Take a Deep Breath and Give Thanks

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Lately, I’ve been in a scattered season. Like the papers and stuff strewn about my desk, so are my thoughts. There’s so much to do. So little time. And I don’t want to waste a minute.

It’s hard sometimes to find a beginning, let alone an end. Where do I start?

Part of me wants to give in. Let the messes pile up. Part of me wants to bustle about. Get this place shipshape, no matter what. I vacillate from order to chaos and back again.

Yet, today won’t come again, will it? And we both know that we can’t get everything done on the to-do list. And so the answer is what?

Enjoy the season you’re in. Enjoy the new beginnings that God gives us every day. Take a deep breath and give thanks.

Thanks for a desk to make messy. Thanks for children to play with. Thanks for a monster movie to watch with my family. Thanks for phones to talk on. Thanks for a husband to talk with.

Thanks for a God who loves me.

What can you give thanks for today?

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  1. Thanks so much for this article. You and I are one in the same right now! I read this on my way to church. I left dishes in the sink and laundry to be folded and put away. I took a deep breathe and now I’m awaiting what God has to say to me today! Enjoy your day:)

  2. I needed to read that. Thank you so much.

    I can give thanks for having God believe and trust me with all 5 of my kids, one with special needs, because it has been a rough week and the article hit home for me 🙂

  3. Thanks for this, Jessica. Well said! I needed to hear this. Each day only comes once. The papers will wait but our family doesn’t. We’ll keep working at them, of course, but we just have to take a deep breath and do the next thing.

  4. You can’t begin to know how much I needed this today. For a month now we have been caring for my husband’s grandfather who only has months to live. I decided today to let myself off the hook for the unfinished school lessons because of the extra responsibilities. We are going to make the most of our time with him, enjoy our summer without guilt and start fresh in the fall. Thanks for the reminder to stop and give thanks.

  5. Thank you for your words of encourgement. I have a 22 month old and a 6 week old and its hard to be thankful when I get overwhelmed. Your blogs are an encouragement. I look forward to reading them. I admire how organized you are, but then again I guess that comes from experience. I am still a newby. I am thankful that you are able to share your experiences. It is truly a blessing.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! (Don’t go thinking that I am super organized or something. I am still figuring this out with you.)

  6. Thank you for a great and timely post. I’m adjusting to three kids (4, 2, and 6 weeks) and trying to figure out what is more important….clean kitchen or time outside with the kids and other similar decisions.

  7. Reading everyone’s comments…it’s obviously a woman thing!! I’m all over the board in my outlook on my to-do lists, my schedule, my priorities, just like everyone else, and it’s reassuring that others are there to connect with. My family of 5 kids is in transition: One is getting married, one just graduated from our home school, and three are growing quickly toward those milestones. It’s busy and sad and happy and frightening, and I’m trying not to be anxious as I anticipate the empty nest. Thanks, Jessica, for giving us a way to share and laugh and cry together!