Get Out: Draw with Sidewalk Chalk

Drawing chalk pictures is easy and fun, especially when you step outside your front door. Ever since I first saw Mary Poppings at the age of 7, I’ve been fascinated with “chalk pavement pictures.” Remember when they all jump into the pictures in that epic Disney film? Drawing on the pavement with sidewalk chalk is […]

Get Out: Play in the Water

Sunshine and water: the perfect combination. This post from Life as MOM reader, Krissa, shows how water play is a fabulous way to enjoy the outdoors and make fun memories with your kids. One of our favorite ways to play outdoors is with water. And if you live in cooler weather, no need to worry, playing […]

Get Out: Go for a Bike Ride

Not only does bike riding get you some great exercise, but it also gets you and your family outside. This month we’re chatting about ways to get out and about. Shopping doesn’t count. Nature does. Our family has had some pretty good experiences when it comes to bike riding. Our kite flying date so many years […]

Get Out: Fly a Kite

Kite flying is a wonderful way to enjoy the breezes and sunshine.  When I was a child, kites were made of paper and string. Grungy newspaper that tore and didn’t really fly very well. Visions of Mary Poppins’ children and their happy kite flying were dashed to the ground — along with my sad, homemade […]

Get Out: Build a Sand Castle or a Snow Man or a House of Sticks

Want to have a project when you step out of doors? Go build something with your kids. Some of us are not naturally comfortable in the great outdoors. I don’t know why that is. I think some of it is just habit. Some of it may be thanks to a lack of experience. When I […]

Get Out: Take a Walk

Taking a neighborhood walk is an easy way to enjoy fresh air and the great outdoors. It also affords you time to converse with your peeps and maybe meet some neighbors. One of the easiest ways to get outdoors is to simply step outside your front door. No matter the weather, a walk around the […]

Outside in 30

Get fresh air and sunshine by spending time out of doors with your children. We’ll make it a new habit together. Earlier this year I started reading Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv. I find it interesting on a number of levels. Not only does the […]