How to Go Green on a Shoestring Budget

Yesterday I shared some easy ways to live a “greener” lifestyle. Today, contributing writer, Prerna Malik shares tips on how green living can save you time and money. Does going green mean tossing out all the plastic in the house and replacing it with glass or steel? Does ‘eco-friendly’  imply expensive? Will green living eat […]

How to Make Work-from-Home Work for Your Family

Moms have always “worked” at home. They just haven’t always been monetarily compensated for doing so. However, it’s becoming an ever-increasing way for families to make ends meet. Today, Life as MOM contributor, Prerna Malik shares suggestions on working from home. photo source In my last post over here at Life as Mom, I’d talked […]

Why Working at Home is Still Work

I never intended to work after my kids were born. At least not work that someone actually paid me for! Becoming a work at home mom has been a gradual process and one I’m still figuring out. Today, Life as MOM contributor, Prerna Malik shares some of her thoughts on working from home. photo source […]

Fun Ways to Get Organized as a Family

“Organization” doesn’t have to be drudgery! In fact, being organized is a wonderful way to enjoy family time more. Life as MOM writer, Prerna shares some ideas to involve the whole family in your organizing efforts. photo source Getting and staying organized is one of my major goals this year. Honestly, I’ve always thought of […]

Why Gift Giving Can Be Good for Kids

Giving and receiving gifts can be important life lessons for children. Life as MOM contributor Prerna explains how. It’s the holiday season and there’s a lot of shopping happening. However, I hear a lot these days about teaching kids to be frugal by restricting the number of gifts they get or by cutting out gifts […]

Laundry Tips for the Potty Training Family

The following is written by LifeasMOM contributing writer, Prerna: We are in full potty-training mode at our household. Our daughter has moved to toddler underwear and while we are thrilled about her ditching the diapers, the switch has meant an additional load of laundry to deal with accidental messes and smells. In true mama spirit, I’d love […]

Get Organized to Welcome Unexpected Guests

The following post is from LifeasMOM contributor, Prerna: We’ve all had those moments. Doorbell rings, we open the door, only to be faced with a totally unexpected guest or guests, yelling, “Surprise!” And while you stand there with the goofy smile, your thoughts race to the living room that is a disaster, the bathroom that’s been […]

Why Dishwashing by Hand Can be a Fun Choice

The following is a post from LifeasMOM contributor, Prerna: Washing the dishes by hand has been my favorite part of housekeeping. When I got married, my mother-in-law thought I was crazy sicne each night I would happily and enthusiastically jump at the chance of doing the dishes. Yes, that’s how much I love playing with […]