Survive the Laundry Pile

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You know the Busy Mom’s Motto, right?

Food and clean clothing.

That’s all you need. When Life gets to be a little too much and you can’t tackle it all, you just shift down into low gear and you focus on giving your family two things: food and clean clothes.

In a dire emergency, you can simplify even more. Food doesn’t need to be too fancy. PB&J can suffice. And clean clothes? Well, clean underwear will do. Just turn that tshirt backwards, inside out, and all ways around until all the clean “sides” have been used.

Now at the same time, this Survival Mode can’t last forever. You eventually need to cook something more than sandwiches. There are only 4 sides to a tshirt. Eventually the clothes need to be washed.

I’ve gone all over the place looking for techniques to help me keep our laundry piles under control. I’ve come to settle on the following to survive the laundry pile.

1. Don’t sort.

I know, sounds like blasphemy, doesn’t it? My mom choked when I told her that I no longer sorted. But, Laura posted the idea over a year ago, and I started following her suggestion just to wash everything together. Yes, really. I am so lazy that I don’t even add the 1/2 cup vinegar that she suggests.

So far, none of our clothes have been ruined. Knock on wood.

One disclaimer: I do try to sort out delicates and wash those separately than the rest of the wash. And I do wash towels and sheets apart from the clothing. I wash all the clothes in cold water and wash the towels and sheets in hot.

(Somebody, give my mom some smelling salts. Thanks.)

 2. Wash something every day.

I’ve tried doing laundry all in one day. I’ve tried doing it on set days. I’ve tried it every which way, and concluded that for a family of 8, I just need to wash something every day. At minimum, one load per day gets washed and folded. Sometimes two. If I skip a day, then the laundry becomes unmanageable.

3. Delegate wherever possible.

I have six children, ages 14, 10, 9, 7, 4, and 3. All of them are capable of folding towels and washclothes. Some are even able to fold clothes in a way that still looks presentable. And even a few can “change the laundry,” meaning that they move the wet clean clothes to the dryer. And a very few can start a new load.

Believe it or not, my 10-year old is demonstrating mad laundry skilz. I’m not sure where this will take him in life, but I’m quite thankful for his gifting.

There is no law, I repeat, there is no law that says the mother has to do all the laundry. In fact, your kids should learn how to do this themselves. Your sons and daughters-in-law, not to mention college roommates, will thank you.

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    I do as you do, wash at least one load each day. I also remove shirts, pants etc from the dryer when damp and put them on hangers to finish drying – no need to iron this way. I dry sheets completely and put them right back on the bed – saves folding them. Towels are dried completely also.

  2. I am with of those nuts that love laundry – the whole process of it!! – don’t let hubby touch the washer – my best tip is to do a load a day and don’t use dryer sheets – repairmen told me they are bad bad for your dryer – vinegar does make clothes soft and we haven’t missed the dryer sheets

  3. I like to do one load a day. Last week as I was taking the laundry to the clotheline I stepped on the hose and sprained my ankle. I know you were looking for a different survival techniques. Laundry can be dangerous!

  4. I must admit I don’t always do this, but I know that when I do, it prevents the laundry from getting out of control: do one load from start to finish (put away) before starting the next load.

    As a side, do you even wash your whites w/ other things? Are they still bright & white?

  5. I also wash a load of laundry a day. I don’t want to spend my weekends playing “catch up”!

  6. I hate to fold laundry… don’t mind sorting and washing, but it gets me at the folding. So, I fold it AS SOON AS it comes out of the dryer – it goes immediately on a hanger or folded for the drawer. (If it let it pile up on the couch, it becomes overwhelming!)

  7. Mine is the same as one of yours- I do at least one load every day but Sat and Sun. Monday is always a catch up day. I keep hangers in my laundry room and hang clothes as I go.

  8. My mother in law gave me this wonderful tip about two years ago. Take a large pot and heat water until boiling, and add a scoop of oxi clean powder. Let your stained garmet soak until stain is gone. A few times I have soaked an item overnight, but it always works

  9. Rebecca W. says:

    I like to do my laundry in one day and then it is done.

  10. yeah i try to do one load on wednesday which is mid-week when everyone is about to go to sleep so that way it does not pile up by saturday…it helps…

  11. I so agree with you. I have 4 children and I must do at least 3 loads a day, 365 days a year 🙂 I would never catch up if I let it go.

  12. When I do a load, I do it from start to finish. When it’s done in the washer, it immediately goes into the dryer. When it’s dry..immediately get folded and put away (don’t like for the clothes to get wrinkly).

  13. My best tip is to keep the laundry cycle moving. One load a day keeps us in clothes! I currently have three baskets of clothes waiting to be folded (I’ve spent the last three days canning salsa!) but we can always dig to find what we need, it is clean & dry!

  14. I liked “Life as Mom” and “Woolite on Facebook” on my Facebook page!

  15. I don’t mind laundry. Our new plan is to do it all on Wednesday and then my husband and I can fold it together while we watch Survivor. We actually look forward to it (more the show and less the folding, but at least it gets done).

  16. Janet Vickers says:

    SHOUT!!!! I use that on every stain from my daughter and it works like magic.

  17. With 5 kids, the plan is to do a couple loads a day. Somehow, that doesn’t always happen. I think the house elves make the laundry instead of actually doing it! It gets overwhelming once a week or so, and we live out of baskets until I can get it caught up. It’s the putting away that gets me every time….

  18. I agree-one load of day is way better than twelve loads on one day…I will admit that laundry is one of my favorite chores, but I do get a little insane if it piles up.

  19. My laundry tip is to have a “hanging station” right by the washer & dryer. We hang everything up immediately & fold all others into the laundry basket. Even better is to put it in the closet right away – I find if we don’t put it away that day, it stays there several days.

  20. I’m a TOTAL fan on Facebook, too!

  21. put it away as soon as it is done!

  22. I think it is a great idea to have those laundry sorter things. You don’t waste time sorting. Teach your children how to sort by color. They will love it and think of it as a game.

  23. I fold my laundry as I’m taking it out of the dryer or off the clothesline. Now putting it away….that’s another story.

  24. I hate putting laundry away–so I get my 2 year old to help me!

  25. I try to do 1 or 2 loads everyday. Then I put them away as soon as they come out of the dryer.

  26. Laundry is my nemisis! To help me “battle” the laundry, I purchased 2 laundry hampers wth 3 compartments each. I then labeled each removable hamper compartment wth what type/color laundry goes in them. (I label almost everything in our house-my husband stopped me though when I tried to label his tool area.LOL) The hampers helped with sorting and there are no longer piles on laundry every where. Just wish the hampers could fold & put away the laundry.

  27. I try to to a load a day, but I have a babysitter that rescues me when I fail.

  28. I’m a FB fan!

  29. I try to do at least one load every day except Sunday. I also have a set day for towels and sheets.

  30. When all my kids were still home I did laundry almost everyday to keep up. I still sort but that is because I have room for a table with separate laundry baskets in the laundry room to sort them.

  31. I don’t know if this counts as a “tip” but I think most clothes (excluding undergarments..) can be worn a few times before they really need to be washed, so that helps to spread out the laundry a bit!

  32. My tip is teach.children.young.
    Even if they are very young the can help. My oldest is a teen now and helps the burden of laundry tremendously.

  33. Tori Palmer says:

    I have set laundry days. I wash my youngests clothes alone, oldests alone and mine and hubbys together. When they are dry that person puts them away.

  34. Tori Palmer says:

    I “liked” Life as mom on facebook.


  35. Tori Palmer says:

    I “liked” Woolite on facebook.


  36. I try to get all my laundry done in one day. Fold it as I take it out of the dryer and always wash in cold water. Finally, once my children become teenagers they are in charge of their own laundry.

  37. I have several baskets in my closet that I use to presort clothes as we take them off. I always know when I have a full load so I don’t waste resources and I can always tell when my husband is out of work clothes!

  38. My survival tip is to wash all infant socks in a lingerie bag. This keeps them together!

  39. I’m a fan of Woolite and you on FB!

  40. Agree with all your tips, we make sure a do a load of laundry in the morning after showers and at night once everyone is in their PJ’s. We do wash towels and clothes together (there are only four of us). Sheets and blankets get done on the weekend. We also fold right out of the dryer so there are no laundry piles anywhere. The best part? Most of the time there are no dirty clothes when we go to bed at night and we’ve tamed the sock monster!

    Congratulations on finding what works for you.

  41. If I don’t have time to fold clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer I try to lay them out flat as I stack them to prevent wrinkles. If not, I have to reheat them to remove wrinkles and that’s a pain!

  42. Fold the laundry and put it away as soon it comes out of the dryer or off the line. Otherwise I might end up with clean laundry sitting there for days never getting put away

  43. Christina Dunnan says:

    I agree – doing a load of laundry everyday makes such a difference. Our other tip is to wear pants/sweaters/jackets more than once – how dirty do they really get in a workday?

    Also – I agree with the earlier person – fold and put laundry away right away. Otherwise, it definitely piles up!

  44. I have several folding travel laundry baskets in my closet–one for each load (including delicates). When my husabnd and I take off our clothing, it gets sorted right into the baskets. The children (from age 3) are responsible for sorting their laundry into the baskets–EVERY DAY. Then I take the baskets that are full to the top each day and wash those (usually most of them!). I have a basket for darks, lights, whites (warm, such as socks, underwear, undershirts, white towels), whites cold (blouses, dress shirts, tights, cotton slips) and a basket for delicates. Sheets and dirty blankets are brough to sit outside the laundry room for washing.

    On top of the washer I have 2 buckets; 1 for kitchen washcloths/floor towels, and 1 for cloth napkins.

    I start the first load at 5 am.

    I hang up the adult clothing, but my 9-year-old hangs up the children’s clothing, and every morning before breakfast the 8, 6,4, and 3-year-olds fold the rest and put it away. I usually do 3-4 loads a day on average (5 on Mondays since I don’t wash on Sundays).

  45. As long as I fold as soon as it comes out of the dryer, it’s not too bad. If I wait, that’s when it piles up and gets out of control.

  46. My favorite laundry tip is to not let the clean clothes sneak into the dirty laundry basket. Just because it’s been worn doesn’t mean it needs to be washed just yet! 🙂

  47. my laundry tip is to do it as soon as you can…if I leave it the motivation is harder and harder to get started! Thanks!!

  48. I lik eu on facebook

  49. I don’t sort either so I just throw laundry in the washer as soon as it’s dirty. That way I can’t use the “but it’s all the way upstairs” excuse.

  50. I am like you I really try to do one load a day otherwise out of control. I also have my teenagers in charge of their own laundry.

  51. I do one load a day so it doesn’t build up too much.

  52. LOVE your post…. I can really relate… I also have 6 children… ages 14 to 4…. I LOVE the part about “There is no law that says MOM must do all the laundry”…I think I need to explain that to my husband and 3 older children. I always do 1 to 2 loads of laundry daily…. I wash towels and sheets on the weekends, usually giving me 4 loads on Saturdays and Sundays… I sometimes feel sorry for the washing machine!!! LOL !!!! Love your site and I follow you on FB also!

  53. I’m so glad to hear someone else doesn’t sort! People about faint when I tell them that! I also make my own detergent to cut down cost and all my kids started doing their own laundry as soon as they could reach the washer. The washer and dryer are going every day but it’s not just me doing it! Yay!

  54. Just like you, I’ve learned to do at least one load a day, from washing to folding and putting away, and no sorting. ( I have to try the 1/2 cup vinegar thing and see what happens.) It eliminated the MOUNTAIN of laundry that would accumulate.

  55. Do it daily is the best tip for bigger families. Waiting until one day to do it all makes me quite cranky. lol I fold immediately and each family member has to put his/hers away. I don’t go looking for laundry. If you want it clean, you’ll get it to the laundry room. I also don’t match socks. I sort by person. Is anyone really going to put on just one? No, so grab two singles out of the drawer rather than one ball. No extra time for them, lots of time saved for me.

  56. Something that helps me is to use a stain or color catcher cloth so that in case a dark gets in with the lighter colors then the colors do not bleed onto the other items. I also only use the cool water setting because that saves on heating the water.

  57. I hang all of my shirts to dry inside on hangers on a rack. It keeps them looking nicer and they are easy to put away!

  58. We usually do the catch up after vacation, so I pack all the dirty laundry together in one bag and take it right to the laundry room.

  59. My ‘best’ tip is to have my kids help do it. AT 4 & 6, they help sort; load the machines, fold my kitchen towels and kinda-sorta put their clothes away.

  60. sue chibana says:

    I do like you, wash everything together. I do not sort by color. I even wash towels and sheets with other clothes.

  61. Almost no sorting is the best time saver for me (my husband’s work clothes excluded; too many manufacturing chemical smells). You also use less detergent, electricity, and water that way.

  62. I agree with doing one load a day to keep caught up. I also keep a spray bottle of shout by our hamper in the bedroom, that way if we have a stain and are changing back there we can spray it and let it soak til the next load needs to be washed.

  63. I have my 10and 12 year old girls do their own laundry. This helps a lot. They do it one day during the week. I also don’t sort. I wash everything together on cold.

  64. I also agree that you must do a load, or 2, of laundry each day to keep up- and I only have 2 kids! I also am in the process of switching over to homemade laundry soap very soon, I am hoping this will not only save us money, but also eliminate some sensitive skin issues. Thank you for hosing this giveaway- I have ALWAYS loved Woolite products:)

  65. Shannon Samples says:

    Right now I have three load to do. I’m ok with the washing but the folding and putting away is the hard part..

  66. I “liked” both Woolite & Life as Mom on Facebook!

  67. I wash one load of laundry a day as well. I tried other methods and they were just too overwhelming.

  68. My survival tip is my husband taking our daughter out every Sunday afternoon for about 2 hours while I catch up on any laundry that didn’t get folded or ironed through out the week. I wash and dry everyday, but folding unfortunately sometimes happens in one big lump of an afternoon!

  69. Jennifer Foutch says:

    I try to set aside a little time each day to do laundry. I don’t separate, and I don’t get them out of the dryer when it shuts off, since I am usually at work or asleep. We do the iron as you wear approach.

  70. It’s funny I don’t remember reading that post on Org. Junkie before but that is exactly how I do our laundry. Each child has their own hamper. I throw their entire load in together, wash, dry, fold then they put them away. My oldest is now doing her own laundry as well. I’m trying to work my way out of this job! 🙂

  71. I “like” you both on FB too!

  72. My Mom is to blame for creating my love of laundry! It’s probably the one “chore” that is not a chore for me. But to survive it I have now enlisted my 7 and 9 year old girls to fold their own clothes. We sit in the family room together and fold together. It’s become a really special time to talk. AND they now keep their drawers much neater because they know they have folded all those clothes. Thanks!

  73. I have a white laundry basket for whites and a blue laundry basket for colors. Hubby and I throw the clothes in the appropriate colored basket and laundry is pre-sorted. My kids are too young to help with laundry just yet, but they will learn!

  74. I do the “One load a day” thing. Actually its is more like two loads. With three dogs and a few kids here and my son doing his laundry when he is home on the weekends, it adds up fast.

  75. Tara Everts says:

    I wash all the kids clothes together, and try to do laundry every day so it doesn’t turn into a huge mountain of overwhelming doom. I’m also teaching my 6 year old how to load and switch loads. Maybe she will end up with some mad laundry skills. Folding also turns into “mommy tv time”. I get to pick the shows for once.

  76. I liked Lifeasmom and woolite on FB . Name is Johnna smith on FB.

  77. I have a hanging rack so I can immediately hang clothes as soon as they come from the dryer. I very seldom ever need to iron anything.

  78. I keep an entire load together from each persons laundry basket, that way I don’t waste time trying to figure out who’s socks are who’s and can fold and immediately leave on the person’s bed.

  79. I find that treating stains right away helps so much- even just throwing the item in a sink full of cold water when you’re too busy to deal with it right now, and then coming back to it when you can helps! Also, on laundry days start w/ light-weight loads so dryer will be hot when it’s time for heavy stuff to dry- saves time & money! Creedamy(at) yahoo (dot)com

  80. I do a at least 2 loads a day with one of them being towels. Otherwise my laundry room just gets too stinky!

  81. I like ya on Facebook.

  82. I like Woolite on Facebook.

  83. air drying a lot of clothes. it saves energy & makes folding clothes a lot easier, because there’s less of them.

  84. i liked life as mom & woolite on facebook.

  85. I have a big family too (not so big like yours), so washing clothes every day is the best tip.

  86. Colleen M. says:

    My laundry tip is to simply do one or two loads a day to avoid a huge “pile up”. I try to do two loads before 8am everyday!

  87. I make piles of towels, socks, undies, etc so washing in hot water is minimized.

  88. Maybe time saving tip is washing it all together. I also do sheets and towels separately, but everything else goes in together. I have a family of 4 and do 3-4 loads of laundry almost every Monday. My goal is to have it all washed, dried, and put away by Monday night.

  89. I also like Life as Mom on facebook!

  90. Sock basket. Never pair aa sock again… Unless you want something to justify sitting down and waatching something mindless on tv!

  91. Well, it’s just my husband and me…so my laundry is rather manageable. 😉

    I don’t like doing laundry though, so I do try to spread it out over the week.

  92. i treat stains on the go

  93. i like to use drawn on most stains or biokleen stain remover. treat and it can wait till the next washing day

  94. I also like Life as Mom on facebook!

  95. I also like woolite on facebook!

  96. I still do a “laundry day” and sometimes a couple other “load a day” days, depending on what’s dirty and what we need. I don’t like laundry piling up. I try to keep my kids’ clothes to somewhat of a minimum and the bedsheets don’t get washed as often as I used to before 4 kids. Shhh! 🙂

  97. I agree with the need to do one load a day! That’s a great tip becasue I think a lot of people get it into their head that there should be a “laundry day” and when you spread it out it’s a small chore instead of a mountain!

  98. SapperAngel says:

    I make my own laundry soap… easy peasy and saves soooooo much money (i have a handicapped child and have to do at least one load a day or two including incontinence pads.. .and they come out fresher than when i used tide… AND it costs 1.70 a month) washing soda(1 c), borax (1/2 c), and ivory soap (one bar -grated using cheese grater) and then only use one TABLESPOON

  99. SapperAngel says:

    I already “liked” you

  100. I stopped folding my kitchen towels (gasp!). I know, I know – but they are so little, and it takes so much time to fold them so they lay properly…so now, I just throw them in a drawer. As often as they get used up and washed, it’s easier to simply throw them in the drawer.

  101. Jennifer M says:

    With a family of 6, I have to wash at least a load a day to avoid a major pile up. I hang things up to dry when I can… I utilize my stain stick constantly… And I get the older kiddos to help with putting clothes away.

  102. Jennifer M says:

    I Like you and Woolite on facebook.

  103. We are a family of 3, yet we have TONS of laundry. My husband’s job allows him the opportunity to come 2-3 days a week super dirty and sweaty. So he typically goes through 2 outfits…work clothes, and comfortable after work clothes. Then I have a 3 year old who can get dirty in his sleep And I have made the mistake this week of letting the laundry back up, thanks to busy work schedule this week and a looking after a new puppy in the evenings. So my survival tip is to do all I can to NOT let it get backed up. Otherwise I’m stuck inside on a beautiful Saturday (like Today) doing laundry….

    I so need to win this prize!! 🙂

  104. I agree, moms should not have to do all the laundry. My kids started doing laundry when I quit going to their rooms to collect. I told them if it was in the laundry room I would wash it. They quickly learned to do their own, since it never made it in. Now if I can just teach them to fold and put away.

  105. Tracy Stone says:

    My favorite tip is a combo – I, too, do not sort (and my mom would have a stroke as well…) and I wash a load every day. It’s small and therefore easy on the eyes and manageable. When I tried to wash once a week, there was such a huge pile that I avoided even looking at it. Now I can get through it every day and stay on top of it.

  106. Charity Shapiro says:

    My tip is to try and do at least one load every other day. Otherwise it takes forever for me to catch up.

  107. I’m all about NOT sorting…I learned it from my husband…who SHOCKED me in our early marriage by not sorting, but I realized quickly that nothing had been ruined and we’ve employed that strategy ever since! 🙂

  108. Thow the dirty towels in the main bathroom – that way I kow my daughter in law will run the basket to the washer(she has to wash my sons work clothes). That way I may have only 1 or 2 loads that my hubby and me create.

  109. Like you and Woolite on FB.

  110. Don’t freak out if you fall behind and have like 10 loads to do. Tackle it one load at a time over a couple of days. You’ll get it caught up eventually.

  111. “A load of laundry a day keeps the psychiatrist away.”

  112. I start a load before I even come downstairs to begin the day (laundry room on 2nd floor). Then when I take the baby up for morning nap it goes into the dryer and when he wakes up it’s dry. I fold it and put it away during afternoon naps.

  113. I just recently discovered that trick of just throwing everything together in the wash. My favorite part is that my baby is 2 now so I am no longer paranoid of the fact that using regular detergent will irritate her skin. So far I haven’t had any problems, and it has saved me HOURS of laundry torture!

  114. Fan on FB and email subscriber

  115. I really try to limit laundry to one day a week because I could constantly be doing it and never get anything Else done.

  116. I do all my laundry on one day, otherwise I feel like I am only doing partial loads. I also make my own detergent, works great!

  117. I like Life as Mom and Woolite on FB, and I entered the contest!

  118. like both of you on FB (Gala ya)

  119. I do at 1-2 loads a day and also wash everything together. I hang my clothes to dry on a rack and a retractable clothes line, that way I have to fold laundry so I have some place to put the wet clothes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  120. i usually line dry our clothes, but my survival tip is to not beat myself up if i have to use the dryer to keep my sanity!

  121. Love all the laundry tips!

    We sort (colors, whites, undies/icky).

    We have summer bedding and winter bedding so when I wash sheets they go back on the bed- no folding!

    I do another load for rags.

  122. Wash, dry and fold a load every day to keep it manageable.

  123. I “like” both on fb.

  124. I do a load every day and the boys help me fold it and the older ones put their own clothes away so it doesn’t seem too bad for this family of 6.

  125. A hamper with three compartments is the best laundry tool I ever bought. I sort into whites, colors (darks and mediums), and hubby’s work shirts and my stuff that doesn’t go in the dryer.

    I’ve been using Woolite for Darks for about a year now. I initially heistated because it’s pricey and not as environmentally friendly as my other brands but I do think it’s made a huge difference in how long our clothes are lasting. Especially my concert black.

  126. I rarely sort — only delicates, etc. I do a load a day start to finish. So far that’s working.

  127. Like you, I haven’t sorted laundry in years except for the sheets and delicates. With 6 children, it’s just a matter of survival! What keeps me sane in regards to laundry is the fact that everyone has to help. My 14, 9, and 6 year olds have to fold and put away their own clothes. My 4 and 2 year olds have to fold and put away wash cloths, some towels, and cleaning rags. I just can’t do laundry for 8 people by myself.

  128. I do at least one load a day, and try to never let stained things sit without treating them. I still miss some stains, but all in all, it has been working out well.

  129. I liked Life as Mom and Woolite on FB. Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. We don’t sort our laundry either and we only do full loads.

  131. Like you, I do a load or two a day. I also hang the clothes on the line on nice days. I do sort though! Red clothes have to go with reds or I get anxious.

  132. I detest laundry. Not so much the doing of it but the folding. My laundry survival method is to fold while I watch a TV show. Otherwise, it would *never* get done.

  133. No matter how sick I am or how crazy it is, on Tuesdays and Fridays our clothes laundry gets done. That way at least we have clean clothes, and if we have to fish them out of the pile of clean laundry, I can live with that as long as it is not all the time!

  134. Stefanie Smith says:

    Extra dryer sheets make everything better 🙂 My husband requests no less than 3 in his load of work clothes!!!

  135. Charity L. says:

    My laundry tip is to start a load of clothes at 8 p.m. When I watch my tv shows. By 9 p.m. They are in the dryer and I fold them just before I go to bed during commercials. I do this about three times a week. My husband also shoulders the load on this chore, which helps a lot.

  136. Charity L. says:

    I like you both on Facebook.

  137. My survival tip is to just get it done. I try to put it off, but I’ve had to stop doing that! Now that we use cloth diapers, I have to make sure I keep with it or we won’t have any diapers!

  138. Don’t let it pile up ( this would be the pot telling the kettle it is black).

  139. I LOVE cold water washing and not sorting! I also don’t add the vinegar, and all has gone fine in this home! I try to do one load a day, washing for sure, the folding and put away is always hit or miss! RIght now I think there are 5 laundry baskets hiding in my closet full of clean clothes!

  140. I never iron. I have a water bottle just for laundry. I spray clothes likely to wrinkle when they come out of the dryer…sometimes days later, and they always look great! 🙂

  141. I “liked” Lifeasmom and Woolite on Facebook.

  142. washing laundry is cake! the machine does all the work. the real problem is setting up a system to make the sorting, treating, and putting away just as easy.

    first, we have 2 kinds of laundry.. white linens and towels and then clothes! anything more complicated goes to the dry cleaner and that only happens once in a blue moon. we buy almost all cotton, cotton blend and easy care. next, pre treating is a small bucket with some oxy powder. as soon as a stain sets in, rinse it out, soak whenever possible and then toss in laundry. lastly, sorting. this is easy for me because my husband and i share one closet and my kids share the other. it houses -all- of our clothing. so i start out folding on my bed, immediately pairing things and putting them in the drawers, on hangers and then take the rest of the pile into the kids closet to finish the job.
    super simple if you set it up that way. i know it’s off the norm, but you have to prioritize in life. as a mom, there simply isn’t time to do -everything- you want to do. laundry isn’t high on the list of fun things but it’s a must.

    and again, basic rule. do at least one load a day.

  143. I also don’t sort but it has backfired on me :(. My survival tip is everyone has their own hamper that way I rare,y have overflow hampers!! Haha

  144. Inlike both woolite and life as mom on FB.

  145. I try to do a load of laundray a day (more now that the weather is cold and my teenagers are wearing hoodies most every day). I wash as much in cold as possible, except for towels and sheets, same as you. You gotta do what you gotta do…..

  146. I life Life as Mom on Facebook.

  147. There should be at lewast one load a day going at our house, but as one who has currently let it pile up, I also designate any day we are home all day to be “laundry day” and just tackle as much as I can. I want to try giving each kid their own separate mesh lingerie bag for socks, to keep at least their size socks all together when dirty and in the wash.

  148. I do it all in one day and get it over with, but it’s just my husband and myself so I know we have a lot less. I do wash all of my shirts/nice clothes/delicates that together with Woolite, even though sometimes they’re different colors, but I’ve never had a problem. It really makes the clothes I care about last longer.

  149. I like “lifeasamom” and “woolite” on facebook!

  150. We r newly a family of 6 & laundry has always been my evil nemesis! Recently I have moved to the one day a week & as long as I am strict with myself about staying hm that day, it works like a charm & has been very freeing!

  151. I like u & woolite on FB 🙂

  152. I like both Woolite and Life as a mom on Facebook

  153. Beth Portuese says:

    To survive laundry I never fold anything but have bins in each person’s closest – underwear bins, sock bins, undershirt bins, etc. so I save time by 1 never sorting clothes by color in the wash and 2 never folding.

  154. I’m with you, I do at least one load per day!

  155. I have a small basket for each child they are responsible for putting their own clothes away.

  156. Always wash new clothes separately (especially if they are dark clothes). I learned this one the hard way when I tried to wash some socks with new clothes.

  157. I am a facebook fan of yours.

  158. I take the laundry downstairs at least once a day and sort it immediately (just darks and lights), I put the darks directly into the washer and when it is full, I run it immediately. If I know it is a full load, there is no sense in ignoring it and there are always more darks than whites. Then when it is done, I move it to the dryer and refill the soap and fabric softener on the washer, so it is ready to go for the next load. I do about 3 darks for every one white, but it is just always cycling, then I bring it upstairs and pour it out on the kitchen table and fold it. I NEVER leave it overnight. You learn the hard way not to leave wet clothes in a front loader if you live in a high humidity area. Laundry is not hard for me, even with 3 kids and one with a uniform, you just have to stay on it, now, ironing on the other hand…………

  159. I liked you and Woolite on FB too. Thanks.

  160. My favorite laundry survival tip- do laundry on weekday nights so I could enjoy free time on weekends.

  161. “like” Life as Mom and Woolite on Facebook
    Jessie c.

  162. We do “family fun folding time” and everyone folds their own. We run a load all through daily.

  163. I do wash everyday to keep caught up and I let the dryer run a couple of minutes for the clothes and then I put them on hangers to dry. When they are dry I can take them to the closet where they belong.

  164. I try to give each person their own basket to save time on sorting later.

  165. I liked both on Facebook. Thanks!

  166. I only do 5 to 7 loads of laundry a week between my hubby, me, and our three young children (ages 9 to 4). We have a very strict policy about only washing what is dirth.

    My tip is to use hooks. Each child has two hooks near their hamper. One hook is for clothes, and the other is for PJs. If something is still clean, they hang it on the hook so it can be worn again. My 4 year old in in the same pair of PJs for the third night (we have a three night limit). I also tell them that jeans can more often than not be worn two times and maybe three times.

    This has helped this mommy “sane”.

  167. If I see that laundry is starting to pile up, I will throw a load in the wash (I don’t separate either). Otherwise, I usually have a lazy cleaning day once a week where I take care of things that have piled up.

  168. I’m learning to adjust to my HE washer, and whether I can add vinegar, how much, when…if anyone can offer their advice, I’d appreciate it!


  169. I use a Shout Color Catcher in every wash.

  170. “like” Life as Mom on facebook.

  171. Call me crazy but I enjoy doing laundry……seems satisfying to see everything ready to use once again. I put shirts on hangers before hanging them out on the clothesline…..fewer wrinkles to iron away.

  172. I “liked” Life as Mom and Woolite on FB

  173. I wash all the things that I don’t wrinkle on me or I don’t care about having a wrinkle over a couple days (towels, socks, rags, etc.). “Laundry Day” (roughly 2x a week) I put a load into the dryer from the night before, start another, and I start to fold/sort. With all the mommy interruptions of the day, I typically get everything folded and have to wait a little for the last load, then I deliver everything all at once–my least favorite part. I never fold underwear or rags.

  174. I try to to stainstick everything when I am removing it so that I don’t forget later.

  175. Fold the laundry as soon as it’s done or it will build up and get wrinkled.

  176. With 4 small kiddos I need to do at least one load a day! But I did stop sorting ages ago (much to the dismay of my mom too!!!)!

  177. My favorite laundry tip is dawn dishwashing detergent for those spots that are greasy looking that started showing up on my clothes once children came into the picture. A little Dawn and the spot is gone.

  178. My laundry tip is to use the dryer balls. They really do cut down on drying time. They paid for themselves rather quickly actually. Now my washer and dryer get done at the same time so laundry moves though so much faster. I didn’t see anyone else mention this. Am I the only one in love with them? 🙂

  179. Laundry Survival?—
    When Mt. Wash-more becomes unmanagable due to circumstances beyond control, it gets packed up in the car with the change jar and I head to the big laundromat late at night. With delight I can do 8-10 loads all at once. Hang what I can on hangers to dry at home, dry loads and fold as they are done and take perhaps the last load to dry at home. I can accomplish all this for under $20 and a few hours alone and come home “caught up”….except the putting them away.
    –Not a common occurance but boy does it help when I feel I am beyond behind!!!

  180. I don’t sort colors either. I wash each family member’s load separately so I can just take the clothes right from the dryer to the right room with no extra sorting 🙂

  181. Liked you and Woolite on FB

  182. Stephanie P. says:

    #1 tip is get rid of clothes! We always tend to have too much stuff. The less clothes the less laundry! I also keep all the socks in my pedestal drawer under the dryer. Never have to find matches; the kids have to.

  183. My best laundry tip is to use a small amount of baking soda when you do whites. It really does help to whiten them.

  184. Cassidy M. says:

    My tip is fold right away and put away. I have a nasty habit of letting folded clothes sit in the basket waiting to be put away, but instead by the time I get to it time has gone by and we just wear them right out of the basket.Put it away immeddiately

  185. “Liked” Life as MOM and Woolite on facebook.

  186. PAULA WELLS says:

    with a new baby (who is very pukey) i do a few loads a day. I have my 2 year old take the clothes out of the dryer and my 6 year old put the clothes from the washer into the dryer and I put a new load to wash. When we get home from work, hubby sorts and everyone puts up their own (except for baby and 2 year old). this is our wintertime routine. in the summer, i hang my clothes outside to dry and do it all over the weekend.

  187. PAULA WELLS says:

    I liked Woolite and I already “LIKED” you 🙂

  188. I hang clothes on hagers right out the dryer, that way when I take them upstairs they can go right into closets and minimize wrinkles!

  189. I wash one load per day too!

  190. Having the kids help fold and put away the clothes has made a huge difference to lighten my load.

  191. Shout stain catchers have been my laundry savior

  192. I like both Life as Mom & Woolite on Facebook

  193. I try to pull my laundry out as quick as it’s done drying! That way, no wrinkles. I also pick all my clothes for the work week out on Sunday night, usually right as I’m folding my laundry. That way I can rotate my clothes and combine hangers as much as I can. I love using Woolite for my quilts!

  194. Get it all done! I am amazed at the number of people that only have 1 clean outfit (the one they are wearing!).

  195. My best laundry tip is Zote soap- always keep a bar on hand (it lasts forever), and rub it on both sides of a stain. I’ve not yet had one that Zote can’t take care of- even grease stains that I didn’t see and sent thru the dryer!

  196. I “like” Life as Mom and Woolite on FB

  197. i think putting it up as soon as it gets done in the dryer is the way to go. otherwise it literally piles up at our house.

  198. I also like to wash one load a day, fold and put away. I actually love doing laundry for some crazy reason it is one chore I enjoy doing!

  199. My husband is military and I have a much easier time ironing his uniforms if I take them out of the dryer when they’re still just a smidge damp. I also try to do a load of laundry each day just like you! It’s a good system!

  200. I love the compartmentalized laundry hamper: it does the sorting for you prior to wash time!

  201. My best laundry tip is to pre-treat, pre-treat, pre-treat. It saves so much time in the long run and even saves clothes many times.


  202. when it comes to the socks i have a bin and they all go in there i hate sorting socks but have found that if i fold it right away it doesn’t get so overwhelming when it gets on the couch i’m done for then it piles up

  203. I am the same. I DO NOT SORT! LOL. Sometimes, I will pull like colors as I’m throwing it in, but not always. I have 6 children, like you and I have everyone big enough, including the 6 year old, switch out laundry. (The baby & 2 year old still don’t, lol.) They all know to put aside the more delicate items like sweaters and dresses and let me deal with those. I don’t remember the last time we ruined something!

  204. This self-professed Laundry Queen has tons of tips! One of the biggest ones would be to wash lots of things inside out — jeans, fleece items, screen printed shirts, etc. Your clothes will last so much longer.

  205. Do it doing the week, so you don’t have to spend the weekend catching up!

  206. I’m with you on “Don’t sort”. I stopped sorting YEARS ago! Thanks!

  207. one load a day and teach the kids to fold ASAP

  208. If you start a wash, allow enough time to finish it (through putting away). that way, you won’t be rewashing and fogetting. And, do one a day so you don’th ave much to put away.

  209. I too try to do some laundry everyday, i am the only one in my house who does laundry as my washer and dryer have yet to learn self defense. if something comes out wrinkled no need to iron just put it back in the dryer with a damp item til dry.

  210. Washing everthing together and not sorting. A survival tip I just learned last week and my mom wouldn’t be happy either.

  211. I liked Life AS MOM and Woolite on Facebook

  212. TwoDiffSocks says:

    Delegate and spray any stain ASAP with your fave product/detergent 🙂

  213. Family of 3, this is what works for us: Monday I force myself to do the weekend clothes. Everyone’s together. Sometimes if I’m super tired, it sits in a basked until Friday. Friday I do a clothes load and a towels/sheets load. Depending on how things went that week, I might need to do a third. Sometimes on a Wednesday I’ll see that Friday is going to be rough, so I throw in a load then. Saturday I usually do a “dog load” – dog beds/blankets, rugs that are, um, soiled (my dog is 13 and in his last days). And if everything went wrong that week, I’m doing laundry on Sunday. Of course if things are going well, I do a load on a Sunday to save me from Monday. In short, I’m doing laundry almost daily in some way, shape or form, even with a small family!

  214. I already like LAM on FB and now I like Woolite too!

  215. jen thompson says:

    I have to admit, I don’t really sort either. I try to do a load every day, but still end up doing several loads on a day that I have time.

  216. jen thompson says:

    I “like” life as mom

  217. jen thompson says:

    I “liked” woolite

  218. Sally mcquaid says:

    Do a couple loads a day start to finish and you’ll always be steady with clean a d dirty clothes. This way the kids always have something to wear and you can start sorting piles that can take a few days to build into a full load.

  219. Put a small sticker on the washer and dryer for normal settings. When they turn 10 the children get their own hamper, a laundry lesson as to where to turn the knob (to the sticker) and they are doing their own laundry from then on.

  220. teach your kids how to help with the laundry — separate clothes, put on the rack, fold it etc

  221. Mom of five boys here.

    My laundry survival tip is defiantly to do at least one load of laundry per day. It all piles up way too fast!

  222. Like Life as Mom and Woolite on Facebook.

  223. I pre-treat as soon as possible. I also have my kids help sort the colors.

  224. My kids are responsible for sorting their own clothes in the laundry room, then they take all their clothes back to their room and put them away when they’re clean. By the age of 4, their sorting skills are adequate & they can put things away at about 3 with some supervision.

  225. I also do a bare minimum of one load of laundry per day. I have a family of 5 and it just piles up when I don’t!!

  226. I already “like” you on FB, but I went and “liked” woolite, too!

  227. With four kiddos, my best tip is to wash daily! If I miss a day, it piles up quick!

  228. I like you and woolitebon Facebook!

    Jennifer Smith Stewart

  229. Shannon Hartman says:

    I like to do at least a load every day and I also am like you I don’t sort. I do, however try to put a stain treatment on something right away so it doesn’t get tossed in the dryer where the stain gets set in!

  230. We have 2 laundry baskets in our closet, one for whites and one for colors. When the basket is full it goes into the washer. When the dryer is done I fold as I remove the item from the dryer. The basket goes up (laundry is in the basement) and waits to be put away, but if that takes awhile everything is folded neatly already. The kids (only 2) share a hamper, when it’s full their stuff gets washed all together. I’ve never had a color bleed problem so far.

  231. I also do not sort the clothes. It saves definite time.

  232. I’m with everyone else- at least a load a day and getting it straight out of the dryer and folding it! I am trying to get that habit down so it doesn’t sit in the dryer and wrinkle.

  233. And I like you and Woolite on facebook! Thanks.

  234. anne marie says:

    Laundry is my least favorite chore as it never seems to end, LOL. I try to do one load a day to keep up, doesn’t always work and then I’m trying to catch up on Sunday.

  235. Nancy Lundy says:

    I’m trying to kick my sorting habit. 🙂 After you mentioned it some time back, I’ve doing less sorting – washing one child’s laundry in one load & teaching them to fold & put away.

  236. Dollar store plastic hangars. I have bought several packs of these for hanging my laundry to dry. Now that the cooler weather has come instead of outside on the fence my clothes hang from extra shower curtain rods in the kids’ bathroom. I love that my dryer is used for only towels and undies!

  237. There are only two of us at home, so there is less laundry. But it can still get out of control in no time.

    As soon as a load is ready to go, get it in the washer, the dryer, folded and put away – asap.

    If it sits in the dryer or laundry basket out of the dryer, I tend to procrastinate in finishing the task.

  238. Jessica T. says:

    My tip is to pre-treat stains. I need to do that more often with an 8 year old!

  239. I do a load of laundry every other day so I don’t get behind. My biggest time saver though is the 4 year old who thinks it’s “fun” to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer and then take them out of the dryer and clean the lint trap. Not only does that help, it saves me bending over with my pregnant belly.

  240. I always sort my clothes beforehand because it save time on laundry day

  241. Liked life as a mom and woolite on FB: carolyn gonzalez

  242. My biggest thing has been sorting, but my husband (sweet man that he is) just made me a folding table, right next to the dryer. So now that massive chore has a place. It has made all the difference in the world.

  243. My laundry secret is doing a quick sort when the dryer is done so that I can pull out things that need to be hung up, then neatly fold things that need to be semi-wrinkle free, then leave the rest for when I have a few more spare minutes.

  244. my favorite new tactic: pay the 4 year old to fold a load. His going rate is 20 cents a load.

  245. Katie in AZ says:

    Like you I wash a least a load a day. I hang outside as much as I can, but if life is crazy, I decided to not feel guilty if I use the dryer, even on a warm, dry day. I sort my laundry into compartments in my sorter and when one if full, it’s time to wash it.

  246. My kids put away their own clothes which has helped me tons.

  247. I have to do a load of clothes from start to finish otherwise they’ll never get saved!

  248. I like Life As Mom and Woolite on Facebook

  249. I have a basket that is exactly one load. As soon as that basket is full, I wash, dry, fold and put away. Then repeat. With two girls, I can have a pile. So I limit “clothes changes” and sometimes wear things twice if I only wore it for a short time. Towels get hung back up to dry for additional uses. I wash them once a week.

    Also, I put vinegar in a Downy ball. That way I don’t have to wait for the rinse cycle.

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