Take a Nap

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Take a nap, be refreshed.

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This past summer, I started taking naps. Thanks to this post from Michael Hyatt, I decided to give it a try.

What I realized was that I had previously misapplied naptime technique. I only took naps when I had three hours to spare. And then, I usually woke up groggy and wanting to sleep longer. I was usually frustrated rather than refreshed.

Reading the article and then testing it out, I learned that 20 minutes of quiet rest does more for me than those three hour marathon naps.

This video explains how naps work. It’s worth a gander.

Understanding the science of a nap is so helpful.

What I do is set my timer for 25 minutes, shortly after lunchtime. I ask the kids to be somewhat quiet and then I try to snooze. I have found that even if I don’t actually sleep for the full 25 minutes, I am more refreshed than if I had drunk a cup of coffee.

I often lie down somewhere on the main floor. This prevents me from sleeping too deeply and also encourages the kids to be quieter. I also noticed that the more often I do it, the easier it is to fall asleep quickly.

Regular napping has done more to boost my energy levels and help me enjoy the afternoon and evening than anything I’ve ever done. It’s been weeks since naps have been a regular part of my daily routine, but it’s another habit that I’m working this week to reinstitute. You should give it a try.

Taking a nap is a great way to stop and smell the roses.

The days are long, but the years are short. I don’t want to miss them! For more short and sweet ideas on how to stop and smell the roses, to enjoy the little things in life, check out my 31 Days to Smell the Roses series.

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  1. Just have to say that my son has that same sheet set….

    I work a weekend package RN position so Mondays and Fridays are the days I typically try to nap. Mondays helps me catch up from the weekend and Friday helps me squeeze in a bit that I will miss. Helps me get through the weekend 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip, I might just have to start trying that! It’s so easy to become burnt out as a Mum. I’ve never been able to sleep during the day though (even in the newborn stage) because I always wake up feeling worse then when I went down. Perhaps a 20min power nap might solve that – I’m happy to give it a go 🙂

    1. It has to be short! It’s very tempting to sleep longer, but you have to fight it.

  3. I am 46 and have been taking 20-30 min naps since college. My wise grandma taught me to do this. The best way for a natural sleep rhythm is to take the nap 7 hours after you get up in the morning and making sure its short or it will make you feel awful and disrupt your sleep at night. It renews me for the whole day and I am a much better mother and wife for it. In this society its hard to admit you take naps but when it comes up I tell the full benefits of it!

  4. Yep, 20 minute naps are just perfect. I figured this out when I was ill for a few years. I’d take a nap after breakfast, mid morning, after lunch, mid afternoon, etc. But each of them needed to be only 20-30 minutes and I’d be able to function, sort of, in between naps.

    Now that I’m well, I nap most afternoons. I set the timer for 30 minutes, read my Bible chapters, and drift off. Almost always I wake up ready to face the afternoon. If not, I’ll let myself doze a few more minutes and then get up and remember to go to bed early that night.

    It’s one of the best time investments there is!

    1. I found that I can actually get a lot more done (becuase I work faster and harder) when I do take a short nap. You might give it a try. 🙂

  5. I totally agree! I have been taking a daily power nap (10-25 minutes) for around 11 years now. I had good examples in this habit as my parents do this as well. However when I would try napping in my college years it was always horrible because I would sleep to long. Unless you are sick a long nap is hardly ever good for anybody from what I have heard. Since I figured out that I needed to set an alarm (and I do- every day!) naps are great for me. I have found myself to be far more happy, energetic and productive in the afternoons and evenings since I take naps.

    How we work the schedule at our house is that after lunch we do a bunch of reading together and then everybody (we homeschool) has “nap” time. All of my kids are now past the sleeping stage but they read/look at books. My bookworms love it. We have this quiet time for an hour and everybody stays on their bed. I spend time reading and once and a while I do stuff on the computor for part of the time and then I have my 20 minute nap.

  6. I wish so much that I could take naps. I work a swing shift 2 weeks 1st shift, 2 weeks on 2nd shift. We work overtime every day so I never know what time I will ever been getting home. When I am on 1st shift I only get 4-5 hours of sleep, when I am on 2nd shift I over do it and sleep the whole day away getting 8-10 hrs of sleep. Either way I am extremely tired, have no energy, and feel groggry all of the time.