Take 12 Days to Have a Renewed You

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Christmas is the start of something new. Wanna put on a new you?


Are you feeling wore out? Did 2014 take its toll? Are you ready for a do-over?

Me, too, sister. This past year has definitely been filled with amazing activities and triumphs, but it’s also been peppered with hard experiences, sicknesses, and failure. You win some and you lose some, right?

The beauty of Christmas is that it commemorates when Christ came to Earth to live — and die — and ultimately give us new life.

New Life

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that New Year’s follows Christmas. We get a chance to redo and renew our lives in earthly ways.

Since my husband’s work closes down for the holidays, I’m looking forward to a few restful days, basking in that Christmas to New Year’s break and getting a fresh start in 2015. Coming off the flu and a very busy year like I am, I am more than ready to rest and renew.

In anticipation of a new year and a new start, I’ve developed a new 12 days series that I hope will help both you and me. Each day in the series will present a new challenge or practice to work into your life to renew you and make you feel ready for a new year of life as MOM.

Since it starts on the 25th and runs for 12 days, consider it a different kind of 12 days of Christmas. While there won’t be gifts from your true love, going through the series can be a gift to yourself if you think through each of the activities and spend just 30 minutes implementing it.

Join me for a brief moment each morning to think about 12 ways we can renew our hearts and minds and and lives so that we can enter 2015 fresh and ready for whatever life sends our way.

Unplug {Day 1 to a Renewed You}

Box It Up, Move It Out {Day 2 to a Renewed You}

Create a Capsule Wardrobe {Day 3 to a Renewed You}

Plan to Eat Well {Day 4 to a Renewed You}

Read More Good Books {Day 5 to a Renewed You}

Pamper Your Body {Day 6 to a Renewed You}

Look Back and Rejoice {Day 7 to a Renewed You}

Dream Big Dreams {Day 8 to a Renewed You}

Clean Up Your Financial House {Day 9 to a Renewed You}

Set Up Your Days for Success {Day 10 to a Renewed You}

Start an Exercise Regimen {Day 11 to a Renewed You}

Start a Routine of Rest and Worship {Day 12 to a Renewed You}

You in?

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  1. I firmly believe the Lord sends us what we need when we need it. YOU BETTER BELIEVE I’M IN!