Technology and the Life as MOM

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Technology can make or break us. We must use it wisely.

turn off your phone

Technology is everywhere we look. I’m amazed to think about it since my college experience, some twenty years ago, was completely void of email. Don’t even think about the world wide web. I just went to the library.

We live in a time when we have more access to information than any other period of life. And the change in only 20 years is stunning! Like that leap from horse and buggy to a Model 10, we’ve raced to an inclusion of technology in a myriad of forms. Home appliances, telephones, television — all are run by computers.

This technology can be a major lifechanger — for good or for ill. Here are some past posts to help you think about how you navigate through these technological waters and choose what’s best for your family in this season of life.

Make technology help your life as MOM.

What’s your favorite technological tool or gadget?

I can’t wait to hear what works for you!

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  1. Don’t forget, in your college days, you wrote your papers on a typewriter / word processor too! I remember this because you let me use it when I went to college. It always shocked my hallmates when I had to “print” something. It was so LOUD!!!

  2. I remember when we first got married nearly 14 years ago, my husband wanted me to put our computer (a desktop) in the kitchen. We won’t talk about how small our kitchen was! But he said that I spent so much time in the kitchen that it made sense. A couple years later, when we lived in a larger place, he mentioned it again. By this time I had a laptop, but still balked at the idea. Now, I LOVE having my laptop in the kitchen! I use it ALL. THE. TIME. When I’m cooking I’ll look up a recipe and refer to my computer all the time. Now that we have an iPad I will use that a lot too. My husband just smirks whenever he sees my computer in the kitchen because he knows that he was right 🙂