TGIF: 3 Great Family Flicks

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One of the things that we love to do as a family is watch a movie. Provided that the kids don’t choose Davy Crockett for the 512th time, FishPapa and I really enjoy cuddling with our little ones, watching a flick together. Some of the sweetest times are listening to our children’s laughter and seeing their expressions of enjoyment.

This summer, we checked out quite a few new movies from the library as well as took advantage of the free movie showings at our local Edwards Theatre. Three movies stood out as exceptionally good surprises for me.

Space Chimps

Space Chimps tells the story of a wise-guy monkey who gets sent into space on an important mission. The grandson of a great Space Monkey Hero, he is a major goof-up and refuses to take much of anything seriously. But, his strength is tested while out in space.

The one-liners are hilarious and there are enough references to cultural literacy that adults will be thoroughly entertained.

Horton Hears a Who

Horton Hears a Who I like Dr. Seuss well enough, but I’m no fanatic. I like the Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham, but, to tell the truth, I’m just not that choked up about some of his other books. Honestly, I saw this movie because it was free. But, I was very pleasantly surprised.

The message was sound, and of course, Jim Carrey and Steve Carell are great. I did see some mixed implications re: the uptight, homeschooling kangaroo who is against the pro-life message. I didn’t get that. But, overall, the movie was way better than I expected. Way.

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories was absolutely fantastic! We laughed so hard at this movie. Adam Sandler has come a long way from his obscenity laden comedy of the 90s. His humor is still there, but in a way to entertain all audiences. We thoroughly enjoyed this movie about Skeeter the hotel handyman who battles the forces of evil to save his job, his niece and nephew’s school, and get the girl. In fact, it’s probably one I would buy. And that is saying a lot.

Movie night with my peeps is one of the finer parts of my week. Usually on Friday nights, it follows our homemade pizza and is usually accompanied by some fun snacks. It’s a great way for us to start our weekend.

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How about you? Have you found a surprisingly good family film? Do tell!

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  1. Friday has come to be our family movie night, too, and my husband and daughter are huge fans of the "Shaun the Sheep" DVDs. (I enjoy them, too, but not to the extent that they do!) They're that Claymation/animation thing set on a British farm with a herd of sheep and their wacky ringleader Shaun, Bitzer the dog, the mean pigs (they try to eat everything), and the hapless farmer.

    In one of the episodes on the DVD we watched tonight, the sheep didn't want to be sheared with a malfunctioning shearer, so while the farmer was attempting to fix it, they dug a tunnel (a la The Great Escape), went to the dog groomers' and got fancy haircuts, and then presented the farmer with a bag of wool.

  2. You gotta love Horton Hears a Who. But yes, I agree about the Kangaroo. But the good thing is most of that goes over their heads.
    My favorite line from that movie is said by Katie. And I quote, "In my world everyone's a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies." LOL.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. So… we have yet to see any of those! Yikes. My kiddos are 6, 4, and 2. Which should we see first?

  4. Thanks so much for the Adam Sandler nod – I remember him from the 90's so I wouldn't let the kids rent this when we saw it recently! Glad I can say yes now