Surviving the Exhaustion of the Newborn Days

– A post from LifeasMOM contributor Lauren – It is no secret: the first days and weeks home with a newborn are pretty exhausting.  Whether you are a first-time mother or a many-times-over mother, the fatigue can take you by surprise. In those early days there is definitely not a routine yet, as the baby […]

Get Baby Announcements for Free!

Isn’t she lovely? That’s my baby who’s not really a baby anymore. And those are the leftovers of her baby announcements. I put them together on Kodak Gallery two years ago. I also ordered our Christmas cards from them that year. So far I’ve been really pleased with the products I’ve ordered from Kodak, including […]

Traveling with a Baby

Photo Source: Janel Piersma One of the things that we’ve embraced about parenting is that life is different with each season and with each new addition to our family. If you expect life to stay exactly the same, you’re going to be disappointed. However, if you go into it with the mindset that you’re on […]

What to Say to the Mom (or Dad) of a Preemie

Photo Source – A post from LifeasMOM contributor, Jessie Leigh – We’ve all been there.  There are some situations where, well, it’s just so hard to know what to say.  You want to be the person who strikes the right balance… who is supportive and attentive, but not cloying, appropriately serious, but not morbid.  It […]

Feeding Your Baby Solids (& A Giveaway from Happy Baby Food)

There is no shortage of ways and methods to feed your baby. Solids at three months? Solids at six months? One food at a time? Breast or bottle? Having now seen six children from birth to toddlerhood, I’ve tested out several methods. What I’ve learned is that what works for one kid doesn’t necessarily work […]

Staying Hydrated (& A Giveaway from Filtrete)

Photo Source One of the good habits to develop when you’re a busy mom, pregnant, nursing or otherwise, is to stay hydrated. That can be difficult when you’re being pulled in many directions with multiple demands on your time. The baby’s fussy and you find yourself a captive audience in the rocking chair. Pregnancy nausea […]

Telling Others You’re Pregnant

Sharing the news that you’re expecting a new baby can be an exciting time. When I was pregnant with my first child, we gave my father-in-law a picture frame carved sayings about grandparents. We wrapped it up and gave it to him for his birthday. He was so happy! When FishBaby FishChick2 was in utero, […]

Easy Meals for New (& Old) Moms

When there’s a new baby in the house, there is great joy, excitement, transition — and total upheaval of routines and life. Mealtime, while one of the most important aspects of running a household, can be the trickiest to manage. Baby might be fussy, mom might be tired — but ya still gotta eat. And […]