Get Out: Letterbox

Letterbox with your family. It’s a fun and adventuresome way to get outdoors. When we first started hiking, our kids weren’t so sure it sounded particularly exciting. They were 5, 4, and 1 at the time, so they were all pretty small. There are lots of clever ideas for getting children more interested in wandering through […]

Get Out: Walk Around the Lake

A walk around the lake is a refreshing and relaxing way to get exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. About twice a month my older boys have a class which leaves me with “only” my four younger kids. For some reason, even though there are still four, it’s easier in some respects. I know, four?! […]

Get Out: Visit a National Forest or Park

Visit a National Park for fresh air, beautiful surroundings, and the great outdoors. The National Parks system is designated land, set aside by the US Government, for its preservation and enjoyment by the people. It’s also a great resource for enjoying the great outdoors with your kids. Our family has visited Cabrillo National Monument, driven […]

Get Out: Plant a Garden with Your Kids

Whether you are creating a new garden or working on an established plot, including your kids is always a good thing. Once upon a time, we had a big fenced in garden. My kids regularly followed me out there to water or harvest. In my memory, it was amazing. But, I know it was also […]

Get Out: Go Berry Picking

Berry picking is a fun and tasty way to spend some time out of doors. Years ago we took our littles berry picking for the first time. It was hot, sticky, and so much fun! I found that I couldn’t resist picking more and more. I just couldn’t quit picking. The kids couldn’t quit eating. […]

Get Out: Find a Petting Zoo

A petting zoo is a safe, fun place for kids to learn about animals up close. Plus, it gets you outside! While there is a moment of sheer terror for a toddler in a petting zoo, most of my kids, big and little, have enjoyed the experience. In fact, the last time we got up […]

Get Out: Go to the Farmer’s Market

A visit to the farmer’s market can be a delightful bit of agriculture in the middle of the city with fresh air and sunshine. Not all farmer’s markets are created equal. I’ve been to those in small towns, big cities, and quaint little French villages. Some are clearly better than others, in terms of quality, […]

Get Out: Visit the Botanical Gardens

Visiting the botanical garden in your city is a great way to learn about plants, explore the outdoors, and make a memory with your kids. My kids and I have great memories of the Botanical Gardens in Overland Park, KS. It was acres and acres of rolling hills, spacious fields, ponds, rivers, streams, and loads […]