Dress for Spring

As Spring gets into a groove, cold weather clothes need to make room for some lighter and brighter duds. Remember those sandals and dresses that have been languishing in your closet? Well, it’s time to bust them out. In fact, changing your mode of dress can help knock you out of late winter doldrums. I […]

Win a Year’s Subscription to AboutOne

With Spring comes tax time. (Ouch! I can’t stand this part about Spring.) And since I haven’t quite tackled all my paper clutter, I put off my tax prep as long as possible. In fact, I just got it all together this past weekend. Here’s to some new habits in handling paper, bills, and accounting […]

No More Scrunchies!

Springtime is here — and it’s cause for celebration! The weather is warming up, the sun shines a little longer each day, and the days just say, “Come out and play.” It’s time to put your hair up and get out and about. I was stunned when my friend Jen said that scrunchies were “out.” […]

5 Ways to Have a Great Date Night

D Sharon Pruitt Date Night is a term thrown around a lot in pre-marital counseling and marriage seminars. In some circles it’s touted as the cure-all for all your relationship woes. Unfortunately, we’ve known couples who always had a regular “date night” and still ended up in divorce court. Cure-all it is not. However, date […]

Be Prepared for Emergencies

photo source You’ve no doubt seen the devastation that has rippled its way through Japan. In other parts of the world, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding have wreaked havoc on the inhabitants there. Natural disasters are an unfortunate part of life. And springtime brings that to mind. I remember when we lived in Kansas the […]

Be Nice to Your Feet

Springtime is here! And with the change of the season, comes a breath of fresh air — literally. The weather, at least in most areas, is starting to mellow. The harsh cold is starting to dissipate. And the new season just beckons you to come outside. And slip off your shoes! But, months of being […]

Celebrating Spring

Hold onto your hats, friends! Spring is here and with it, comes a whirlwind of giveaways. Pop in every day for inspiration to make the most of your life as MOM as well as daily giveaways and then some in this week’s Spring Celebration. Our Spring Celebration includes: Be Kind to Your Feet (& a […]