6 Guy Friendly Love Stories

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Your spouse’s tastes in movies may differ from yours. But, here are a few that you can both enjoy: guy-friendly love stories.

My husband snickered last week as we walked past the Chick Flick display at Target. Yes, he humors me, and we often watch girly films on date nights. But, they aren’t what he’d grab off the shelf.

Having different tastes is good for us. Generally, I choose novels, and he chooses theological commentaries. He likes chilis and stews; I like cream-based soups. He says that Kennedy was shot from the grassy nole and I say it was a grassy nall. We’re like that. Often we do find middle ground.

The following are films that my hubby and I have enjoyed over the years. They are not all “romances,” per se. But, all demonstrate great love stories, albeit different kinds of love. Friendship, brotherly love, father and son love, and romantic love are all represented here. If you can handle a little rough and tumble action with your love story, I think you’ll like them, too. Perfect for date nights.

And finding a movie that you can both enjoy? Well, that is a fine thing!

While I don’t recommend the sequels, this first The Pirates of the Caribbean movie, The Curse of the Black Pearl, is fantastic. The romance is clean and honest with plenty of blood, special effects and sword fighting to please the guys.

My kids love this film. Yes, we let them watch it, but it doesn’t freak anybody out. When my 11 year old saw that I was calling this a love story, he questioned my sanity. That’s not a love story. (That’s because he actually likes this movie. Girls make him go “Ewww.”)

Thank goodness.

With Shadowlands we still have the British accents, but the action is certainly different than Pirates. It’s been years since we saw this, but I remember how much I was moved by this love story between CS Lewis and Joy Davidman. It will make you laugh as well as cry. And the scenery is fantastic.

Last of the Mohicans was one of the first movies FishPapa named when I asked him for guy-friendly chick flicks, an oxymoron in itself. Set during Colonial conflicts between the French and the English,this is definitely an action-packed film with all sorts of battles, fistfights, and scalpings. But, there are several love stories intertwined amongst the action. Make sure you have your box of kleenex.

OK, Field of Dreams is what I was talking about “love story” – it’s not your mushy boy-girl movie. But, every guy will cry over this film. Every. guy. Trust me on this one. It’s a moving film about baseball and the bonds between fathers and sons. It’s a beautiful story.

And you’ll probably cry, too.

My husband remembers A Room with a View as one of the most romantic films he ever saw. When I asked him if there was enough action for most guys, he replied, “Oh yeah, when that guy gets killed and the blood splatters all over that lady. Definitely.”

Quite honestly, I didn’t remember that part. The mushy, sweet, sappy, romantic parts are what stick in my memory. It’s a beautiful romance about staying true to your heart rather than what society expects of you.

(I have heard some object to a brief skinny dipping scene. It is not erotic – but actually quite comical. But, you do see bodies, however briefly.)

Lastly, it’s been over ten years since we saw The Spitfire Grill, but it stands in our memory as one of the best movies we ever saw. There are many twists and turns, great acting, and lots of surprises that you wouldn’t expect. This film celebrates life and sacrificial love. Much food for thought here.

What is a film that both you and hubs enjoy watching together? Tell us in the comments because we can all use a few guy-friendly chick flicks.

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  1. You forgot Fireproof! The rescue scenes in that movie are definitely guy friendly—and it is SUCH a GOOD movie!

  2. “As Good As It Gets” was our “first date” movie, followed by a romantic dinner at Denny’s. 😉 So that one ranks high for us, probably as much for the memory factor as anything!

    And here I always thought it was a grassy “knoll”…

  3. The Last of the Mohicans is one of my hubby’s all-time favorites… and I don’t think I’ve ever sat through the whole thing with him. I should do that!

    Great movie ideas. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I really like the Shadowlands movie, but I haven't been able to talk my husband into watching it.

    Together, we like Return to Me, The Family Man, and the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice.

    Great post!

  5. I LOVE Last of the Mohicans! And don’t forget Braveheart. At it’s heart, it’s a love story. I’ve not yet seen “Shadowlands” or “The Spitfire Grill”. Will have to add them on my list!

  6. Some of our favorites are Sergeant York, You’ve Got Mail, Radio, Facing the Giants and Flywheel.

  7. We love Return to Me, IQ, & While You Were Sleeping. My hubby often requests these! I like "his" action movies, too, so it's a good balance.

    Have not seen The Spitfire Grill or A Room with a View yet–I'm adding them to my list as well.

  8. Never saw the movie version of Shadowlands, but saw the play years ago. Don’t remember much of the story, but I do remember sitting in my seat for about 20 minutes after the lights came up just sobbing my heart out. Then another 20 minutes or so once I made it to my car before I felt like I could drive safely!

    I second the other commenters on “Return to Me”. Enough comedy that the husband likes it, and it is one of the handful of movies I actually own.

  9. A Walk in the Clouds (1995) and P.S. I Love You, which I reviewed on my blog (under the “movie review” tag since i’m currently too lazy to find it and past the link … sorry, i get that way sometimes)!

  10. My favorites, that my husband has been willing (and sometimes even eager) to watch with me: The American President. Stranger than Fiction (we LOVED that one — and hubby learned the song on the guitar that Will Ferrell sings in the movie, and sang it to me on our 6-month dating anniversary!). August Rush (hubby says it portrays every person’s inner longing for redemption and heaven, which is why it’s so moving). Duplicity (one brief skin-baring scene, but overall a very clever little flick; we didn’t see the ending coming at all).

  11. I’m late to the game, but Contact with Jodi Foster and Simon Birch were two movies hubs and I really enjoyed. Corny as it is, both of them made me cry!

  12. hubby and i watched “27 Dresses” a few nights back…I was really surprised that ‘both’ of us laughed during it “several times”.

  13. My DH and I really liked the Little Dorrit and Bleak House….because of the crazy interesting characters. He tolerated Austen…but, he willingly watches Dickens.

  14. I’m married to a man that appreciates romance. He enjoys even the sappy things like Pretty Woman, You’ve Got Mail, and Because I Said So 🙂

  15. The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind…one of the best. movies. ever. and one of the “chick flick” movies my husband really realy likes.