The Forgotten Accessories for Home and Away

Accessories can transform an outfit. Life as MOM contributor Rena has some recommendations on how to accessorize in style. Be sure to pack a few in your suitcase for your next trip. Accessorizing is the best way to fancy up an outfit or to easily change an outfit from day to night. But often when […]

Deep Condition Your Hair with Coconut Oil

Is your hair feeling a bit dry? Life as MOM contributor Rena shows you how you can deep condition it with coconut oil. My hair sometimes gets dry and brittle and needs a little extra attention. When this happens, I deep condition it with coconut oil. It’s cheap and easy to do. All you need […]

How to Make the Best Out of Your Visit to the Salon

Make the most out of your next trip to the salon. Everyone loves going to the salon and being pampered. Sometimes though, it’s overwhelming and terrifying going in for a new cut or color. Here are some tips on making your visit to the salon a satisfying experience. 1. Use Pinterest or magazines for inspiration. […]

How to Curl Your Hair in 5 Minutes

Not blessed with curly hair? Life as MOM contributor¬†Rena¬†shares some tips on how to curl your hair in 5 minutes. Now this post will seem silly to all you curly-haired ladies out there, but learning this little trick has revolutionized my morning routine. I love how I look with curly hair, but it always takes […]

What to Wear in the Months after Having a Baby

Life as MOM contributor Rena shares some tips on how to look your best after pregnancy. After you’ve had a baby, you hope to get right back to your old wardrobe, since it’s been so long since you’ve worn anything but maternity clothes. Unfortunately your body won’t bounce right back. Victoria Secret models who wear […]

How to Shop on Instagram

Do you enjoy browsing pictures on Instagram? Do you like to shop online? Life as MOM contributor Rena offers some tips on how you can shop on Instagram. I was in love with Instagram at first sight. It combined my love of photography and social media, but left no room for snarky comments. But then […]

6 Easy Hairstyles to Do While Running Out the Door

Need a quick hairdo for busy mornings? You don’t have to go with the messy ponytail — unless you want to. Life as MOM contributor, Rena, shows you some easy ‘do’s for the on-the-go mom. I know how it is to run out of the house and realize that you haven’t brushed your hair…or your […]

Tips to Dress Your Best During Pregnancy

One of our Life as MOM Contributors is expecting! We haven’t had a baby in these here parts for awhile. Yay! Today, Rena, our fashionista shares her tips for dressing your best during pregnancy. 1. Belts are your best friend. Some maternity shirts or dresses don’t have darts or are hemmed so that they are […]