My Planner Revealed (& a Few Free Downloads)

What do you put inside a household planner to help you manage the day to day without going crazy? Here are the planning pages that make a great household notebook. My notebook, or household planner, is like my brain on paper. I have tried different systems over the years and even gone digital with some […]

The Print & Go Planner – Track Your Days & Build a Better Life

Get organized and get going with this new printable planner, The Print & Go Planner.

How to Improve Your Life when You Don’t Know Where to Start

Want to improve your life but not sure where to start? Here are some ideas to get you moving in the right direction. photo source: Allen Goldblatt, used by license, no changes made Ever been in that place where you feel like you’re surrounded by chaos and aren’t really sure where you should start in […]

Re-Solutions: A New Look at Goal Setting and Planning

Resolutions get a bum rap, but if you think about them in a different way, as solutions to problems that you need to address once again, you’ll find that, yes, you do need to make resolutions after all. FishChick11 is very much a mini-me, both in looks and in temperament. This means that the next […]

5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself About Life

Life is full of questions. Sometimes they are important questions we need to answer so that we can make the most out of the time we’ve been given. I find that now that I’m getting a foothold on my 40s, I am starting to understand myself just a little bit more. I finally realize my […]

Goal Setting Strategies for Success

Time to get down to business! Have you done any goal setting lately? Here are some strategies to get you started and achieve success. Healthy Eating Made Easy We may be already halfway through the second month of the year, but I am, nonetheless, still a little giddy about what the year has in store. I […]

How to Create a Time Budget

A time budget helps you spend your minutes before they simply fly out the window. It readjusts how you spend your days, helping you to meet goals and be your best. I’m going to be using a time budget to meet my goals this year. But first the back story. Here we are halfway through […]

How to Set Goals You Can Keep

Inspired by all the goal setting around you, yet afraid to fail? Life as Mom contributor Prerna shows you how to set goals you can keep! This post is written by Prerna Malik. January is the month when we all get super excited about goal setting. It’s natural. It is the first month of the year […]