8 Ways to Be Thankful in the Midst of Busy Days

As we enter this busy season of the year, let’s make time to be thankful! Life as MOM contributor Prerna shares some ways in which we can do that. When November rolls around, I start to be more intentional about being thankful. It IS the month when we celebrate Thanksgiving and the month before Christmas […]

4 Fun Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip

Setting a budget for your family trip doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Life as MOM contributor Prerna shares some tips on how you can save money on your next trip. We recently took a cross-country trip with our 6-year old daughter to visit some family and also, just unwind after a really busy month. […]

The ONE Thing That Can Change Your Life… Forever

Want to know how to makes sense of the life you have and make the most of it? Life as MOM contributor Prerna offers a surprising perspective. I know. Pretty bold and dramatic headline, isn’t it? But trust me, reading through and doing this one thing will change your life, forever. How do I know? […]

It’s Okay NOT to Have a Summer To-do or Bucket List

Some summers call for structure. Others call for something different. Life as MOM Contributor Prerna shows us a different way to plan the summer. Summer. Ahh, the sweetness. There’s something about the warmth of the sun, the flowers blooming out in the gardens and on the trees, the sounds of kids laughing as they play […]

How to Start the Day Relaxed

Try these tips from Life as MOM contributor Prerna to help you start your day in a calm and soothing way. There’s something about Spring that infuses me with the desire to take better care of myself. You see, like most of us mamas, I know that when I’m taken care of, everyone else is […]

How to Show a Blogger You Love, Care for and Respect Them

This month, show your favorite bloggers how much you appreciate what they share day in and day out. Life as MOM contributor Prerna has some ideas on how to do just that. Valentine’s Day is in the air and whether or not you celebrate it, February is a great month to renew our love for […]

Make Your Life as MOM Calm, Peaceful, and Intentional

The new year is a chance to hit the restart button. Take some tips from Life as MOM contributor Prerna on how to infuse your life in 2014 with calm, peace, and intention. January, the month when the year’s fresh, a clean slate and we’re thinking about resolutions, goals and more to make this year […]

How to Avoid the Grass-is-Greener Syndrome During the Holidays

During the holiday season, it’s all too easy to compare ourselves to others. Get some encouragement from Life as MOM contributor Prerna to pause and soak in the simplicity of the season. Yes, 2014. I know! When did this year speed past us?! But here we are at the end of another fulfilling year and […]