Q&A: Can Older Women Wear Trendy Boots?

This week’s Q&A actually comes from me to you. I’m asking you for your fashion advice as regards older women and fashion trends. A month or two ago, Aerosoles sent me some boots to review. These boots. They are amazingly comfortable, exactly what I expected from the brand, known for its comfort. I love wearing […]

Maintain Your Personal Space & Your Clothes Closet (Zone Defense)

While your home may be in utter chaos around you, we’re going to take a non-traditional approach to tackling it. We’re going on Zone Defense this year. This week our zone is your closet. This month we’re tackling our first zone out of twelve. But, I’m kinda faking you out a bit. We’re gonna get […]

Putting Together a Basic Holiday Outfit

  As you know, I am not a fashionista. Not yet, anyway. But, I am determined not to let my frumpiness get the best of me. Now that I have cleaned out my closet and streamlined a few things, I feel so much better getting ready in the morning. My kids are almost big enough […]

Interview with a Fashionista: Jessica Quirk

My personal fashion journey, if we can call it that, continues as I learn how to choose the right clothes for me and to dress for success (read: feel comfortable) whether or not I leave my cave every day. Recently I had a chance to interview Jessica Quirk, fashion blogger from What I Wore as […]

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

I was pregnant with my 4th child, sitting in a McDonald’s playland, watching my older three boys play. I looked around me, eager to meet a friendly face in the new community we had moved to. The other moms were much more fashionable than I, lots of leather, make-up, and salon hair styles. Who knew […]

Use Pinterest to Find a New ‘Do

Over the years I’ve used a number of bookmarking methods. Saving the url in my browser, stumbling it, and other such means worked, but sometimes I would forget where I bookmarked it. Pinterest is different. Since it’s visually driven, I tend to remember the photo associated with the post or webpage and I am better […]

Shopping for Clothing that Works

Last week I shared my wardrobe woes with you. I’ve been on a mission practically all summer to get my wardrobe under control. There were plenty of items that didn’t fit or didn’t work for me, as well as plenty that were stained and otherwise in need of retirement. Earlier in the summer my friend […]

Wardrobe Woes

My closet and I had an argument this month. It went something like this: This green dress really is beautiful. You haven’t worn it in two years. Yes, but, it’s modest; it’s got pockets; it’s bright and cheerful. It doesn’t fit and you have no fancy shindig to go to. It was expensive. So let […]