Summer Goals: Have you made them?

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About a month ago, I shared with you the six goals I had for my summer. Six goals, six weeks, I thought I’d do one a week. But, no.

That really wasn’t realistic. OK, one thing did take a whole week to do! I did get the office cleaned. See?

It’s still not as spiffed out as I want it to be. But, at least we can see the floor.

The other goals? Well, I’ve worked on them in bits and pieces. All of them.

Except for the scrapbooks. I got as far as ordering the girls’ albums. Once they came I found out that Creative Memories no longer supplies pages with their books. C’mon, people. How hard do you have to make this?

It’s like shrinking the size of the tuna can, but keeping the price the same. Sheesh.

I’ve got five more goals on my list for the summer:

1. Office – done.

2. Canning and freezing summer produce – this is an ongoing gig. Right now we’re trying to “eat down the freezer” in a pantry challenge. Then we’ll have room for more frozen summer produce.

3. Scrapbooking – see the above rant.

Really, I need several hours to edit photos and order them to be printing. Note to self: do this during movie nights.

4. Prep for school – My friend Cyndi and I have hung out twice so far and chatted up school stuff. I think I have it all mapped out in my head, I just need to hit “send” on my order.

Oh, and clean out the school room. I forgot that there was a subplot to that simple goal. It’s a mess with old papers and books, so I have some reorganizing to do before we hit the ground running on the 2012-2013 school year.

5. Write – My sister and lovely assistant has been breathing down my neck to get the lastest ebook manuscript ready.

OK, not really. But, that sounds dramatic, does it not? She’s actually been quite patient. I’m hoping to get it done and in her hot little hands in just a few hours. I’m really excited about this book. I hope you will be, too.

Look for it on July 25th. Any guesses?

6. Coffee meet-ups – I’m still holding out hope for a coffee meet-up with YOU this summer. If you’re interested, fill out this form. It looks like San Diego will be a “for sure”, just not sure on other locations. So let me know if you wanna come.

So, those are my goals for the summer.

What are yours?

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  1. I’m an avid scrapbooker who ran out of time with my 6 pack too.. Creative Memories does offer digital scrapbooking. You might want to check into it. I just completed my
    “baby’s ” album ( He is 5… lol ). Anyway, I was able to sit down and get it done in about 2.5 hours. No pictures needed, just took them all from my computer! If your pictures are digital, it’s a great way to do it..

    1. Do you print them out? My kids love looking at the physical books and they already get enough screen time. Curious.

      1. You just create the album digitally … They print the album for you and mail it to you …. Looks just like a regular scrapbook with stickers and everything …. Very easy to do and my kids LOVE looking at the albums too !!!

        1. They also sell special pens that you can write in the digital books once you have them printed. So you have the handwriting touch of a traditional album.

  2. Your comment about the CM albums made me laugh – they haven’t included pages for at least 5-7 years! 🙂

    My list was much more ambitious than yours – and I’m actually about 1/3 of the way done with it. I’m not entirely sure I’ll make it through all of them, but at least some of them will be done!

    Happy working!

  3. There are a lot of sites out there that you can create digital books and then print them out. My favorite is Mixbook. While I love scrapbooking I’m so putzy I never seem to finish them (and have a lot of stuff from Creative Memories that hasn’t been used!). I’ve finished several books, even making extras for Christmas presents.

    I didn’t have a goal list for the summer but we are on vacation this week and I have a mile long list of stuff I want to get done.

  4. Yes, I have a goals list and it’s long, but we’re moving on it.

    Today I want to finish lining up what curriculum to use; scheduling what to do each week is an entirely different project.

    As far as I’m concerned, eating down the freezer is impossible. But we’ll keep working on it anyhow. We’ll need to put 24 chickens in there very, very soon, and then all the garden stuff.