Sorting and Storing Kids’ Clothes (Zone Defense)

This year we’re on Zone Defense, moving room by room, tackling clutter and disorder. This month we’re closing in on the laundry room, linen closet, and clothing storage. Two weeks ago I gave you your linen closet/laundry room assignment. Last week I shared my results in tackling those two related zones. At least they’re related […]

Cleaning Out the Linen Cupboard & Laundry Room (Zone Defense)

Are you on Zone Defense with us this year? This month we’re tackling laundry rooms, linen cupboards, and clothing storage. Get in the game! So, last week, I said that we were going to clean out the laundry room and the linen cupboard, right? Confession: I didn’t really want to. Status quo has worked for […]

Zone Defense: Organizing Laundry, Clothes & Textiles

As we work through the different zones of our homes, we’re tackling clutter and disorder and make sense of our living space. This month we’re looking at clothes and textiles. Long ago, I learned the secret to happiness. Okay, it’s not really the secret to happiness, but it’s definitely a key to survival, whether you’re […]

Laundry Woes: Fighting Stains

As a Resolve® All-Stains Brand Ambassador, I’m learning a lot about fighting stains and “resolving” one of my biggest laundry woes. As you may remember, I don’t like to clean. I avoid it at all costs. Early in our marriage, hubs and I arranged a little division of labor. He would do dishes if I […]

Laundry Tips for the Potty Training Family

The following is written by LifeasMOM contributing writer, Prerna: We are in full potty-training mode at our household. Our daughter has moved to toddler underwear and while we are thrilled about her ditching the diapers, the switch has meant an additional load of laundry to deal with accidental messes and smells. In true mama spirit, I’d love […]

A No-Fuss Guide to Laundry Tools & Products

The following post is from LifeasMOM contributor, Prerna: Does the thought of tackling your laundry make you want to run and hide? Well, you aren’t alone. I’m there, running with you. Yeah, right there…a little ahead of you in fact! However, I’ve found that having a well-stocked laundry cabinet can take away some of the […]

Thinking Ahead to a Holiday Wardrobe

I confess, I am no fashionista. My sister, Jamie, has always been the one with style, while I have been the one with the frump. I am probably the last person who should be writing about wardrobes. That said, I like to know that my family has nice clothes for special occasions. I like to […]

Sock Matching and the Mystery of the Lost Socks

Where, oh where could their socks have gone? Where, oh where can they be? Singing the Sock Matching Blues Are you singing this song while you do laundry? I am. It’s an occupational hazard in “life as MOM.” Socks will go AWOL. I have this childhood memory of a huge duffle bag bulging with mismatched […]