Staying Hydrated (& A Giveaway from Filtrete)

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One of the good habits to develop when you’re a busy mom, pregnant, nursing or otherwise, is to stay hydrated. That can be difficult when you’re being pulled in many directions with multiple demands on your time.

  • The baby’s fussy and you find yourself a captive audience in the rocking chair.
  • Pregnancy nausea has you flat and not wanting to eat or drink anything.
  • The demands of a busy life and chasing kids prevents you from regular pit stops.

Whatever my excuse good reason, I know intellectually that drinking enough water can keep my skin looking good, can help me fight off cravings to overeat, can reduce headaches, and can help me function better. Drinking water is a good thing for moms.

Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated

  • Start the day and end the evening with a glass of water. The simple act of sleeping can be very dehydrating. Fuel your body before and after sleep.
  • Keep water at the ready. Each time I brought home a new baby my mom made sure I had a ready source of drinking water near my bed and next to the rocking chair. Make sure you have water easily accessible.
  • Try lemon or lime slices for flavoring. Some people find the taste of water “boring.” Liven it up with citrus slices or juice.
  • Opt out of dehydrating beverages. Coffee, tea, and soda can dehydrate you. If you’re going to indluge, even up the score by drinking a few glasses of water.
  • Try mineral water. It may be an acquired taste for some, but I love to treat myself to Pellegrino with lime. Makes water feel elegant.

A Giveaway from Filtrete

I really enjoy my Filtrete water system. Not only does it remove the chlorine and other sediment I could do without, but it encourages me to drink more. By filtering the water before I need it and storing it in the fridge, I find myself more likely to drink plentifully throughout the day.

Today’s giveaway features a Filtrete Water Pitcher. Not only does this do the same job as the Filtrete Water System, but it also holds up to 12 cups of water, enough to get through the day. According to the manufacturer,

The new Filtrete Water Pitcher from 3M is a convenient, space-saving way to help eliminate bottled water waste at home. The sleek design of the water pitcher allows it to hold more filtered water while taking up less space in your refrigerator. It filters five times faster than traditional pitcher filters, as well as filters two and a half times more water, lasting approximately three months.

One LifeasMOM reader will win a Filtrete Water Pitcher this week.

To enter:

Pick one, pick ‘em all. You choose.

1. Leave a comment, telling us how your favorite way to stay hydrated.

2. Follow FishMama and FiltreteWater on twitter. Then tweet this giveaway, such as “It’s Baby Week at LifeasMOM! @FishMama is giving away a @FiltreteWater Pitcher. Enter to win:” Then, leave a second comment, telling us you did so.

3. “Like” LifeasMom and Filtrete Water on Facebook. Then come back and leave another comment, telling us you did so.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 31 at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

Congratulations to!

Disclosure: Filtrete Water is providing this prize. I received compensation for time spent writing and administering this giveaway. I was not compensated to post positive comments. For more information, see my disclosure policy.

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  1. I try to keep a filled water bottle with me all the time so I can take sips here and there.

  2. Over the past 2 years I have lost 100 lbs. When people ask me how I did it, I always say “the first thing I did was give up sugary drinks.” Water is my friend now 🙂

  3. Oh my, oh my! Our apartment is dry as a bone. I find myself drinking more water than I ever imagined and still feeling parched on my runs.

    I use six clothes pins in a bowl as a way to count the number of pints I drink a day. Every time I fill my glass I toss a clothes pin into the bowl. On runs I am never without my water bladder.

  4. I am entering in all three ways! 😀 I am following you, Fishmama, and Filtrete water on twitter (which I really like, but don’t check nearly as often as facebook). I also “liked” filtrete on facebook and I’ve “liked” you for quite a while already! 🙂

    My favorite way to hydrate is by drinking iced sun tea. (Definitely UNsweetened!) I make it all the time. I know water is best, but I’ve always had a hard time getting plain ole water down. One thing I CAN do to help myself drink water is to flavor it with lemon like you said. That is my trick when eating out to save money… ordering water with lemon. 🙂 I know tea has caffeine, which is dehydrating and I want to like water more… I think a nice filtration system could help so I really hope I win this one… otherwise I need to look into my own for home! 🙂 Thanks for all the awesome giveaways… love Life as Mom!!

  5. I’ve just started taking multiple bottles of water from home (reused) and keeping the extra in the freezer at work. I really only like water when it is really cold. No other way kept my supply of cold water going all day.

  6. My favorite way of staying hydrated involves (Not just me, kids also need water to think through clearly)

    • Having access to water all the time in car, bedroom, office, study room, desk .. you name it. Nice pitcher along with clean glass.
    • We have family rule as we start our day with glass of water, before meals and before evening snack.
    • Kids always take water bottle with them so no excuse (water too cold, too hot or not available).
    • Eating spicy food does not hurt your water intake goal (spice up your food a little and you will want more water!)
    • False water  If you drink two glass of juice during the day, skip it and you will easily replace it with 4 glasses of water.

    Most important thing, make sure to know where bathroom is. (Last thing you want is bathroom as excuse for less water intake)

  7. I made little images of glasses of water on my daily “to do” list. I check them off as I go throughout the day. If I don’t do that, I often forget to drink during the rush of the day.

  8. My stainless steel water bottle. It also happens to be the most effective baby diversion tactic right now 🙂

  9. I keep water bottles in the fridge so I can always grab cold water whenever I need some. Then I just keep refilling them and putting them in the fridge.

  10. I actually love water, but remembering to drink water is a big problem for me. I try to drink a glass of water when I wake up, and before meals. I also try to have a glass of water every time I have something that is dehydrating like a glass of pepsi.

  11. I am a huge diet pepsi girl….but I know it’s not good for me so what I do is limit myself to one “pick me up” glass in the afternoon only if I have had at least 2 glasses of water before hand!

  12. I used several methods to stay hydrated during pregnancy, nursing, and before. The most effective method was to keep a water bottle on hand (used plastic and re-used disposable bottles) AT ALL TIMES. I think there were 2 key things that made it easier:
    – Don’t let it get over heated (i.e. never leave it in the car on a warm day) – You know, the whole BPA thing
    – Make sure it fit the drink holder in the car – If it didn’t fit, it rolled onto the floor and became a nusaince, not a benefit.

  13. I take water with me wherever I go! Its addictive 🙂

  14. The easiest thing for me is to use a “straw glass” and use ice. For some reason I remember to fill cups with straws better.

  15. I like good old plain water. So refreshing!

  16. I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink one iced tea in the morning for my caffeine “fix”. After that, I keep a full glass of water at my desk and refill throughout the day.

    more importantly, my kids now want water more than ever because we always have filled water bottles in the fridge to grab and go!

  17. I already liked you on FB, but it won’t let me like Filtrete. Maybe the link is broken?

  18. I LOVE water! Nothing satisfies real thirst like it! I like to carry a sports bottle with me when I go out. It’s much better for the environment than empty plastic bottles lying around!

  19. I keep a jug of water in the fridge and regularly fill my glass up. It isn’t filtered water though, so I would love the chance to try the Filtrete jug!

  20. I really need to stay hydrated more. But I do prefer cold! I want to try it with cucumber in it, I hear it is very refreshing.

  21. Liker of both you and filtrete!

  22. I use 4 tools to stay hydrated:

    1. Get the kiddos involved! Everyone has a water bottle in the fridge (easy access, plus mommy doesn’t spend all day finding/filling cups & all night washing the multiple cups each person used!) the kiddos get a sticker each time that they finish their water. (also makes setting the table easier/faster) 🙂

    2. I carry around my 32 oz water bottle so I don’t forget about it and I fill it up as soon as I empty it.

    3. Make a game of it! I would make it a game for my kiddos, why not for myself? If I drank x amount yesterday, can I drink y amount today? Can I drink half of my daily goal before lunch?

    4. My secret weapon– a straw! I drink water faster with a straw therefore each ‘sip’ is more effective…and fun! 🙂

  23. I’ve had a fridge with a filter already in it for several years. We just moved into a home with no filter! It is such a hassle!! And, the water here is “icky”! So … I’ve been (I know, I know) … drinking bottled water (I recycle!) because it needs to be cold and it needs to taste good!

    I went out to facebook and “Liked” Filtrete … already “Like” you! This would be a wonderful holiday gift for me and my family!! 🙂

  24. I drink two glasses of water (equal to one quart) every morning while I do my morning chores. It may seem like a lot, but once I got into the habit of it I noticed how I was less thirsty later in the day. Hydrating after waking up in the morning really does kick your body off to a good start.

  25. I make sure to always carry something to drink with me, you never know when you’re gonna need it 🙂

  26. I carry my water bottle around with me. If it’s not within reaching distance from where I’m at, I forget to drink.

  27. I love flavored water with no sugar or artificial sweetener-it makes drinking water more fun!

  28. I’ll drink plain water or flavored water….as long as it is ICE COLD!

  29. I keep my water in a jug on the counter. It is easier for me to drink at room temperature.

  30. I bought two BPA-free water bottles, one for home and one for work, and I keep them filled. The home one is my baby’s favorite toy!

  31. Catherine says:

    I have a chronic problem with kidney stones mainly because I do not stay hydrated. If I fill large drink bottles at the start of the day I am more apt to drink and stay hydrated. We have a water filter spout in the refrigerator but it is too slow to stand there with the door wide open.

  32. I have my camelbak water bottle with me at ALL times! I refill it throughout the day. I know that if I drink 3 full bottles each day, then I’ve at least had the daily recommended amount.

    I NEED this pitcher because ours is leaking out the bottom. We still use it, which we shouldn’t because it leaks water all over the counter everyday. 🙂

  33. I’ve been bad in recent months about staying hydrated, but when I was pregnant I actually got my full 8 glasses a day (or more) every day. I kept a large glass on my desk at work and filled it constantly throughout the day.

  34. I like to fill up a big glass with water every morning and keep it on the kitchen counter. Every time I am near it, I take a few drinks. By bedtime, I have usually filled the glass back up about four times.

  35. Christina says:

    I keep a large (reuseable) water bottle with me at all times, I make sure to drink 3 of them a day! I have been trying to find a good water filter system for our house.

  36. I typically use water bottles, but this would be a fantastic way to go green!

  37. I have been doing horrible with drinking water lately and appreciate some of the ideas I have read. The big one for me is keeping a reusable water bottle with me at all times…on that note…I’d better go get that water bottle. 🙂

  38. I kept the big water bottle they gave me at the hospital when I had my second daughter. I fill it up at night and put it in the fridge so I have cold water waiting for me in the morning.

  39. AllieZirkle says:

    I keep water with me, wherever I go, in a 44 oz cup with a straw! The straw is what makes the difference

  40. I’m a facebook fan.

  41. Tweeted about the giveaway.

  42. I carry my water around wherever I go. It is just a standard accessory of mine…just like carrying a purse…thanks

  43. Thank you for the chance to win. My favorite way to stay hydrated is keeping my water bottle with me. I make sure to fill it up and keep it in the fridge for the next time I want a cold drink!

  44. I love water with Propel packets!

  45. Very cool! I was just looking at water filtration pitchers the other day..! Good to know Filtrete works so much more quickly! I find that if I keep water in a cool looking re-usable water bottle, I am more apt to drink it throughout the day!

  46. I like lifeasmom and filtrete on FB!

  47. I’m now following fishmama and filtrete on twitter and tweeted the giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  48. I love water! I always carry a water bottle with me to help me remember to drink it.

  49. I keep a couple of full water bottles in the fridge so I always have cold (the only way I’ll drink it!) water ready. I try to get both bottles- or more- emptied throughout the day.

  50. My baby and I love 3M water filters! I really want a whole-house system, though.

  51. Oooh, just what I need! We use a Brita pitcher that is about five years old and seriously on its last leg. I use it to keep our glasses filled and out on the counter all day long, so we constantly see them and are reminded to drink more!

  52. I drink water all the time since I don’t like soda. I usually refill my stainless steel water bottle whenever I get the chance.

  53. My favorite way to stay hydrated in fill up my 2 quart pitcher with water and make sure to drink 2 of them per day for a total of 16 cups per day

  54. When I head to the fridge because I’m thirsty I try to stop before pouring that glass of milk/tea/juice and pour a glass of water instead. Often I’ll gulp that down pretty fast. When I’m done I’m able to pour the next beverage and enjoy it slowly instead of drinking it in a rush.

  55. catherine says:

    My camelbek bottle. I will drink soooo much more with a “straw” and the bite valve is the best b/c I don’t even realize how much I am drinking. It’s also the way that I can keep my kids hydrated b/c they don’t leak so I let them take them filled with water all over the house/car.

    Also, I “like” you and filtrete 🙂

  56. As a nursing mother, I drink water all day long. I keep my refillable water bottle with me all day. I have even gotten into the habit of having my children’s water bottles filled and assessible all day!

  57. Andrea Watts says:

    I drink all the time and eat lots of ice

  58. Andrea Watts says:

    I’m following you both on Twitter

  59. Andrea Watts says:

    I tweeted “It’s Baby Week at LifeasMOM! @FishMama is giving away a @FiltreteWater Pitcher. Enter to win:

  60. Andrea Watts says:

    I like you both on Facebook

  61. I never leave the house without taking a water bottle with me that way I can always keep myself hydrated.

  62. I don’t stay hydrated…. I *try* to drink water as much as possible but it’s never enough. Lemon helps as does having a large pitcher filled at the beginning of the day w/ my mind made up I’m going to drink… I fail miserably on a daily basis.

  63. seltzer water with lime 🙂

  64. I grew up drinking well water so adjusting to this city water has been hard for me, lol! I almost always flavor my water with lemon or lime. I have also found that I drink room temperature or straight out of the tap water much more than chilled water, so I keep a pitcher on my counter…just waiting on my cup 🙂

  65. I keep a water bottle with a straw around at all times. I drink so much more with a straw!

  66. I found that my water glass was CONSTANTLY needing to be refilled when I was pregnant so I simply got a bigger water glass (a quart jar actually). I would easily drink that in a sitting and get lots more water down durring the day.

  67. i always carry a water bottle with me at work!

  68. Bethany peterson says:

    I so struggle with this! Right now we’ve resorted to bottled water in the outside fridge- right next to the car so I can grab one as I leave the house. At home I use lemons to make it more appealing. Thanks for this giveaway!

  69. Pregnant with my second and I have a huge Tupperware cup at work and I try to keep drinking all day. Keeps the nausea at bay some.

  70. I like to keep a full water bottle with me all the time. I bought some reusable ones by Rubbermaid. I always keeps a stash in the fridge so I always have one ready. I also like to add some fruit for flavor.

  71. I like you on facebook!

  72. I use a stainless steel water bottle to carry around the house, and we always make sure to take water bottles with us when we go out. Every once in awhile for a treat I will buy the little packets of True Lemon or True Orange to add to my bottle. Love the orange! Really liked adding cucumber or fruits to our water pitcher over the summer too.

  73. I am definitely a water drinker. I have a water bottle with me all the time.

  74. Like you both on Facebook.

  75. Nicole C. says:

    I stay hydrated by keeping my water bottle with me all day – love it!

  76. I love to sip on tea throughout the day, iced or hot.

  77. Claire Pulsifer says:

    I try and keep a glass filled with water and either a splash of grape juice or lemon juice or true lemon powder. Just a little flavor helps me to drink a lot more.

  78. i take a refillable water bottle everywhere.

  79. I always carry a water bottle and my children and husband do too. We drink water all the time. Ionly drink water and milk. Susan

  80. I have a big insulated cup that goes with me everywhere. I drink more water if it is ice cold.

  81. Mary Smith says:

    I carry one of the McDonalds styrofoam cups filled with ice water with me all the time. It doesn’t sweat like normal cup’s and water bottles and the ice takes hour’s to melt. I drink more water with this method than any other that I’ve tried.

  82. Mary Smith says:

    Facebook fan

  83. I always keep a bottle of water with me.

  84. Jennifer M. says:

    I prefer water ice cold, so I try not to let it get warm before I get it all down…

  85. I have a water cup that I keep with me 24/7. It’s a lifesaver. : )

  86. I always keep water with me for the kids and I, really helps us stay hydrated

  87. I also like you on fb

  88. I take a water bottle to work and refill it throughout the day!

  89. I love to drink water throughout the day, but usually don’t drink enough because I like it to be cold and always forget to stick in the fridge! This is neat!

  90. I “liked” you on facebook

  91. To stay hydrated, each of my kids and I have reusable water bottles to take along with us. I also always have a glass of water sitting around the kitchen I can grab whenever I walk through.

  92. I am following you and filtrete on twitter and tweeted about this.

  93. I “like” lifeasmom and filtrete on facebook (using a different email account….)

  94. I always try to have a water bottle with me at all times and make it a goal to finish one bottle before lunch, one before dinner, one after exercising, and one before bed.

  95. The soda battle is a constant one in my house. All too often we reach for a soda when we’re thirsty and it doesn’t quench that thirst. We try to drink more water by taking water bottles with us. This pitcher would be PERFECT because we could keep it front and center in the fridge and win the battle.

  96. I like to get a tall glass of ice and water and keep it on my desk to sip on while I’m working on the computer.

  97. I always have my Glass of water sitting on the counter… so then ever i walk past it during the day i can stop and take a chug 🙂 we love water!

  98. I like you and filtrete on fb 🙂

  99. I love water. Good old fashion water. I was pregant with my daughter all though summer and of course it was a hot one and I was still working so I had to be out in it. Thank God I liked water. I think I drank the equavilant of the Atlantic Ocean that summer!

  100. My husband (who drinks twice as much water as I do, easily, even while I’m pregnant or nursing, which I have been for the last 2 years . . . ) has taken on the responsibility of keeping my water glass full whenever he’s home. A cup by the rocking chair, a cup by my bed, a cup at the kitchen or coffee table — he’s always popping into the kitchen for a refill for me!

  101. I fill up my large water bottlw so I know how much water I have to drink that day.

  102. I follow both on Twitter and tweetejennaod It’s Baby Week at LifeasMOM! @FishMama is giving away a @FiltreteWater Pitcher. Enter to win:

  103. I am a fan of yours on Facebook (tried to be a fan of theres but kept saying page not found).

  104. I keep a water bottle with me and try to sip throughout the day.

  105. To help me remember to drink at least six or eight glasses of water a day I developed this system. On my kitchen windowsill I leave my water cup plus eight or more beans and a little wooden bowl. After I drink a cup of water I place a bean in the wooden bowl. This way I can keep track of how many glasses I drink plus it looks nice. Blessings. Adella

  106. It’s kinda strange, but I think lukewarm water is better to drink when you’re really needing to get hydrated. It seems like I can drink alot more of that then cold water

  107. I kept a large water bottle filled in the fridge at all times- then I could pull it out & get a drink all during the day.

  108. My favorite way to stay hydrated is my Nalgene water bottle that I fill up at least 3 times a day!

  109. Started following @FiltreteWater and tweeted your giveaway!

  110. I try to keep a water bottle with me – at home or in the car.

  111. Sally Mcquaid says:

    my favorite way to stay hydrated is to slightly flavor the water so i want to drink it. I like my sodamaker to carbonate things like tea or add a little lemon. For special days (especially with kids) i mix up a koolaid packet with 1 c sugar and then place ~1/4 c mixture into a gallon on water. It does have some calories but it gives the slight sugary flavor of koolaid with 1/8 of the calories and sugar high.

  112. I always keep a cup of tea by my desk, so its become a habit for me to always take a sip.

  113. liked both on fb under user name shaq quitta

  114. Adding something to water to flavor it is my fav way!

  115. this would help me drink more… I don’t like the taste of our water! :o)

  116. Amy Thorpe says:

    We are heavy water drinkers around here, but I’m picky about taste and prefer purified water to all others. It sounds like Filtrete will do a great job of that!

  117. Sometimes I’ll just have a water bottle that I take around the house and to work with me, but lately I just keep my glass in the living room and try to remember to fill it up frequently. My afternoons normally find me much more hydrated than the mornings.

  118. i carry my nalgene with me everywhere 😉

  119. I hide the juice and pop in the back of the fridge and put the water up front.

  120. I go through a LOT of bottled water (which can get expensive). Filter system would definitely cut down the cost.


  121. ice water with lemon. refreshing!

  122. i am a fan of both life as mom and filtrete on facebook!

  123. I fill enough bottles to equal 64 oz and then I know how much I’ve drank and how much more to go!!!

  124. Jennifer H. says:

    I’m chronically thirsty, so drinking too much water is my problem!

  125. I love lemon or lime in my water.

  126. decaf herbal tea 🙂

  127. I like to use a ‘pretty’ water bottle by my desk at work. It’s better than one of the plastic ones and much nicer to look at. Plus when it’s empty, I get to get up and move around to get a refill!

  128. I found a water bottle that I love! I try to keep it full through out the day and always have it close by.

  129. LeAnna B. says:

    I try and stay hydrated by carrying around a big glass of water 3 times of day, in addition to my regular drink with meals, etc.

  130. Lots of ice water (and the occasional soda!)

  131. The shelf in my bedroom has started to look like a scene from Signs. I make sure I bring a glass up to bed with me every night.

  132. i like making a pitcher of mamas red raspberry tea to keep in the fridge & refill my cup with all day.

  133. I drink water all throughout the day and bring a container filled with water when we leave the house.

  134. I’ve figured out my preferred way of enjoying water (from a bottle, at nearly room temperature) and I keep a bottle at arms reach at all times. Also, I try to avoid salty and processed foods, as I’ve found that I’m really sensitive to sodium!

  135. I either like to drink water with lemon slices or True Lemon when lemon isn’t reasonably priced or Crystal Light.

  136. Christine says:

    Keeping a water bottle with me.

  137. I try to drink mostly water. I try to have bottles around at work or a cup with a lid filled with water. I also keep around those flavor pouches for the times I want something different.

  138. My favorite way: I have a stainless steel water bottle and I do my best to keep it filled all day


  139. follow you both on FB


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