TGIF: Be a CopyCat

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Growing up my favorite place to eat was a local pizza restaurant that made the best Italian salad. It’s too far and too expensive to go there often, so I’ve found a way to copy it at home. Love it! It goes great with our Friday Pizza Night. A wonderful way to celebrate the weekend.

Can you copycat something you love?

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  1. I do lots of copycat recipes. It helps both from a budget and health side. We use a little less butter, cream, leaner meat, etc.

    Some favorites are Chiptole Chicken from our favorite local Mexican restaurant, Penne Rustica from Macaroni Grill, Chicken and Dumplings from Cracker Barrel, Tequila Lime Chicken from Applebees, Chicken Tortilla soup from Max and Erma's and many, many more.

    Many have been posted at URS, but if there are any you would like, drop me a note and I can either post or e-mail.

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    Blogger Avery Hourihan said…

    I went to this amazing restaurant on the water in the hamptons, with those cool tables with little white tents over them. we had a grilled caesar salad ($15). take three huge leaves of romaine lettuce and stick on the grill until they soften, char and get a little limp. put chicken strips on top of the leaf/boats and grate (do not shake!) fresh parmeggiano cheese over. drizzle with thick creamy (bottled) caesar and serve on a huge white place, with pepper as decoration on the plate. yum.

  3. Looks good. I just made my favorite sandwich from a restaurant I used to work at. It closed many years ago and I have not had it since. It took me right back to when I ate it everyday for my break ten years ago.

  4. Busy Mom-

    Can you post Penne Rustic? It is one of my all time favorite meals out! =)