Grocery Geek Presents: Final Week of Our CSA Trial

This week was rainy and busy, thus preventing me from eagerly setting forth on multiple grocery shopping expeditions. Eh, the sales were pretty lean anyway. And hubs was willing to shop for me. And shop, he did. My husband gets a prize for his cheerfulness in making multiple stops on the way home from work. […]

Grocery Geek Presents: Trying Out a CSA

Last week during our vacation, I got a chance to spend time with my friend Christina. She fed us a wonderful meal of grilled wild salmon, quinoa, and fresh vegetables from her local CSA. And we talked about everything under the sun: traveling, homeschool, and most importantly, food. Our talk left me with a burning […]

Grocery Geek Hits the Central Coast

One of my favorite places in the world is the Central Coast of California. I went to college and met FishPapa in Santa Barbara where he grew up. My sister lives just over the hill in Solvang and my father-in-law in nearby Santa Ynez. For five years we lived a little farther north from there […]

Grab Grocery University for $10

Remember when I told you how to get a crash course in couponing? A few months ago my friend Carrie created this amazing 139-minute audio series, which includes a 40-page supplemental PDF and a “rock-bottom target price list.” I was pleasantly surprised at the breadth of information and helpful hints she included in this program. […]

Grocery Geek Goes on Vacation

In anticipation of our upcoming Fall vacation, I’ve been working on using up what we’ve got in the fridge and freezer. Instead of groceries, I kept my eyes open for sales that might benefit us on our vacation. And did I score! CVS had their summer stuff on clearance, marked down by 75%! I was […]

Grocery Geek Presents: Gone Cherry Picking

No, I didn’t really go pick cherries this week. What I’m referring to is the practice of buying a few great sale items at multiple stores versus the traditional grocery trip of buying all you need at one store, whether or not it’s the best sale. Cherry picking allows me to stockpile on inexpensive items […]

Grocery Geek Presents: The Bakery Cart Was Full!

It had been a harried morning. We were late getting out the door. FishChick2 din’t want to buckle up. Kids were crabby; FishMama was very crabby. And to top it off, we were probably gonna miss all the clearance bread at the store. But, no, the Lord shined His face down on us. Despite all […]

Grocery Geek Presents: Fresh Produce for Cheap

Last weekend I cooked up a bunch of breakfasts to store in the freezer and I lately also made a bunch of marinated meats and enchiladas. So, as far as shopping is concerned, I really only need to focus on fresh produce and dairy and keep an eye out for good deals on pantry staples. […]