A Frozen Party Menu

Ready to let it go? How about a Frozen screening party complete with a family-friendly menu and a Frozen cake? This party menu works for birthdays and other celebrations as well. If you’ve lived on this planet for at least a month, you’re well aware that Disney recently produced a hit, animated musical. Frozen, the […]

Throw a Great Birthday Party

Birthday parties don’t need to be pint-sized gala affairs. In fact, you’d be surprised at the simple things that pack the most punch. It’s been awhile since I hosted a birthday party. You know, a real one, like with fifteen sugar-hyped kids and lots of cake and stress. And hours spent gluing tissue paper and […]

DIY Elsa Costume from Disney’s Frozen

Thrill the little girl in your life with a DIY Elsa Costume. Life as MOM contributor Janel shows you how. Be sure to check out the Anna costume tutorial as well. all photos: Janel The other day I shared how to make a DIY Anna Costume. Well, the duo is just not complete without an […]

DIY Anna Costume from Disney’s Frozen

Thrill the little girl in your life with a DIY Anna Costume. Life as MOM contributor Janel shows you how. Looking for Elsa? Here’s the Elsa Costume tutorial. all photos: Janel I’m not a professional seamstress, nor do I play one on tv. I’m just a mom with some very basic sewing skills and a […]

DIY Dress-Up Skirts

Learn how to make a simple dress-up skirt from Life as MOM contributor Janel. This is a great way to make a piece of costume when you can’t find just what you need. All photos: Janel A few years ago, my sister Jamie lent me her sewing machine for a project that I was working […]

Make Birthdays Special

Birthdays are a big deal around here. And rightly so. What a beautiful blessing a life is! I’m so thrilled to celebrate each of my children’s milestones, especially when I remember how very precious each one of them is. Celebrating a child’s birthday is a chance to remember what it is to be young again. […]

DIY Fairy Wings

Let your child’s imagination take flight with these simple DIY Fairy Wings from Life as MOM contributor Janel. photo: Janel Piersma Our family has been in transition for the last couple of months. We moved out of our rental home in Virginia, stayed with some friends for a few weeks, and are now living a […]

Summer Fun: Craft a Celebrate Banner

Ready to celebrate the advent of summer? Print out this easy Celebrate banner craft and have a decoration to use all summer long. Summer is cause for celebration. It’s a time to scale back, not worry about signing homework folders or teaching math lessons, and relax. It’s time to say YES to your kids and […]