Street Safety

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Lately, my concern over my children’s safety in and near automobiles has been heightened. We recently watched Bella, a beautiful movie, though tinged with the sadness and pain caused by an auto accident. That coupled with the tragic death of Maria Chapman, daughter of Stephen Curtis Chapman, has tempted me to retreat into my little cave and keep my children close and safe.
Well, we know this isn’t the most realistic of plans. So, instead, I decided to do some research about street and auto safety for children. We all need a refresher course from time to time. Of course, there is no guarantee that we can prevent any harm from afflicting our children; even the most careful families experience tragic circumstances. But, we can always try to do our best.
Below are some links that you might find as helpful reminders as well.

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  1. Just so y’all know what Kim is talking about….her son used baby oil instead of baby shampoo. Yikes! I suggested she use Coke (or soda pop) to cut the grease as that is what they did for oil spills in the grocery store I worked in long, long ago. So glad to know it works!

  2. I forgot that I wanted to see that movie. I’m glad you told me there’s sadness in it. Recently, we’ve gotten movies, knowing little about them and being hit with overwhelming tragedy in them…not always what we’re up for, and I’m esp. sensitive to deaths of loved ones in movies. I’ve been very affected by the Maria Chapman’s death as well. Thanks for the links.

    And, don’t miss out on my would only be fitting that you might win! 🙂

  3. Thanks for reminding everyone to be careful. Maria was hit by her brother. Two years ago a boy my husband went to school with, accidentally backed over his two year old daughter. Always check and see where everyone is before leaving or entering the driveway. We had to install a special lock on our door, so our twins couldn’t run outside whenever they pleased. It worked very well, people just unlocked it to come in (the knob was on backwards). I have friends who have done this same thing for basement doors and doors to the garage, so you are literally “locked in”.

  4. Thanks for posting the “car safety guide” link… I am always feeling tempted to tighten other people’s children’s horribly loose car seat restraints…also, I see kids under 12 riding in the passenger front seat–hellooo, airbag anyone? We all need reminders sometimes! Someone lovingly pointed out to me with my first child, that his infant seat was way too loose. I was a little offended, but it prompted me to go by my local fire department, and as officer friendly checked over my seat, I was humbled at how incorrect my new baby was positioned and how dangerous and life threatening that can be!!

  5. We have a “little man” that we put in the street when our kids are playing. I think he is from Home Depot or something. He is made of that reflective stuff and says slow and holds a flag. Oh, it is made by StepTwo

  6. hi jessica,
    i recently saw the movie bella as well. isn’t it a lovely movie? it was refreshing to see something so beautiful and no bad language…..let me suggest another GORGEOUS movie….the road home. ahhh…so wonderful. it just has subtitles so your little ones might not care for it.:)

  7. Thanks for all your input, ladies.

    Julie, I just put that movie on hold. Thanks for the suggestion. We usually watch “deep” movies after the kids go to bed. So, that will be one to add to my list. Am I going to cry???

  8. lol, i know what you mean. i tend to cry very easily in movies……well, the road home is very moving. at least it was to me. it is a very “pretty” movie i thought. (the cinematography that is.) it made me want to go to china! let me know what you think of it afterwards!!!love,julie