Denver Scramble Makes for a Great Breakfast

The Denver Scramble is an easy, filling breakfast. Ham, onions, and peppers are tucked into pillows of scrambled eggs for a dish that’s just as good as the namesake omelet, but a lot quicker. Yum! When I was growing up, my parents made omelets often on the weekends, especially in the summer. Mom would chop […]

Whole 30 Planning and Preparation

I’m changing my diet around for a month, hoping to beat some of my sugar cravings. Here’s how I’m planning and preparing for a Whole 30.

30 Recipes for a Whole 30

Interested in taking the Whole 30 Challenge? Here are 30 family-friendly, budget-minded recipes that will help you pull it off. About a year ago when my chronic hip pain was giving me fits, I decided to bite the bullet. I did a Whole 30, a 30-day elimination diet and nutritional reset to see if there […]

What I Learned on My Whole 30

So, in case you hadn’t heard, I recently finished “a Whole 30” – a type of whole foods, elimination diet, where one abstains from soy, sugar, dairy, gluten, grain, and alcohol for thirty days in order to reset the body and find out if some foods don’t really agree with you. I started it on […]

Protein-Style Dinners (FREE Downloadable Freezer Cooking Plan)

Fill the freezer with a number of protein-rich meals to help pull dinners together in a snap. This freezer cooking plan shows you how. Last weekend I had the chance to give a talk about freezer cooking techniques as well as sign a bunch of cookbooks. It was quite a lot of fun. The event […]