Grocery Geek Goes Wild

I didn’t realize that when I was placing different co-op orders that they would all converge on the same day. The same day as double ad day at Sprouts, even. It makes me sound like a hard-core shopper! I told you I was reforming my ways. But those stops were all on my list Wednesday. […]

Grocery Geek Presents: Convenience Buys & a Costco Stock-up

This past week I’ve made a concerted effort to get a handle on feeding my family “nutritious and delicious” foods that are also easy to get on the table. As I mentioned last week, we’ve shied away from a lot of the processed foods that were regular staples in our pantry a few years ago. […]

Grocery Geek: At a Crossroads

My grocery shopping adventures have met a crossroads. Tonight at dinner my boys each asked for a second hamburger. I only made eight, so that was quite impossible. They “filled up” on Sunchips and carrots. But, it gave me pause. A Growing Family My family is growing. With a husband doing manual labor most days […]

Grocery Geek: Mergers, Buy-Outs & a Pantry Challenge

You know you’re a grocery geek when you spend time researching the origins and founders of certain grocery stores and wonder if mergers and buy-outs are going to have a negative impact on your weekly shopping trip. I’m sure most people don’t give these things a second thought. But since I rely on  knowledge of […]

Grocery Geek & The Pantry Challenge

The grocery geek is back! Did you miss me? The first six months of this year were pretty crazy as I was shopping and cooking with recipe development in mind. Coupons and deals kind of sat on the back burner. So, I didn’t share much of my shopping escapades. I’m back in the saddle again, […]

The Grocery Geek is Back (with a Little Help from Her Mom)

So, while my dad gifted me and my family with an all-day eat-athon on my birthday, my mom dug me out of a hole! Not only did she do umpteenth loads of laundry and match every sock, but she also sat at the kitchen table with me clipping coupons! I had months’ worth of inserts […]

Deal Shopping During Busy Times (or Whatever Happened to the Grocery Geek?)

Some of you mentioned in my recent survey that you miss my shopping and deals posts. You’re not alone. I miss them, too. In fact, I simply miss the deal shopping. But, my schedule has gotten packed really tight this last month preparing for the end of the school year, the birthday season at our […]

Stocking Up on Produce (Grocery Geek)

This week, I made another three grocery stops. I’m trying to cut that down to one, honestly. But, I am not as organized as I want to be — or maybe it’s that I can’t foresee all the needs and wants of the week. Or maybe it’s the sales that beckon me to come get […]