Supersize Your Suppertime!

If you have kids, you know that behavior tends to plummet with their blood sugar. Though it is not an excuse for grouchiness, hunger can certainly contribute to a lack of self-control – yours and the kids. How about when you’re stuck in the grocery check stand line at 6:00 pm, and your baby is howling? Desperately ripping open a box of goldfishies is often a quick, though unhealthy, fix to the problem. How about fighting your way through Friday night traffic (while the kids are fighting in the backseat) after ball practice? To end the squabbling, you pull off the road to the nearest fast food joint and just super size them all in order to get yourself some peace and an extra-large coke.

All the while, a little voice in your head whispers, “What are you doing?!”

To read the rest of the story, visit this month’s Calgary’s Child.

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  1. nice, TO BE CONTINUED… ha ha. I hated when little house on the prairie would do that.

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