Taking Care of Your Personal Space (Zone Defense)

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If you allow clutter to take a foot hold, you will lose out. It may cost you money, time, emotional well being, or something that was just special to you. Time to get in the game.

taking care of your personal space

I blame the cold weather of winter. Lately I have not wanted to get up early or tackle many of my regular “must-do” items to keep life shipshape. I’ve let things slide a bit over the last few weeks and months.

While I had the best intentions of addressing the first play in Zone Defense last month, I just didn’t get around to it. Until this past weekend.

Earlier in the week I cracked the whip (just figuratively, mind you) so that we got our house back in shape after days of letting things go. Yes, we’d hit the reset button not too long ago, but apparently, there was a faulty connection. We did some reevaluating, made some more changes to how we store toys, and gave our laundry system an overhaul.

With the house a little more under control and a new laundry program in effect, I set about putting my personal space in order. Maybe that should have been first, but the more pressing need of whole house order took precedence.

Taking Care of Your Personal Space

By personal space, I mean my room. We talked about this last year, as I identified several key areas that if organized and tidy will help keep mama happy.

And that’s very important, you know. To keep mamas happy. 😉

On Saturday, we had an amazing break in the cooler weather with one warm 80 degree day. The kids played outside almost all day except for when I held them accountable to chores, changing sheets, etc.

In turn, I focused on our bedroom, finally putting away laundry, hanging up the massive pile of clothing rejects that I had let fall in the closet, and cleaning out and reorganizing my bathroom drawers and cupboards.

bathroom mess

My room felt like Spring had come, especially with the blinds open, blue skies and sunshine peeking in.

It was an almost perfect experience, except that in cleaning out the drawers I discovered a theft. I have four special pieces of jewelry that I received when the boys were little. I earmarked one to give to each of their wives someday. The storage box had been opened, two of the pieces were scattered in the drawer among the costume jewelry and the other two are currently missing.

We discovered a theft a few months ago of some petty cash. That job was clearly a young child. This one appears to be as well. Perhaps the same child? We don’t know.

For a number of reasons, I don’t believe my own kids took the money or the jewelry. The storage areas were left in such a way that it had to be a child. It was clearly not an adult. Who, I don’t know. Neither do I have suspicions. The “stuff” is not worth wrongly accusing anyone, my own child or anyone else’s.

So I mourn the loss of two sentimental, though not hugely expensive, pieces of jewelry with little hope of recovery.

Talk about disruption in your personal space.

It’s an odd thing. There are so few “possessions” that I really care about. Kinda makes me wonder what’s gone missing that I don’t care about. Ha!

When I set about caring for my personal space, I didn’t expect that I’d end up feeling sad. But, as a friend said, “It is just stuff.” My daughters-in-law would probably appreciate getting to pick something rather than have their MIL force something on them anyway, right?

bathroom drawer ransacked

I don’t go in that drawer often, so I have no way to know when the jewelry might have disappeared. But, if I hadn’t let the drawer get so messy, if I hadn’t ignored the mess for so long, I might have discovered the theft sooner and maybe had a chance of recovery.

Note to self: if something looks like it’s been ransacked, it just might have been! Maybe you should keep it cleaner.

It’s kind of like when you don’t look at your bills too closely or don’t balance your checkbook regularly. You can easily miss a mistake and end up paying for it. Lesson learned!

If you allow clutter to take a foot hold, you will lose out.

It may cost you money, time, emotional well being, or something that was just special to you. Time to get in the game.

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines but I’m ready to tackle clutter. Are you? If you haven’t reviewed the plays already, see the Zone Defense play book here. Want the specific steps to taking care of your personal space?

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  1. I understand the feelings you have about losing your jewelry to a thief.About half of mine “disappeared” two years ago. I didn’t discover it for several month’s since I very seldom wear anything other than my wedding and mothers ring’s.I cried for at least a week because all of it had been gift’s from my husband.I know who took mine and that is what hurt the most because we have helped this person countless times.My jewelry box is constantly covered up with hubby’s work shirts piled on top of it.I bought a small safe and placed my remaining good jewelry in it.I would love to have a neat and clean bathroom but can’t figure out a neat method for hubby’s work clothes.

  2. I am working on organizing the laundry in our room right now…we got massively behind and while my daughter has plenty of clothes, my husband and I have to have some things washed weekly so we have enough of things! Trying to remember to do a load every day so we don’t get behind!

  3. Been doing feng shui for my clutter cleaning. Spent the day cleaning out the top cabinets in the kitchen. Dealt with the emotional stress of “so and so gave this to me, I can’t get rid of it” and “I spent so much money on that,I can’t get rid of it”, that I now have a headache….was warned that could happen.

  4. I am so very sorry for your losses. How disheartening. Yet I am glad to hear you don’t suspect your own children. That may come as some comfort? I wish you all the best in resolving this situation (even if the resolution is letting it go….).


  5. How disheartening to find that you’ve been stolen from. Hoping by some miracle that you can recover your things, even if they are “just things.” I am interested to hear how you overhauled your laundry system. We are in serious need of that around here. Part of the issue is that we don’t have a laundry room. Our washer and dryer are in a “nook” at the end of our kitchen, where the door to the garage is. There is no space for anything there, and when I do laundry, it takes over the kitchen. I don’t have a lot of good space to keep dirty laundry either. We have multiple baskets just sitting out in our bedroom (bathrooms and closets are too small) to put the dirties in, and I am sick and tired of always seeing dirty laundry when I walk in the bedroom. There’s no getting away from it (since I cannot possibly do laundry every day), and it has really started to wear on me. Looking for new ideas and solutions! Thanks!

    1. The laundry system has been a success for two weeks in a row. If we can make it to 21 days, I will be sharing. 😉 It’s a game changer so far.