Stocking Stuffers and a Giveaway

Stockings have always been a well-loved tradition in my family. They are the first thing that we go to on Christmas morning. Even me. (FishPapa does a great job selecting all sorts of treats for me.)

As the years have passed and my children have grown and established ideas in their heads of “how we do things around here,” it’s been interesting to hear what sticks out to them. One thing that they particularly enjoyed in the past has been receiving breakfast in their stockings.

In an effort to get some nutrition in them before the box of See’s candy is opened, I have included mini boxes of cereal, nutrition bars, clementines, and juice boxes in with little games and small gifts. This is a tremendous hit and an act that has become “a keeper.”

And our stockings themselves play a big part in our holiday traditions.

Remember these? In July, two lucky readers each won a stocking handknit with love by my very own, ultra-generous, and super creative MOM. These stockings, themselves, are a family tradition in our home. My grandmother knit mine some 36 years ago! It has yellowed with age, but is no less loved.

Several years ago, my mother embarked on the mission to create handknit stockings of a similar design for all her grandchildren and grand nieces and nephews. The woman is amazing!

And in the spirit of giving that definitely defines my mother, she has agreed to give away another stocking this week (design yet to be determined). If all goes well, the winner should receive it in time to hang it from the chimney with care.

Whaddya gotta do? You can have up to two chances to win this time.

1. Share in the comments section what you fill your stockings with!

2. Post this giveaway on your blog and email me with the link to your post.(lifeasmom at sbcglobal dot net)

This contest is open until Thursday night at midnight, PST. Winner will be announced Friday morning.

And again, make sure I have a way to contact you. This is a time sensitive giveaway. I’d like to get it in the mail as soon as possible after closing.

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  1. I try to stuff our stockings with useful things. The kids are as excited over new toothbrushes and socks as they are silly trinkets that end up broken and in the trash by January 1. 😉

    We also put special snacks in them that the kids don’t get on a regular basis.

    Your mom’s stockings are beautiful. What a treasure!

  2. I do the same as my mom did for us, the foot is always filled with an orange and an apple then the leg is filled with candy and all the little toys and toiletries are sticking out the top.

    We still need one stocking for our newest addition born in April so we would love to win!

  3. Mrs. Pear says:

    Our stockings are usually a mixture of fun and practicality.

    Our older daughter will be getting things like stickers and pencils along with some new Tinkerbelle “unders” while our youngest will be getting a board book and new teething rings (she is 13 weeks on Wednesday).

    But one thing that MUST be in the stockings is a new Christmas tree ornament. Between stockings and grandparents giving one each year our girls get 3 decorations a year, a nice collection to get them started on their own tree one day.

  4. I like putting in McDonalds coupons. They feel so important buying their own happy meal!

  5. A new idea for this year for my 4 children and us parents too (I fill my own stocking because my husband doesn’t like doing it–he’s a great guy though!), is SILLY STRING.
    I think it’ll be a hoot to play with, who knows, we may not even get to all the other gifts!

  6. When I was in 5th grade MANY years ago, my mother made me a teensy Christmas stocking. She drew her own pattern and cut the fabric. She hand sewed my name on the front and lace at the top. Then she stitched the whole thing together by hand. I still have that adorable stocking and wouldn’t part with it for anything. This giveaway is so amazing. Please pass along my thank you to your mom for whoever wins it!

    Our stockings are usually filled with total foolishness! Christmas themed chocolate candies, small toys (this year-Santa viewmaster and slides), Webkinz playing cards, and things like that. Things that they normally don’t get. I love the ideas being shared today.

  7. I try to fill the stockings with fun but consumable items. 🙂 They aren’t usually anything really special, but maybe things that I don’t normally buy. For example, my husband is getting a huge container of cashews from Sam’s. Of course, I didn’t think about how it wasn’t going to actually fit in the stocking. 🙂 My two daughters always get ‘Pink Lady’ apples and an orange. This year Target had juggling balls in the dollar aisle (for $2.50 I think) and I think my girls will enjoy those so I got them. The only items I am really consistent about are the apple and orange.

    How nice of your mom and how beautiful the stockings are!

  8. We fill ours with toiletries and sample size goodies. I try to limit the candy and instead put in everyday things we need like soap, perfume, shaving gel etc. We also always put an ornament in each stocking to decorate the tree with!

  9. Zimms Zoo says:

    We always put candy in it. Then some little something like a power toothbrush or something like that.

    One year they all got light sabres.

  10. I try to put one ‘big’ gift in the stockings then little goofy gifts in the rest. That way they’re surprised when they open the ‘real’ one.

  11. My daughter just turned one so she is too little for candy and such. So this year I found some packs of Little People. They’re the packs of just animals and people. She loves the Little People so I will put them in her stocking.

    For my hubby I usually have fun looking for crazy trinkets at the dollar store and drug store. He’s a kid at heart so it makes it a lot of fun to find neat things for him.

  12. KandChorn says:

    My kids get toothbrushes and socks as well as any of their small but expensive gifts (ipod, nintendo games, earrings, cell phone) because the stocking is the last place they look so they think they didn’t get what they asked for until they look in the stocking, other than that it’s little things like lip gloss and mini nail polish for the girls and matchbox cars for my son, and the kids usually make my husbands stocking gifts by hand to surprise him, and of course the pets have stockings with treats in them

  13. Well my son is almost and adult at 17. I fill his and my husbands stockings with snacks that I know they love and small gifts. I have bought some coal for their stockings this year and I plan to get each of them a gift card for Itunes.

  14. Books…my daughter loves a fun litle book that she can carry around with her easily.

  15. In my son’s stocking I like to put a book and a little toy from the dollar bin at Target (this year it’s letter blocks). For my husband’s stocking I do a small gift card for somewhere he can go to lunch while at work and a day-to-day calendar.

  16. Innocent Observer says:

    I like your idea to include little boxes of cereal (something the children always pine for that I will never buy). I have fantasies every year that we will sit down to a big breakfast prior to opening gifts (bahaha) including the chocolate (no Sees for us though…we are on the East coast, although Sees fudge is my Mom’s favorite!).

    I like to include the standard toiletries and things that I wouldn’t normally buy, and this year I started a stash early of all the “filler” items and free things and I saved them all up. I am so excited because I usually feel sick from the amount of money I spend on stocking stuffers, but not this year…woohoo! In fact I asked my husband to “shop” for my stocking from the pantry because we have such an abundance! 🙂

  17. I put candycanes and little toys. This year will be a webkinz.

  18. We always have small toys, new socks, a bag of special candy, and a book. It is always fun to see waht santa can stuff that little stocking with!!

  19. Amy's Stocking Stuffers says:

    It’s just me and my husband, so we make up stockings for each other. In his, I usually try to put at least one “big” gift (gift card or event tickets), a little toy or two, some breath strips (he likes those because he travels a lot and is sometimes on planes for 12-14 hours at a time!), and a few pieces of quality chocolate like Lindt. He usually puts some candy and gift cards in mine, and he wraps everything!

    My parents, sisters (all grown), and I also do stockings for each other by each getting one small stocking gift for every other person. It’s a lot of fun! The men are hardest, of course, but this year I am putting in small knife sharpeners from Smith’s.

    I love your breakfast in the stocking idea!

  20. I stuff the stockings with clemetines, a toothbrush and a small gift of some sort. This year the gift is ornaments. I will put some candy in as well.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  21. What a great giveaway! I stuff my stockings with daily need items…razors, toothpaste…etc. Things we need but not necessarily like to spend money on.

  22. I highly recommend stuffing stockings with

    There are 75 different designs AND it comes in a funky gift box! You don’t even need to wrap it!

    I also like to use candy, puzzles and lottery tickets.

  23. Mistress Meeyee says:

    I always put a toothbrush,bath stuff,candy,little toys,and gloves in our stockings.Among other stuff,depends on the person.

  24. I usually fill ours with a little fun and a little practical. THe kids usually all get a new toothbrush, some mittens or gloves, and other things they may be in need of. A bit of candy, a small toy or 2 and 1 or 2 mini boxes of cereal!

  25. I try to stuff the stocking with some usefull things(toothbrush, hair stuff,hats, mittens, etc), fun things(army guys, baby toys, ponys) and treats(candy, nuts, gum)

  26. We fill our stockings with small toys, candy, and more useful things like floss, toothpaste, makeup and hair goods.

  27. lannfranks says:

    Opening my stocking was always my favorite because of all the fun little things I would find and because my mom would wrap each thing individually making it even more fun and surprising…Now that I have my own family I do the same thing using fun and useful items as well as candy of course!

  28. Odwalla bars (they’re high protein, high vitamin, high fat, from nuts so it’s ok–not to mention they’re delicious) and band aids, books, bubbles, and toothbrushes.


  29. The most anticipated item in our family stocking is chocolate “oranges”. They taste yummy and are fun to break apart into segments!

  30. I love stocking stuffing! First I always put a orange in the bottom, then I add nuts and Christmas candies & chocolates. Then I put toys and lip gloss for my daughter, a horse, then a couple of candy canes.

  31. I just blogged about this:

    snacks, fruit
    little toys

  32. so glad i glanced at this post before shopping today. love the idea of adding little cereal boxes to stockings, i bought some to add in our stockings this year! when big boo was one all he ate for breakfast was a candy cane and 3 hershey kisses, bec. that’s what was in his stocking. we put pomegranates, dental floss, new tooth brushes, and a few small toys.

  33. I put bath toys in my kids’ stockings: bath soaps, bath crayons, bath fizzies, rubber duckies, etc.

  34. I put very typical and useful items in my family’s stockings such as soap, toothpaste, a sippy cup for my daughter, and pacifiers for my newborn. I like to throw in sample size “fun” items like coffee, perfume, and lotions. A lot of times these items have cost near to nothing or were free from all the coupons and deals I’ve received from different stores!

  35. Super B's Mom says:

    Such a beautiful and heart-warming tradition!

    In the past I have filled up my son’s stocking with “junk” – candy and such. But this year, I’m going to fill it with craft supplies.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Andrew-n-Hannah says:

    I love to fill stockings with things that ate extra special but useful at the same time. Gift cards are a great too.
    Would love to win this stocking for my baby girl. This will be her 1st Christmas and i have yet to gt a stocking for her!

  37. I had a hand knit stocking when I was a child and loved it! It burnt in a fire, and I’ve missed it since.

    I love stuffing stockings with random surprises– fun little things that are unexpected from lip gloss, to cookies to glow in the dark stars and screw drivers!

    alaskawildrose AT gmail DOT com

  38. What a great giveaway. This is only my son’s 2nd Christmas, so we haven’t started any traditions yet. Growing up though, we always got small treats like silly putty and lip gloss along with gold chocolate coins and life savers.

  39. The Oliva Family says:

    My favorite tradition of all growing up was the stocking! I always got an orange or an apple in the bottom of mine for some reason…but the fun part was that all the goodies were individually wrapped. I don’t do that for my kiddos yet…but what I put in their’s is toothpaste and a new toothbrush..and small fun stuff (this year scissors, a glitter glue stick, stickers etc.). I know it will start to be their favorite part too! What a great idea for a giveaway! And we just had an addition to the family!

  40. Growing up my stocking was huge! One year Santa left me a jar of pickles because he knew I loved them! Now he likes to leave practical things for my children like hairbows, soaps, etc. He also leaves in some crafty things like crayons and stickers!


  41. I LOVE stockings and these are beautiful. Stockings are almost my favorite part of the whole “present” thing. We usually give lots of small little gifts. This year there will be a few dvd’s, cd’s, and toiletries given out. My youngest will get fruit puffs and socks. 🙂 I usually feel my husbands with power bars and his favorite dark chocolate. We eat pretty healthy in our home so I usually try not too put too much candy or sweets in the stockings.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    thegood3 at gmail dot com

  42. Briana Almengor says:

    I haven’t yet done stockings b/c I can’t find ones that I want or can afford. But, if whenever I do get to that or finish the collection I do have, I would put “treats” as my kids refer to them…sugary treats, that is along w/ some fruit, chapstick, eventually nail polish for the girl, rubber balls for the boys, etc.

  43. Since I only have one daughter I love to stuff her sock full of goodies. Candy of course, always including the foil wrapped chocolate coins. This year I got her a watch, mini speaker for her ipod, small Obama tote bag from ebay, earrings,
    and who knows what else I will find before Christmas 😉

  44. In my family, we stuff each others stockings! We have a price limit of $5, so we have to be creative. It is very fun to see what everyone comes up with!

  45. LtUrSpirit says:

    I put dollar items from the dollar store

  46. The old tradition Fruit.

  47. We (I mean Santa 🙂 ) put useful items in the stockings. Pens, Pencils, notepads, calendars, socks, underwear, crayons and then maybe a few pieces of candy.

  48. In our house Santa always tried to leave fun things. Little $ store trinkets that the kids wouldn’t normally get. An example are the capsules that when put in water grow into foam animals. Those are always a hit in our house.

  49. bperson1970 says:

    I usually put this care product. tooth brushes, hair stuff just everyday things we need.

  50. meddlingkidd says:

    The stockings are one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning too. My Mom always comes up with the best things for the stockings…I hope I can follow in her footsteps :). I shop Targets $1 bins all year for little toys, hair clips, pencils, ect., but we always put in a paddleball, a flashlight (DH’s childhood tradition) and an orange in the toe.

    meddlingkidd [at]

  51. Some little gifts and candy for the kids and samples for the grownups.

  52. jamnsfld76 says:

    I love to add little treats to my girls stockings like small toys, fun tooth brushes, cute socks, and other trinkets.

  53. i can’t believe i just saw a post where someone wrote that they always had an apple and orange in the foot of their stocking!! so did I when i was growing up. When my kids were much smaller than they are now, I almost never strayed from a standard list of items: gum was a must as well as candy of course, in addition to the apple and orange there was almost always a toothbrush and UNDERWEAR!!! Just to be funny i will sometimes put a pair of Aeropostal boxers in my teenage son’s stocking just for memory’s sake.

  54. Chris and Julie says:

    I fill stockings with candy, beauty items, sock, gum, and other miscellaneous fun things!

  55. We always look in our stockings first! I like to fill the kids’ socks with their fave candy, jewelry for my daughter, comic book for my son, Christmas slipper socks, and a coupon book of homemade coupons from me and daddy…good for things like a day at the library with mommy, a bowling night with daddy…etc…. I LOVE your stockings…it would be wonderful to have a handknit one to keep in our family..thank you!

  56. We like to put favorite candies in our stockings. During the rest of the year, we try to avoid the sugar overload – so I stash my stocking supply away! I still have a few things from last year 🙂

  57. I don’t have to stuff any stockings yet but we always used to get the best things from my Nana. The stockings were always the best part of our Christmas. She always had makeup, crayons, wallets, and all sorts of knick-knacks that made it so much fun!

  58. I shouldn’t be entering this, since I’m a knitter and could probably make my own (though I’m not good at multiple colors), but I just had to do it because my brothers and I had those exact stockings growing up! Even with our names along the top. I’d love to win this for my 8 month old son, so his stocking could match his mama’s and uncles’ on my parents’ fireplace. thank you!

  59. petiteblogger says:

    What a fun giveaway! In my house we always had a variety of things in our stockings. From oranges to toothbrushes to little presents. Now it’s my favorite part of “presents” because I think I like the little things my husband gives, whether it’s little boxes or gift cards.

  60. We fill our stockings for the kids with chocolate coal in the toe, then small books and toys, then candy and finally the all time favorite, scratch off lottery tickets! LOl

  61. Those are great! What a great family heirloom/ rememberance for the kiddos. These are beautiful!

  62. These are so cute, I could put some paper dolls for my daughter or Little people for my son.

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