Summer Projects

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We’ve talked about Summer Fun plans. I hope that your time with the fam is rolling along in a happy way.

Another important aspect of summer, though, is getting some much needed projects taken care of.

My biggest project of the summer, of course, is birthing my sixth child late this season. But, hand in hand with welcoming a baby is feathering the nest.

Here are some of the projects that I hope can happen in the next seven weeks:

* Fill the freezer with yummy dinners.
* Organize our school work for next year. Projected start date: August 1st
* Clean the closets. Most of the things that we store in our closets are already in Rubbermaid totes. But, you know how fast things move from order to chaos….
* Finish up some large writing projects, including one that I’m eager to share with you all. Stay tuned! (And pray that I finish before I’m postpartum!)

What’s on your project list this summer? How can we help each other? Sometimes hearing someone else’s ideas is great inspiration. Stuck for a solution to a recurring challenge? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll brainstorm together.

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  1. 1. I too need to organize the school stuff. We’re homeschooling using Sonlight with a 5yo and 4yo. Any idea how to “hide” the stuff in the dining room at a convenient location, yet out of the way of the 2yo who likes to eat crayons?
    2. I could add about 10 other projects, but I’ll stick with one and maybe actually accomplish it?

  2. Hope, we have a cupboard in our dining room/school room that we installed baby locks on. The littles can’t get in there.

    But, ours isn’t a “real” dining room. Is yours?

  3. Yep, ours is a “real” dining room and it’s not very big at that! I could just store everything in the basement hidden out of view, but I wanted it more accessible. Goodness knows how much distraction can happen by sending a 5-yo and a 4-yo to the basement for school books and supplies every morning. I might see them by noon again. 🙂