Take the Scotch-Brite Bathroom Challenge

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Recently Scotch-Brite contacted me to see if I would be willing to give their bathroom cleaning tools a trial run. Well, seeing as I am Bathroom-Cleaning Challenged, I said, “Absolutely.”

I need all the help I can get!

Up until this point, I had been extremely resistant to purchasing any cleaning tools. My arsenal was limited to some random cleaners that I’ve purchased over time and paper towels or rags with the occasional retired kitchen sponge thrown in for good measure. But since I really hate cleaning bathrooms, I was happy to try out a few new bathroom cleaning tools and hopefully get some renewed motivation.

Honestly, some of these tools have me wowed. I especially liked the Non-Scratch Angled Scrubber, the Streak-Free Mirror Cloth, and the Absorbent Counter Cloth.

  • The scrubber really did do what it promised, get that grime out from around the fixtures and behind the faucet.
  • I was able to wash my mirrors simply with vinegar and the mirror cloth, and they just shined. Gonna get me another one, though. I guess we have too many bathrooms and the cloth was wet before I finished my bathrooms.
  • The counter cloth is good for a number of surfaces besides counters and picks up hair like nobody’s business. I hate wiping around the toilets where all that dust just wants to stick. This cloth made it super easy to clean. And to give it a comparison test, I cleaned the next bathroom with regular cleaning rags and these blue guys were the clear winners. I have it on my list to pick up a few more counter cloths so that I can have some strictly for counters and some for cleaning the toilet base and floors. (I don’t like

I really don’t like spending money on cleaning, but I know that the right tools really can make your work pleasurable.

Would you like to win a set of the new Scotch-Brite Bathroom Solutions tools?

Tell us your biggest cleaning challenge in the comments section below.

Giveaway will be open until 8 pm, PST on Sunday, May 2nd. Winner to be chosen at random.

Disclosure: I received the above cleaning tools for review purposes but was not compensated to review them or to post this giveaway. My opinions are my own.

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  1. I would love to win this awesome giveaway! My biggest cleaning challenge is probably the day to day stuff. I often have the “I’ll do it in the morning” mentality, and sooner or later (usually sooner) things just pile up!

  2. Jenny Zadnik says:

    My biggest challenge is the knobs on the stove. A lot of yuck gets in between there. Ugh.

    You know, I have another one, too (cleaning is just a challenge for me!) – the baseboards of the house. They get veerrrry dusty and grimey and I forget all about them untilo it’s far too noticeable!

    • @Jenny Zadnik, We took our baseboards off for a project and two years later, we haven’t put up new ones! I painted floor to ceiling so you can’t tell that there’s something missing. It looks like we planned it that way. 🙂

      I love not having to clean them!

  3. Sheryl F. says:

    My biggest cleaning challenge is my chidrens bathroom. My 5 year son has tooth paste everywhere.

  4. My biggest challenge is cleaning the tubs/showers–I dread doing it.

  5. My biggest challenge is the kids’ rooms. I usually clean when they’re napping, so I never get to their rooms.

  6. I hate cleaning the shower; I put it off as long as possible. But I would love to win all these neat items to help make cleaning easier.

  7. My 4 children share a bathroom and it already needs to be cleaned 14 minutes after I clean it! New tools MAY ease my pain!

  8. The bathroom offers it own unique challenges! The shower is a bit intimidating and trying to get around and behind the fixtures can be extremely time consuming.

  9. The bathrooms are a challenge for me as well! I lack the motivation to clean them as often as they really need to be done with four kids, one of which is potty training! 🙂

  10. I too am bathroom challenged… we have 2.5 and I dread cleaning them. They are beautiful rooms (if a bathroom can be beautiful) but the thought of scrubbing them makes me satisfied with leaving them grimy for awhile.

  11. Oh…the dread and fear of having to clean the showers/tubs. The bathroom was my “chore” when I was a kid and the 12-year-old brat in me just wants to scream at the top of my lungs, “Nooooo” everytime I have to clean them.

    I’m short therefore I need a step stool to clean in the shower.

    I try to do sections everyday…but I often forget.

    Those tools look really cool. We have a “hair” problem in our bathroom. I just added the cloths to my shopping list.

  12. My biggest challenge is also the bathroom, the one the “men” in our house mainly use. How they can “miss” the toilet or “junk up” the sink so much is beyond me. Totally gross.

  13. I really don’t like cleaning the bathtub either, but my least favorite chore of all is mopping the kitchen floor. It’s such a big project, moving everything out, etc., because our kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and walk-in pantry are all connected, so I actually have to sweep and mop the equivalent of 4 rooms!

  14. Bathrooms are definitely my biggest challenge. Just don’t like cleaning them!

  15. My biggest cleaning challenge is the glass doors in our shower. I have to do it regularly or we have horrible build-up. I could clean it every day and it still wouldn’t look fresh.

  16. My biggest cleaning challenge is mopping my kitchen/dining room floor. I just hate doing it – I wish I could find a way to make it more fun.

  17. My boys’ bathroom drives me nuts. Between the toothpaste and well, them just being boys it is my least favorite place to clean.

  18. Deborah K. says:

    In TX we have hard water, so hard water stains/build up around fixtures, in the tub and in the sink are usually a problem. I would like to try the tool that you mentioned that helped you clean around the fixtures.

  19. My biggest challenge is the toilet. I would love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. My biggest challenge is just cleaning the bathroom. I am nine months pregnant and dread having to do it every week..I would love to try some products that would make my life easier and fast once the new baby comes!

  21. Definitely the children’s bathroom. I will be so happy when those boys learn to aim…

  22. I have acouple housecleaning jobs and don’t really mind cleaning, so don’t feel like I have alot of challenges, but the tiny bathroom next to our bedroom is probably the one I dislike cleaning the most. My husband is the one that uses it the most and it can get abit gunky with bristles etc. You know, guy stuff! Would love to win this!

  23. My biggest challenge is the bathrooms. I put them off way too long as I always dread cleaning them.

  24. I really dislike cleaning the toilets. I don’t let them get yucky, but it still grosses me out.

  25. Im bathroom cleaning challenged as well. I keep the one company sees clean, but mine and the kids’? Well that’s a different story…

  26. Tara LaPierre says:

    My biggest challenge is getting all the gunk from behind the toilet and in the inner lip of the toilet seat.

  27. My biggest cleaning challenge is the downstairs “boys” bathroom….argh! 😉

  28. My biggest challenge is just keeping the house semi-tidy and free of toys and the kids’ (and husbands) stuff. I feel like I’m always shifting things out of one room and into another. I try the big basket at the end of the day, but it gets so tiring that I usually end up putting a basket on one of the couches, fill it up for a few days then the whole family pitches in to redistribute the items to their own place.

  29. My biggest challenge is the bathrooms, the toilets in particular. With four men in the house, that area needs to be cleaned daily. I’d love to have these tools to make my job easier.

  30. My biggest cleaning challenge is dog hair! It’s everywhere!

  31. My kid’s bathroom. I hate to even go in there.

  32. My biggest cleaning challenge in the bathroom is that area right under the rim of the toilet. Yuck!

  33. I hope I win! I NEED This!! My biggest challenge is our master bath. It’s upstairs, and after I’m dressed and ready for the day, I don’t go back in there unil it is time for bed. I honestly forget that it needs cleaned until bedtime!

  34. My biggest cleaning challenge is the grout in between the tiles of our shower. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Very hard to keep clean!

  35. I can’t stand cleaning the tub. I could really use the expendable bath and shower cleaner since the one I had been using has been discontinued.

  36. My biggest cleaning challenge is the corner of the floor behind the toilet. There just isn’t an easy way to get at it without draping yourself over the toilet! Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. I find that in any room if I am not organized and clutter free I will not clean. I feel like what is the point to have a clean house when you can see all the clutter around you! Obviously bathrooms and vacuuming get done, but I’m not motivated to do more unless I am orgazined first!

  38. Melissa G says:

    Awesome giveaway! My biggest bathroom challenge is our shower!

  39. Oh, shower doors are my nemesis….I hate them as much as you can an inanimate object!

  40. Kristin S says:

    My biggest challenge is floors. They always seem to be last on my list & often don’t get done.

  41. Definitely the shower.

  42. My biggest challenge is finding the motivation to start cleaning…after that it is cleaning the tile & grout in the bathtub.

  43. Ugh — our kitchen floor! I’m resigned to just ‘disinfect the dirt’ when I mop it…it never actually looks clean.

  44. My biggest cleaning challenge is the tiled shower stall.

  45. My biggest challenge is the windows. We have a house from the 70’s and we have wooden windows and then metal storm windows and then screens of course. We live in the country and it is pollen season and they look really bad! It is the ONE thing that I would pay a cleaning lady to do.

  46. My biggest challenge is the corner of floor near the tub that always looks grungy. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  47. Would be all of the hair in the bathroom as with 3 girls and two cats it seems to be neverending!!

  48. I have a bad back (I am forever pulling out my lower back muscles) and so a friend gave me that thing on the pole a few years back and it changed my life! I never have pinky mold hiding in the crevices of my shower shall anymore.

    I would love to try the rest of their products, because seriously, the right tools can change the job dramatically.

    ndisilvio @ gmail .com

  49. We are temporarily renting while my husband finishes up his PhD(our home sold much faster than we were expecting!), and we’re preparing for a cross-country move. My biggest challenge in this rental is (going to be) cleaning the windows–they are the old aluminum storm style, and the landlord hasn’t maintained or cleaned them very well. Lots of crevices and years of built-up grime inside them!

  50. I have several cleaning challenges. I have 3 boys, 2 dogs, and 1 hubby. We have 4 bathrooms to try to keep tidy. 3 boys make for a lot of yucky toilet cleaning if you know what I mean. I also do not enjoy cleaning our big bathtub in the master bath. My arms are not long enough to reach all the way across. I have to get in the tub to clean it. I will check this out before buying our next home. Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. I hate cleaning the tub! But, my biggest challenge is getting the dog hair up.

  52. My biggest cleaning challenge is the bathroom. We have one bathroom for a family of six. We have three boys (need I say more) and our daughter has long hair. It doesn’t stay clean for long!

  53. I have to agree with the bathrooms being my biggest challenge. I especially dread the boys bathrooms!

  54. I have one really small bathroom that has a lot of tight corners–that scrub brush sounds like just what I need. Plus, my husband is a hairy guy 🙂 I love him, but I don’t love cleaning up all the hair in the bathroom! I’d love to try out the cloth!

  55. My biggest challenge is hand washing dishes…I hate it!

  56. I have such a hard time keeping my shower door and walls clean. They’re all glass and a pain. I would love these products. Thanks for the giveaway, hope to win 🙂

  57. The biggest challenge – the tubs! I hate them! I want to win! 🙂

  58. Jennifer Ott says:

    Let’s see…a young boy who is trying to go potty like a man, a girl who is just getting the hang of the potty thing, and a newly preggo mom leaning over the toilet most of the day when not chasing the 2-year-old… I’d say my biggest challenge is to stop getting sick in the bathroom long enough to clean it! I’d love some tools to make it easier…because, believe me, it needs frequent cleaning!

  59. My biggest challenge is remembering what worked and what didn’t. I really dread cleaning… 🙂

  60. my biggest cleaning challenge is time. I can never seem to find enough of it to get ahead in cleaning.

    Also, the toilets. Because of our well water, they can turn brown in a day with iron.

  61. My biggest cleaning challenge is definitely the bathroom series: tub, shower, toilet, counter, mirror, sinks, floor. I can’t think of anything about it that is easy or enjoyable. But these tools certainly make me start to believe that it doesn’t have to be as torturous!

  62. Bathrooms are a challenge– with 5 boys someone is always making a mess!

  63. I always have a hard time getting the “green stuff” off my faucets. I will definitely pick up one of those sponges next time I am at the store.

  64. the ladybugs that invade our house. i don’t really mind them, but if i just vacuum and then find more dead ones an hr later… well, that’s not so fun.

    and cleaning up hair in the bathroom. ewe gross

  65. I would love to try them out.

  66. Our challenge is cleaning the floor behind the toilet. It’s a very tight area, but you can see EVERYTHING!

  67. I avoid cleaning our master shower until it is unavoidable.

  68. Definitely the shower. Ugh!

  69. My biggest cleaning challenge is our master bathroom. Since no one sees it when we have people over, it tends to be the last thing on the list to clean.

  70. My biggest challenge is up keep. I will go through and really clean but instead of doing little “swish and swipes” I wait for things to get really grimy before I deal with them again.

  71. We have hard water and b/c of that get a lot of nasty buildup in our showers…it is the worst!

  72. My biggest problem is getting it done. I don’t like cleaning bathrooms, so I gladly let other things get in the way of getting it done!

  73. My biggest cleaning challenge is our bathtub. Its awkward and it never shines like I’d like it to.

  74. dishes, i hate doing dishes with a burning passion… i am not sure why, i even have a dishwasher, but i will put them off as long as i can.. i will go scrub a toilet to delay dealing with dirty dishes

  75. My biggest challenge is keeping it up. It seems never ending sometimes. Oh, and the grime around the faucet. Yuck!


  76. My biggest challenge, currently, is trying to maneuver my big pregnant belly to get the cleaning done! Sometimes you just can’t bend over as far as you need to to reach all the spots that need cleaning! And with a 2 year old that loves to get things dirty, there is a lot of cleaning to be done!

  77. My biggest cleaning challenge is keeping up with the dirty dishes. Sadly, its enough of a hassle that it dampens my enthusiasm for cooking. I mean, do I really want that triple layer double chocolate cake with gooey chocolate butter cream frosting enough to warrant the dishes involved??

  78. My biggest cleaning challenge is the clutter that takes over my whole house. Papers, papers, papers … all end up piling on the table and I don’t want to put them away and the piles just get worse and worse.
    Someday, I’ll learn! 😉

  79. Toilets. Oh how I hate to scrub the toilets.

  80. The boys bathroom. With a 10 yr old and a 4 yr old sharing a bathroom I dread gong into it. Bring on the rubber gloves!!!! If there were tools to help get this job done easier that would be such a blessing.

  81. Bathrooms are my weakness too. My boys used to clean the bathrooms but, there all too busy with there lives now.


  82. My biggest cleaning challenge is coming up quickly. Moving from an apartment to my first house. Whole house and whole apartment will need to be cleaned. What a chore! Great giveaway!

  83. we have trouble with mildew on our tub grout….would love to solve this issue once and for all! 🙂

  84. I admit it, I hate cleaning the bathroom especially around the bottom of the toilet. The townhouse we just moved into has 4, yes 4! toilets. So that is my new challenge, keeping all those toilets clean.

  85. I could really use this!! 🙂

  86. I hate all of the hair in the bathroom! I can sweep and mop the floors and the next day you can’t tell I did anything. Thanks for giving me some new product ideas to try.

  87. My biggest challenge is the bathroom. With a almost 3 year old who has learned to use the potty that room is never clean and has too many germs for my liking. It seems it can never stay clean.

  88. My biggest challenge is the tub…I never feel like it is all the way clean. It drives me nuts scrubbing and scrubbing until my arm feels like its going to fall off!

  89. My challenge….the tub/shower. I can never ever get them clean enough. Hoping I win so I can give their cleaning tools a shot & make my life a bit easier. Not too much to ask for is it? 🙂

  90. ~*~Stephanie ~*~ says:

    I would most definitely say the bathroom… the shower/tub more than anything. I am crazy short… so cleaning the upper part of the shower doors (on the inside) is harder than anything… but in general I find that to be the hardest part to clean in the house is the bathroom!

  91. We have a black lab who sheds like crazy so there is dog hair clinging to everything! Yuck! Plus my little ones manage to cover as many surfaces as possible with toothpaste. I really think that some great tools that really work and do the jobs I need them to do would help me to keep up with the bathroom mess better instead of waiting until it gets completely out of hand!

  92. My biggest challenge is my 6 year old’s bathroom. He’s 6 & a boy. Enough said! I really want to get some of those Counter Cloths. My boy is good about helping clean (well sometimes!) and I’d feel good about letting him use one of those instead of being around chemicals in so many other products.

  93. I live with 3 men, in a 3 bathroom house (hubby and 2 sons). Keeping the toilets clean is a challenge. Like you, I hate cleaning around the bottoms of the toilets-yuck!

  94. My biggest cleaning challenge is, without a doubt, anything that has to do with grout. My bathroom is the worst because it doesn’t have a window and doesn’t have an exhaust fan, so it is mildew’s promised land. I long for clean white grout and shiny tiles…

  95. Natalie Ruschak says:

    My biggest challenge is cleaning the edges of the floor. The tile there looks dirty unless I get on my hands and knees and scrub it with an old toothbrush, something I hate doing!

  96. My biggest cleaning problem is the bathroom counters, they just don’t stay clean. They are original to the house and have lost their shine, so they tend to get grimey as soon as you clean them.

  97. I hate cleaning my bathroom too these would help so much

  98. Ack….I need to pick just one area where I am cleaning challenged? LOL! I would love to win this! I think I am most challenged in dusting. The dust just sneaks up on me!!!

  99. Leah Kelley says:

    My biggest challenge is cleaning the tub. I’m almost 5 months pregnant and bending over is such a pain.

  100. The kitchen floor is my dreaded chore. Two toddlers casue the foor to be covered with all sorts of stick, crummy, slimmy yuck! 🙂

  101. Keeping my all white kitchen spotless! I’m forced to always keep on top of the cleaning in there to make sure it doesn’t look completely disgusting after a few days, it’s probably good I have to be diligent about it though.

  102. I would just love to win this giveaway! My biggest cleaning challenge is cleaning my walls, when they build this house they textured the walls!

  103. Oh, I would love these cleaning items. My biggest challenge is getting the soap scum buildup off our shower. I really need to get a better brush!

  104. I hate to clean our tubs and showers. I do not mind the toliets and the sinks, but trying to clean that tub just kills your back, especially when you are pregnant (good excuse to have hubby do it)!

  105. My biggest challenge would have to be the stuff that happens all the time, but never quite makes the list of things that need to be cleaned. Things like grimy handprints around the door knobs and on the doors where we push them closed, and the baseboards. Seriously, where does all the dust come from???

  106. I have a hard time cleaning the shower doors and of course getting the tub to be as clean as I would like it.

  107. Me and bathrooms just don’t get along. I always worry I am missing something, and never feel it is really clean. Thanks!!

  108. Definitely the tub/showers. I’m just too short to reach into every nook and cranny.

  109. My biggest cleaning challenge is the bathroom! UGH! The bathtub is never ending and hurts my back to clean it! And having two boys makes for cleaning behind the toilet a necessity. Again, hurting my back to get back there!

  110. The challenge is finding the time to do it.

  111. I hate cleaning bathrooms and my biggest challenge is cleaning them. With two toddlers, I always feel that the bathrom isn’t clean enough.

  112. My biggest cleaning challenge is the shower. I just hate to scrub the shower floor, and the tiles, and the glass doors too.

  113. Michelle K says:

    I also despise cleaning the bathrooms. We have 2 1/2 and it’s 2 1/2 too many to clean for me! I’d love some new tools to help me “enjoy” the process more than I do now! thanks!

  114. My biggest challenge–finding the motivation to start a job–once I get going I normally don’t hate cleaning (except the toilet!)–well I guess I enjoy the cleanness–not really the cleaning!
    I would love to win this because living in the country (with a truck driving/mechanic husband and two little girls) my bathroom gets really gross!

  115. My biggest cleaning challenge is folding and putting away my laundry. It will sit in my basket for a week before I even think about folding it.

  116. I think my biggest cleaning challenge is our master bath shower door. There is just no way to get in all the nooks and crannies and I find it sooooooo annoying! Plus I really hate cleaning the shower anyway!

  117. My biggest cleaning challenge is procrastination. I am a clutter bug, and I put off clearing away clutter. Then I can’t see all the surfaces that need cleaning. Eek- Gotta work on that!

  118. my biggest cleaning issue is the hood above my stove seems you have to be made of rubber to bend to get that clean . the other one is my glass shower , the tracks the glass sits in …………always hard to get in there .

  119. My biggest cleaning challenge is wanting to use reusable rags/wipes on toliets but, getting grossed out thinking about tossing them in with the wash.

  120. My biggest cleaning challenge is my shower in our 3/4 bath! It has an all glass surround and our hard water is just terrible on it! I am just baffled as of how to get it clean! I’ve tried everything!!!

  121. Abigail Berthold says:

    My biggest challenge would be that I run out of time in the day to get it all done. With a 5 month old and a hubby plus working full time there is never enough time in the day. Last week I set my self a limit of 1 hour to get stuff done after my son went to bed. After that it doesn’t matter what’s left. I start heading to bed and relax. Things have been going better since I’ve set a time limit. I’m getting more sleep.

  122. My biggest cleaning challenge is the counter around the bathroom sink. Always soaking wet thanks to my 3 year’s old love of washing his hands! Those absorbent counter cloths sound great!

  123. Ugh, the bathroom is my biggest challenge too. It doesn’t take that long but I just put it off for so long . . .

  124. I don’t mind cleaning the bathroom counters, tub, even the toilet! But I hate cleaning the bathroom floor.

  125. My biggest bathroom cleaning challenge is getting all the whiskers off the sink after Dh shaves. That and the never ending toothpaste goo left in the sink after the kids brush.

  126. Cleaning my Bath Tub! Thats a huge challenge for me.

  127. My biggest challenge is that as soon as I finish cleaning, someone comes around behind me and messes it back up!

  128. I don’t like mopping! First you have to sweep and then mop – takes up too much time. 🙂

  129. My biggest cleaning challenge is the clutter before the cleaning. Once I can get to an area to clean, I am motivated!

  130. My biggest challenge is by bathtub!! Can’t seem to master that.

  131. S Vanden Berg says:

    Hmm… it’s a toss up between the challenge that I do tackle (toilets! I hate cleaning toilets!) and the one that I really don’t (windows! I hate cleaning windows!) Okay, I’ll go with windows, because when I actually do it, they end up looking just as bad after cleaning as before.

  132. My biggest challenge is a tie between the bathroom sink/vanity area and cat hair!

  133. My biggest issue is the kitchen. Seems like I’m constantly cleaning it to no avail!

  134. The bathtub!!!

  135. My biggest cleaning challenge is having 3 boys lol
    no really I think trying to keep the bathroom clean when we only have 1 bathroom for 6 people and 3 of those people are 10-13 yr old boys
    it is a challenge

  136. My biggest bathroom challenge is keeping up with the drips and splatters from my 4-year old son!

  137. I’m like you, the bathroom is my problem! I can’t seem to find the right tools for the job. I’d love to try these!

  138. Christina H says:

    My biggest challenge is the bathrub – I can never get the bottom white enough!

  139. My biggest challenge is the showers… it seems I am cleaning them all the time…

  140. Connie Corey says:


  141. One of my “many” challenges is the countertops in the bathroom. I have ceramic tile and it is difficult sometimes to get into the grout especially up against the wood trim.

  142. Living in the country with 5 children and various animals, our bathroom gets a big work-0ut. I would love some extra help there.

  143. Bathrooms are the worst – especially the shower/tub! I need these products for help. 🙂

  144. Like you, I don’t like cleaning around the toilet – dust, hair, and a 2 year old potty training – he likes to stand, need I say more???

  145. My biggest challenge is my 2 little boy’s bathroom…ugh! I have a hard time getting motivated to clean it when I know that someone will probably come in & pee on the floor within the hour!

  146. Consistency is my biggest challenge, especially with the bathrooms!

  147. I HATE cleaning so let my house go way to long inbetween. Usually when I start, I love how it looks and feels and then wonder what took me so long. So I am definitely interested in any new products that make the job easier to handle. Thanks for your story!

  148. My biggest challenge is motivation, and having the right tools for the job definitely helps with that 🙂

  149. The bathtub. Especially at 36 weeks pregnant. I’ve kind of given up on it for now until I don’t have a baby belly in the way.

  150. These look great and bathroom cleaning is my most dreaded chore. I may have to try these out even if I don’t win.

  151. my biggest bathroom cleaning challenge is living with 6 boys…nuff said 🙂

  152. My biggest cleaning challenge is most surely the bath tub! we have white tile/grout and rust water! I can bleach it but I have to scrub and scrub forever! I’m pregnant…so it’s a challenge!

  153. My biggest cleaning challenge is definatly the BATHROOM! It scares me even though I know only my husband and I use it. I love trying new disenfectants.

  154. Just getting the motivation to do the cleaning and taking time out of the day when there are other things to get accomplished.

  155. Christina D. says:

    My biggest cleaning challenge is just getting the cleaning done:)

  156. Bathrooms are my biggest cleaning challenge!

  157. We live in an old house, so our bathrooms definitely have that “lived in” feeling and are our biggest cleaning hurdle. These tools would be great!

  158. This would be so great to win! One of my biggest cleaning challenges is the bathroom floor.

  159. My biggest challenge is cleaning mirrors and the shower and tub. This is something I need to try.

  160. My biggest cleaning challenge is to actually do it. There are so many other things that I would like to do. But then I get frustrated when the house is a mess. sigh.

  161. I think my biggest challenge is all the paper clutter in our house; mail, coupons, and my husband loves to order things online.

    Either that, or the mess our two dogs and 19 month old make!

    Hope i win your contest! Thank you!

  162. Brenda Smith says:

    My biggest problem is the shower/tub. I can never get it really clean. I need all the help I can get with getting it clean.

  163. Delaney Nalder says:

    I seem to struggle cleaning my whole house, but one big problem is the toilet area. My 3 year old twin boy is learning to stand up while going potty and aiming is a problem, but aiming seems to even be harder for my 4 year old little boy. It seems like I am forever finding puddles behind the toilet. I don’t see an end soon so the cleaning kit would work great for me 😉 Thanks

  164. I must admit that I am delinquent with the bathroom also. I only have one at this point, so it only takes me 10-15 minutes, but for some reason I never get to doing it. I hate cleaning someone else’s toilet mess! Yuck!

  165. The kids bathroom by far

  166. Three small boys and the bathroom, need I say more?!?!

  167. Definitely bathrooms or dusting! I always forget to dust and I go through so many rags while doing bathrooms!

  168. Biggest challenge…dusting, easiest to let go!

  169. My biggest cleaning challenge is streak free windows and mirrors!

  170. My biggest challenge…I’m potty training my 3 y/o son. I have to clean the toilets/floor EVERY DAY!!

  171. Bathrooms and stove tops, but I love my Shaklee cleaning products!

  172. The kitchen floor seems to be the most neglected in my house. I can’t decide what the best way to clean it would be so it rarely gets done.

  173. Floors – any floor. Just never get around to it!

  174. My biggest challenge? My floors. I hate doing floors. I have a fancy pants vacuum and a shark steam mop and I STILL hate doing floors. But I do them. 😉

  175. The showers with the hard water spots/stains is what is the hardest for me.

  176. My biggest challenge is the powder bathroom. It gets a lot of traffic. Can’t hardly keep the toilet clean, with 3 boys.

  177. My biggest cleaning challenge is my daughter’s bathroom. With two girls, it never seems to stay clean.

  178. My biggest challenge is cleaning bathrooms floors, especially around the toilets. Yuck and what a pain!

  179. I just can’t seem to get my floors clean. Probably should work on them more. 🙂

  180. My biggest cleaning challenge is cleaning behind the toilot because it’s in an awkard position with the wall and sink.

  181. I am terrible at windows. This includes mirrors. They always come out streaky. So I just avoid them until I just HAVE to do it!

  182. My biggest challenge are all of the ledges in our home, we have an “open” floor plan with ledges that are magnets for dust that I cannot reach even with our ladder!

  183. Floors…toilets…mirrors. All of the above? 🙂 I’d love to win those counter cloths. Sounds like alot of great products. Thanks for the opportunity!

  184. Lori Gearheart says:

    My biggest cleaning challenge is scrubbing the shower! Hate it! and cleaning around the toilet base, UGH!!

  185. My biggest cleaning challenge is keeping up with dog hair. It can drive a person CRAZY!!!

  186. I think my biggest challenge is floors. And scrubbing the tub, ick.

  187. paula ayojiak says:

    My biggest challenge is just cleaning the 4 bathrooms. I hate cleaning the toliets! I would love some new tools to try out to test out and see if cleaning the bathrooms is less of a challenge. Great giveaway!

  188. What a great giveaway! My biggest cleaning challenge is my shower. I hate cleaning it, and it shows! I seem to have to get in some weird angles to get to it and it is not fun!

  189. Twin daughters and potty training = a disaster in the bathroom! Honestly, I thought my older son was bad, but these two might miss more than he does! 🙂

  190. Becky Ann says:

    Dusting is my biggest challenge for sure! I just plain don’t like it!

  191. sue chibana says:

    My biggest challenge is to clean inside the toilet. I just hate it! I wish I could hire a cleaning lady just for it.


  192. Thanks for the giveaway! My biggest cleaning challenge is keeping on top of mildew in my shower. Nothing I do keeps it from coming back almost immediately after I clean. I hate it!

  193. Where do I start?

    I am the lone female in a houseful of boys (and husband). Needless to say, the bathrooms are not very clean and I feign this chore! Toothpaste on the mirror and dried on the sinks, hard water stains, and need I start in about the toilet itself?

    I would love to try out some new products…your blog is wonderful!

  194. I hate cleaning the floor to ceiling mirror wall in our family room. It’s the only source of light (reflecting a window) other wise, I’d tear them out because I can’t get them clean. EVER! I’d love to try the Scotch Brite set to get rid of the streaks, once and for all!


  195. My biggest challenge is cleaning the tub. We have an older tub that seems to show all the soap scum.

  196. That’s an easy one — our showers and bathtubs — all 3 of them!

  197. The bath tub! Can’t ever seem to get around to it. Ick!

  198. MichelleH says:

    Thanks for the review. It’s nice to be able to buy in confidence when a real person tells you it really works.

    My biggest cleaning challenge is the top of the refrigerator. Too high to store needed things, but ‘extra’ stuff ends up being parked there. Add in that sticky dust gunk that doesn’t come off and ewwww!

  199. Ummm can I say everything?!? I am extremely cleaning challenged. I can’t usually get myself motivated to clean and when I do it’s like I don’t have an off button. With 5 kiddos who turn into tornadoes when they play, I need all the help I can get =).

  200. My biggest cleaning challenge is my oven. I know I need to do it regularly, I just can’t seem to get motivated to do it!

  201. So i have a husband and a 4 year old son so toilets (especially around the base on the FLOOR) are usually an area of disaster! I would love anything that helps me stay an arms length away from that no-woman’s land!

  202. Without a doubt my challenge is our shower. Our hard water makes cleaning this shower a definite elbow buster!

  203. My biggest challenge is just staying on top of the cleaning. It seems like if I skip one day, it snowballs and when I get back to it, there is so much to do. Keeping up with the laundry is probably the area where I get side-tracked the most.

  204. My biggest cleaning challenge is keeping my house free of dust! Within a day of dusting- it needs it again!!

  205. Jennifer McPherson says:

    My biggest challenge…is really finding the time. Ha!

    Actually, I find my biggest challenge to be cleaning shower doors. They are hard to keep clean…and I feel I work harder than I have to and they still look like I did not clean them…after I really did! I would love a cleaner or tool to help me do this. Especially being a mom of 3…no time to waste!


  206. Currently, the biggest cleaning challenge is the pool. We ignored it this winter and it turned green. We’ve been working on it for a week now and it changed from green to teal to blue and now is cloudy. Need it to get clear in the next couple of weeks so it can be used.

  207. My bathroom shower with sliding glass doors is my biggest challenge. I think I’m going to have to get inside the shower in my bathing suit to get it clean!

  208. 6 people — one bathroom — that’s my challenge!

  209. Annette Holbrook says:

    My biggest challenge is the kitchen and dining room floors, we have a large area of tile and it always seems sticky.

  210. My BATHROOMS!! I cannot stand to clean my bathroom, so therefore it is the last room to get clean.

  211. I used to hate cleaning the bathtub. Then we moved to a new place that has a walk-in ceramic tile shower (tough to clean) and marbleite bathroom counters (I knew I didn’t like marbleite and now I know why. The white attracts hair and dust). The other “shoulda known better and put my foot down” was the stainless steel and black in the kitchen. I’d love to try anything that would make the jobs easier.

  212. My hardest is the potty, with little ones just learning and bigger ones how should know better. They get dirty fast.

  213. Christina says:

    My biggest cleaning challenge is removing soap scum from the tub/shower.

  214. Keeping the kitchen floor clean! Need to sweep and mop more often!

  215. My biggest cleaning challenge is the bathroom tub and floor. I HATE loose hair…even my own. I gag, almost to the point of getting sick, which often makes deep cleaning difficult! Thank goodness the hubby often helps!

  216. My biggest challenge is cleaning! It took me all week last week to completely clean my master bath – now it’s time to clean it again! And what about the other 2 baths??? The counter cloths sound awesome. Will have to check them out.

  217. Christina says:

    My biggest challenge is just getting it done. I love to clean but after having kids, I can’t find a big enough chunk of time to do it. I would love to try these!

  218. I hate cleaning the tubs and showers. Especially the fiberglass ones with textured floors.

  219. I’d love to win a chance to try these! The biggest challenge in my house is getting the toilets clean – everyone hates that chore.

  220. Biggest cleaning challenge would have to be the bathrooms with three boys who are always in a rush and seldom notice the messes they leave behind, ugh!

  221. I could definitely use these! I think my biggest challenge is that I feel like i’m constantly cleaning the same things over and over without making progress.

  222. My biggest challenge is just finding the time, energy and motivation to get it done. That and a very busy toddler who likes to unclean as a clean.

  223. My biggest challenge is the hard water stains in the toilet bowls. I hate them! The toilets can be sparkling clean and still appear dirty because of the stains.

  224. My biggest cleaning challenge is motivation. I hate to clean. Bathrooms especially. I usual just let them get gross until my husband can’t stand it anymore and cleans them himself. I think that I’m like you and just have not found the right tools. I try to stick with natural cleaners like vinegar, but feel bad about the large amount of paper towel waste at the end of the cleaning (and when I say that I mean the maybe once a year I give in and just do it myself!). I hate to make the hubs do it, but that lack of motivation just takes over every time. So, if I were to win this package it would be not only a win for me but a win for my over worked and over tired husband, too!
    Thanks for the chance to maybe find some motivation!!

  225. Amanda Y. says:

    Well, my biggest challenge is also the bathroom…and talk about BIGGEST challenge, we found out the previous owners incorrectly put up the siding to the shower and there’s mold behind it. We have to tear it off this weekend, scrub the mold, replace the drywall, and put new shower sides up in one day! Anyone that can help with tips or advice, PLEASE email me ayyogurt (at) (yahoo) (dot)(com)

  226. I’d love to try these out. My biggest challenge lately has been feeling motivated to clean ANYTHING while dealing with morning sickness. Thankfully, it’s for a good cause. :o)

  227. My biggest challenge is keeping up while keeping track of my two small boys!

  228. My biggest challenge is keeping the kiddos occupied while I clean so I do not have another mess to pick up when I am done cleaning. Ha.

  229. My biggest challenge is the shower stall–no matter how much I scrub there still seems to be scum.

  230. my bathroom, which has no ventilation, so it’s a constant struggle to keep mold away, and hard to clean due to fumes not being able to be circulated out

  231. One of my biggest cleaning challenges is the shower doors. I have tried so many things, but I cannot seem to get them as clean as I want them to be.Great giveaway.

  232. I hate cleaning the floor around the toilet….ewww

  233. cleaning challenge…keeping the kitchen floor clean with two little ones, snacks and art projects!

  234. my biggest challenge is the tub!

  235. Anything to help me clean would be great!

  236. Steffanie says:

    The shower is my biggest cleaning challenge – I can never seem to get itclean enough

  237. Biggest challenge: Cleaning the tile grout in the shower and the hard water stains on the shower doors are the most time consuming and dreaded project in our bathroom.

  238. April Lott says:

    My biggest cleaning challenge is keeping up with the dishes. Since we cook most of our meals from scratch and hardly go out to eat that is a lot of dishes. It seems I just clean it up and then two seconds later, *poof* dirty again.

    Would love to win! 🙂

  239. My biggest cleaning challenge is the bathroom: cleaning up after 2 boys in the bathroom, one in active potty training with questionable aim and the other truly the hairiest man on the planet. I can’t find the tool to get around the toilet since we put in a vanity so the dust seems to accumulate ever so fast, and no ventilation leaves it damp all the time!
    I like vinegar and baking soda for the toilet and my son loves the fizzle effect

  240. My biggest cleaning challenge is definitely keeping the dining room and kitchen floors clean. With a 2-year-old, they are dirty enough to sweep & vacuum ~ heck, even mop ~ every day!

  241. would love this! my biggest cleaning challenge is laundry! always folding something!

  242. My biggest problem are the sinks, especially the one in my bathroom. No matter what I do there’s this nasty crud around the bottom. I clean and it’s back the next day. Why bother?

  243. What a great giveaway! I struggle with the mirrors in the bathroom. Kiddos just figured out how to bang their toothbrushes when done brushing. = lots of spatter. 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  244. Keeping the floors clean! I have a one year old and she throws food everywhere when she’s eating! Fortunately I try to limit it to the dining room… but little pieces fall off while she’s traveling around.

  245. Rachel Knox says:

    My biggest challenge in our master bath is the shower stall! The walls are ok to clean but the bottom, I have to get on my knees and reeeeach to scrub it! By the time I get done I am sweaty! The other thing is our garden tub, since I’m a short woman I almost have to just get in it to clean it! lol 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity, I would love to win!

  246. Stephanie says:

    My biggest cleaning challenge are the windows! I despise cleaning windows and the blinds that cover them! Thank you for a giveaway that may make my life easier!

  247. Cleaning my parents house! I go over to help once a week & clean up their house. They like to hold on to EVERYTHING!

  248. i hated our old bathroom, so new cleaning tools would make it easier to keep it nice

  249. We have hard water. The buildup and residue the water leaves is really problematic in our bath area.


  250. Our way-too-big bathtub we have for our 2 tiny girls ~ what’s that material anyway? Not really fiberglass, but it’s that stuff that gets a ring on it the second it’s been cleaned. I need some good scrubbin’ materials!

  251. My biggest challenge is keeping the stove top clean. So…apparently I am a messy chef! 🙂

  252. My challenge is bending over the bathtub to get the grime out. ugh! Maybe the right tools would help??!!

  253. My biggest challenge is my two little boys, well anywhere they have been, especially the bathroom!

  254. Windows are my biggest challenge.

  255. My most hated cleaning task is my shower. Half my family uses it, too! It’s crystal-clear glass walls show ever water spot, and I usually end up cleaning it with glass cleaner and an aquarium scrubber, ugh. The cultured marble base takes a scrub brush, and whenever I scrub the tile walls, all this gross brown stuff rinses off. No wonder I put it off until it’s really bad. I’ve usually had a workout by the time it’s done and don’t want to do any more cleaning!!!

  256. I don’t mind decluttering and I’m great at picking up at the end of the day but CLEANING at all I just delay as long as possible. The areas around my faucets are encrusted with lime deposits I haven’t been able to get off, so these tools sound perfect!

  257. My problem is the tiny strip between the tub and toilet and the strip behind the toilet.Our front bathroom has white linoleum so it get’s gross quick with 3 guy’s using it.For the ladies with big tub’s and shower’s,use a sponge mop to clean them.I spray ours with scrubbing bubbles cleaner(Dollar Tree brand)then use a wet sponge mop to scrub them.No more back aches when cleaning them.

  258. Jacie Sytsma says:

    My biggest cleaning challenge is mopping floors – not really so hard to do, it’s just hard to get motivated to do it when you know an hour later the kids and the dog will have tracked over it again.

  259. My biggest issue is my shower stall. The ugly heavy doors that are so hard to clean, and the stained grouty rubbery stuff around it! Ugh! I am in denial and choose to ignore it in hopes the Bathroom Fairy will stop by and take care of it for me.

  260. My biggest challenge is getting the mold of the caulky areas without using chemicals. We try to keep a chemical free home, but unless I clean the tub very often (which NEVER happens), I can’t get the mold build up off without some harsh cleaner!

  261. My biggest cleaning challenge is getting the motivation to do a particularly difficult or unpleasant cleaning project – guess keeping up with it would be ideal! =)

  262. Bathrooms are definitely a challenge for me. I just hate doing the toilets, and the tubs are a pain.

  263. Betsy Negley says:

    My biggest cleaning challenge right now is that we are in the middle of rebuilding our bathroom. We had the drain blow out on our bathtub and flood a bedroom. So I am working around painting, leaking pipes and new walls. It’s been an adventure.

  264. My biggest cleaning challenge has to be the tub/shower.

  265. This is easy – my biggest cleaning challenge is cleaning!!!!

  266. Bathrooms tend to never to make it to the top of my list either!

  267. my biggest challenge cleaning is the glass cooktop. i feel i can never get that thing clean.

  268. Mold and hard water stains plague my bathroom. I would love to give these a try. Blessings!

  269. My worst cleaning spot is behind the toilet. We have the world’s tiniest bathroom, so it’s hard to get behind there and scrub.

  270. Andrea Watts says:

    My challenge is cleaning up after people that won’t clean up after themselves lol!

  271. The three year olds are my biggest cleaning challenge…ok, really, it’s the shower. I do not know how to get all of the soap scum off!

  272. Well, I know what I like to clean…floors! The biggest challenge is probably dusting…I just hate to do it and I also am challenged keeping my fridge cleaned out.

  273. my biggest cleaning challenge is keeping the kitchen floor clean. between me, my husband and my toddler running in and out from the patio, plus the mess from the highchair, i’m constantly on my knees washing the floor!

  274. My biggest cleaning challenge… hmm, does the whole house count??? Floors and DUST are top of the list, though!

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!!

  275. Making cleaning a priority is a challenge. But the bathrooms are my least favorite. My kids are old enough to help out so it would be great to have some new tools to make it easier. Thanks for the great give away.

  276. I have 3 boys, and quit cleaning the bathrooms, its hubbys job now. The floors are the ickiest. (shudder).

  277. Heidi Evans says:

    My biggest cleaning challenge is most definately my bathrooms! I have 5 young boys and my bathrooms look and smell like giant urinals! I wipe them down daily and clean them every week, yet they never seem clean! This giveaway would be awesome!

  278. I have trouble getting started cleaning our bathrooms. It’s just the yuck factor!!! Getting the rings around the toliet and sinks are the hardest!

  279. My biggest challenge is our iron-filled water! Our water softener helps a lot, but we still have a pink-tinted shower curtain and weird-colored areas of the tub.

  280. my biggest thing is clean behind the toliet

  281. Yay!
    My biggest challenge would have to be either the pink mold in the nooks and crannies of my glass shower, or the brown ring around my disposal in the kitchen sink (it’s hard to get to).

  282. I struggle to keep the toilet base and floor clean with two boys and a husband!

  283. We have a family of 7 and one bathroom. 5 of the 7 are males…need I say more? 😉

  284. My biggest cleaning challenge is the detail cleaning. With 3 kids, and 2 careers, my husband and I barely have time to do the essential cleaning (laundry, dishes, vacuum,etc.). Needless to say, our bathrooms don’t get detail cleaned as often as they should. Any tools to make the job easier would be an absolute blessing! Thanks!

  285. I would say the bathroom is the most difficult but that is because I don’t like to clean it, but once it is done it is the greatest feeling ever.

  286. My biggest challenge is the soap scum that builds up in the shower when I am not looking – hate that, hate to get it off. But also the little things that you can forget about until they are no longer little jobs…like cleaning closets out!

  287. Jessica Fox says:

    I think my biggest challenge is keeping the bathtub clean. My husband and I both primarily take showers, but my children LOVE to soak in the tub with their soap. SOOO, it leaves alot of soap scum in a ring around the tub. I think my biggest challenge is just keeping up with that.

    Thanks SO much for offering!! Good luck to everybody! 🙂

  288. I hate the hard-water buildup around the faucets. Tough to scrub.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  289. My biggest cleaning challenge is laundry. I do my own cloth diaper laundry every two days or so. It is a never ending task and seems to take more energy than it should; leaving me without the motivation to do any other chores in the house.

  290. biggest cleaning challenge – bathrooms and grout clean in the kitchen!

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