task easier for everyone.

  127. We need to paint all of the rooms.

  128. I’ve been meaning to hang curtains in all the rooms in our rental. My husband is dragging his feet because we’ll only be here another 14 months or so. He thinks the blinds work fine.

  129. i need to touch up all the walls. we’ve lived in this apartment for almost 2 yrs and it’s about time! we’ll be here for another year or so….and i want to enjoy it 🙂

  130. Christina Dent says:

    Remove the wallpaper in the boys’ bathroom and repaint it 🙂

  131. Painting is at the top of my list of things I’d like to do to spruce up our home. I’m currenty saving up to buy the paint right now!

  132. MamaFeelgood says:

    I would love to paint.

  133. My daughter has been wanting her bedroom painted yellow for 4 years now. We’ve never done it because we keep thinking we’re going to move. It’s time to LIVE in our house.

  134. Repaint the living room. It has been 10 years.

  135. I want to hang the pictures that I like but haven’t gotten around to hanging since we moved here.

  136. I would love to repaint our master bedroom! Every other room in our house has been painted, some of them more than once, but we haven’t painted the master bedroom in over 10 years! I think it’s time….

  137. Melinda P says:

    We just moved a couple months ago, into a smaller space with less storage. I’m drowning over here! Plus stuff is still in boxes. So, I’m hoping within the next couple of months I’ll be able to declutter, so I’m not constantly looking for something….

  138. Declutter would be first, hang some artwork – not just photos, would be next.

  139. Put all those photos in frames and hang them up!

  140. We are poised to do an addition which includes an entire new roof over the whole house. I am so anxious to repair the water damage and get new paint up and have everything looking clean and neat. Then proper shades/blinds etc….ahhh.

  141. We just installed an under the counter dishwasher, relocated our baker’s rack and fishtank and made the kitchen much bigger. Now if I could only decide how to redo the kitchen cabinets! lol

  142. Yesterday I moved a desk into the kitchen. Odd, but it will be the perfect homework spot while I work on supper. I’m alos getting ready to do a major reorg and purge before school starts.

  143. Organize our office/guestroom/craft room so its not a catch all for everything!

  144. We have a lot of mismatched furniture in our bedroom that I’d like to paint to make the room more cohesive and so it’s a place that is restful and a haven from everything else going on.

  145. Thanks for the encouragement. I need to declutter so much.

  146. Paint a bookcase, get rid of stuff, hem my curtains,… I have a long list!

  147. Wash the windows to give it a nicer view.

  148. We recently purchased a new home, so this is quite timely! (And yes, we spiffed and shined the old house before we moved- for someone else. 🙁 We do still own it as a rental, though.) In our new house, there is wallpaper throughout- my plan is to get ALL wallpaper down and the walls painted in the next 2 months. This house is for ME!

  149. I bought a slightly used armoire to put my computer stuff in so now we don’t see all the clutter and it made more room in our kitchen since it took advantage of vertical space. Now my kitchen feels less stressful to walk into.

  150. We’ve been doing this, actually. Baby #2 is on the way in 7 weeks (or so) and we’ve been working our way through the list of getting things the way we’d like them to be! We’ve painted, rearranged, had a garage sale and still there are many projects left to tackle.

  151. I would love to clean out our office and actually make it usable. And I totally agree, a gallon or two of paint can make a dramatic difference!

  152. I really want to repaint our bedroom…it would make a huge difference.

  153. Denise C. says:

    I am constantly simplifying things at our home. Instead of small knick knacks, and other stuff, I paint, paint, paint! I also add a few decorative pieces like colorful pillows.

  154. I have this great kitchen desk area, but it is always just piled up with stuff — especially mail and paperwork. I definitely need to simplify my paperwork issue. I’m also very short on storage space in my kitchen, so I need to prioritize the shelf space. I have one FULL cabinet that I never use — what the heck is in there?!

  155. Jocelyne Alldrick says:

    i’d love to do something different with my bedroom…actually i’m thinking about it so much i might start today! LOL

  156. we are actually in the process of adding an addition and totally redoing our house. i’ve had a hard time staging our house since we moved in because we always knew we were going to add on. it hasn’t quite felt like a home because of this. i do think painting will be a big thing, and of course i also like to have a lived in look. not sparkling clean here! 🙂

  157. Finding out what in our house means enough to us to really want to spend time enjoying it and taking care of it. Anything else is for sale(!) or headed to charity to brighten someone else’s day. A major sigh of relief was had after completing the massive kitchen purge (yes, really -what a coincidence!) this Saturday. I think I felt a monkey fall off my back, one more down…

  158. Just making sure our house is decluttered – and updating pictures on the wall.

  159. I am desparate to have all the cords and cables coming from the entertainment center hidden and put away!

  160. I would like to stop having “piles” everywhere and only keep what we use. Then I would add some color with accessories (my hubby likes white walls).

  161. Jen Logan says:

    Organize our office!

  162. Finally paint the office from primer white to something fun/

  163. Get my “scrapbooking” area in order… as of now its just stuff on top of stuff!

  164. Finally fill in some blank large walls with art and pictures.

  165. I would finally paint the living and dining room. We moved in almost three years ago and still have not painted or hung up pictures. It looks so bare, but I keep putting it off.

  166. Remove all the wallpaper. Then, paint.

  167. We have our 5th baby due in just 3 weeks. I have been working hard to de-clutter and get things simplified and functional before he gets here.

  168. One of the biggest things for me is being organized and giving everything its place. When things have a place to be I feel like the whole house is more cohesive and the family can enjoy being together more. I also want my home to be a comfortable place, somewhere that people want to be. I haven’t figured out exactly what to do to make it have that “homey” feel, but I’m working on it. 😀

  169. Baby #5 is due soon….and we have some re-organizing of closets and dressers and bedrooms to do. And I need to keep up with all the paper clutter!

  170. Re-do my entry way with an elegant paint color and calming decorations.

  171. Declutter and organize. It always seems that we have too much stuff!

  172. I’d love to repaint and get new carpet!

  173. De-cluttering! Like you, I too have dishes that are not being used. They need to go, along with many other things.

  174. Katherine says:

    I want to finish our guest bedroom. The wallpaper is peeling off, and ripped, so I would love to paint it.

  175. I love having cookies baking in the oven. It just says ‘home’ to me.

  176. I guess I never thought of it as “staging” but yeah, the extra effort to have the area CLEAN and CLUTTER-FREE would be what I do. You know, no piles, stacks, etc. 🙂 Great giveaway!

  177. I want to paint my kitchen and dining room. It would be so nice to have fresh clean walls again.

  178. Michele Laramay says:

    Just get my mudroom to be clutter free. It’s a rare occurrence, but lovely when it happens.

  179. aubreylaine says:

    Paint our bathrooms!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  180. Texture and paint the living room. It now has old, beat up wood paneling.

  181. We are repairing and painting kitchen and bath wood cabinets that are badly banged up.Also painting all the wood trim, door facings and doors throughout the house.

  182. I really need to get some stuff out of my bedroom so I can enjoy the room more. Somehow it has become a dumping ground. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  183. I would paint a mural in the playroom/schoolroom!

  184. I want to repaint…ahem!

  185. My living room and kitchen are one big room and for a while now I have been meaning to paint them all one color and help bring it together in a more cheerful and bright way.

  186. I would declutter our living room and master bedroom. So many times have I said, “I need these rooms back.” They are always filled with the kids’ toys, and no matter what I do to move their toys out of these rooms, they somehow make their way back.

  187. Get pictures of the kids put in frames and put up in the entryway hallway.

  188. I want to paint a couple of very functional, but ugly, old dressers and the hall bathroom vanity. It is also functional but ugly (FBU)

  189. Make my porch more inviting. It’s the first thing anyone experiences, and it could really use some help.

  190. I took some great pictures on our recent trip to Taiwan. I want to print some of those, frame them and show them off in our family room.


  191. I need to put more shelves in the home office and, of course, PAINT!!

  192. Paint the kitchen, including the decluttered cabinetry!

  193. First of all get it cleaned or decluttered. Then maybe some new curtains or new wall decor would be fun.

  194. We just moved into a house that has more space than we’ve ever had, and my husband got the garage as his man cave. So I am taking the old formal front room and making a girl den–painting over the yucky beige color, taking down the pineapple window treatments and getting new drapes, and putting up some of my own art!

  195. Kristin Brutsman says:

    I would love to repaint the two walls of our bedroom that have terrible patch holes that don’t blend in with the walls. Oh, boy! Now I’ve got to get thinking about what color would be great! Hmmm……

  196. A backsplash in the kitchen would be so nice… ah, the little things, eh? 😉

  197. When I got married 9.5 yrs ago I remember buying these cute decorate bowls with funny legs. I though I’d put them on the coffee table with things like – sunflower seeds, raisins, trail mix, m&m’s etc. 3 mos later I found out I was prego with my oldest, and realized I’d never be putting anything in those bowls! So 9.5 yrs later, when I think of things I do to “stage” my house, I have to make sure that my 4 children can’t get into them and break them before I blink (danger to them and depressing to me!) So, my kitchen is where I stage: I do a lot of paint your own pottery things – like salt/pepper shakers (I have 1 set as snowmen, and the other set is currently little matching dragons) I paint cookie jars that hold flour, sugar, cookies and anything else I want. I put decorative towls on the stove – that are ONLY for decoration and not for using to dry! This way, my kitchen feels like it’s my own every time I see a personalized affect somewhere sitting there – to brighten my day! Thanks for the give-away!

  198. I would love to take the wallpaper down in our tiny kitchen and paint it. Right now it is what I call “old lady” wallpaper–reminds me of the wallpaper in my grandma’s kitchen. Would love to just have one color in there!

  199. We are deep in a clutter-removal operation this week! And also repairing a few things that have been neglected for too long. There is some furniture painting in my future, though, so free paint would be fabulous!

  200. I would finally paint our dining room so I can hang the picture and mirror that I got for an awesome price at a garage sale. 😉

  201. I would love to paint my master bedroom from coffee brown to a nice aqua.

  202. I’d like to repaint my kitchen to a more cheery color since I’m in it so much 🙂

  203. We want to rearrange our living room furniture to uncover our fireplace and maybe even use it! We are painting now and WOW what a difference.

  204. Refinishing some old furniture to give it new life!

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