A Tale of a Turkey

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A few months back I bought an extra turkey to throw in the freezer. It was five bucks, so I figured it was a good investment. Usually when I do this, I feel obligated to fix a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. And that had been my original plan when I pulled it out last week. But, one thing led to another and my plan changed.

Instead I cooked it early in the day. And then while chatting with a friend who was visiting, I proceeded to carve it and pull all the meat from the bones. We had turkey sandwiches that night while watching the Chargers beat the Colts. (Yahoo! as they say around here.) That evening I made turkey broth from the bones.

The next night we had White Chili, made with turkey and some of the broth.

The next night? Turkey Tortilla Casserole and Mexican Rice (made with some of the drippings.)

Last night? Turkey Pot Pie.

That one 15-pound turkey produced four meals for a lot of people (our 7 plus company that first night) as well as four cups of turkey stock to pop in the freezer. Amazing! And all for five bucks!

Getting your turkey cooked? It works for me.

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  1. Zimms Zoo says

    I did that too! Unfortunately I didn’t get it for $5 though. I ran to the store right after Christmas thinking I would pick up the mark-down turkey and hams. Not to be found. I guess I was too late or they sold them all at regular price. 🙁

  2. JessieLeigh says

    Great job! I think it’s a fantastic plan to stretch food, especially meat, whenever possible.

    I often poach a whole chicken and we use the meat for several meals. It’s a little bit of work that first day, but so very nice to have it cooked and waiting for me!

    (We are only a family of four at this point, so even one chicken stretches for us. :))

  3. Kirby3131 says

    We don’t have a freezer that fits a turkey – which is a total bummer. It doesn’t even hold a frozen pizza (which at times is a blessing lol)

    My husband LOVES turkey and will be by your place next time you have turkey week hahaha

    Come visit me today at The Goat

  4. Blue Castle says

    I have two turkeys sitting in my freezer right now. You’re making me feel guilty. 🙂 I seriously need to get them cooked and used up. I love turkey sandwiches.

  5. Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart says

    Perfect. We actually won a turkey (a coupon worth $20) and I need to go pick it up. Who wants a turkey dinner right after the holidays? I’ll plan on doing what you did, thanks for the idea. Now, any tips on cooking a turkey or making the broth?

  6. Shannon says

    I just did the same thing this week! And I still have 2 more turkeys in my freezer. This time I only planned for 2 dinner meals with the meat plus meat for sandwiches. Then I divvied up the remainder into 2 (2 cup) bags to put in the freezer for later meals. And the meals that I had planned for this week? I chopped up the necessary amounts of turkey and bagged it and put it in the frige. It was so nice to start dinner, and just grab a bag of turkey and keep right on going! No time wasted chopping meat while trying to get dinner on the table! Plus I froze all the turkey broth – soups for later! And I agree – it is so exciting to see what a $5 turkey looks like all stretched out!

  7. thanks for the ideas! I have 2 turkeys in my freezer now(purchased for $7 and $5). I'm trying to sweet talk my mom into letting me stash another in hers if i can find another cheap one!

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