TGIF: Get on Board!

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Ever since we were dating, FishPapa and I have loved to play cards and board games. Back then, in the early 90s, it was often a duel at Trivial Pursuit. Usually, he had me whooped from his knowledge of history (he is older than me) and sports.

Every once in awhile, though, I would have a coup with the literature questions or those wonderful cooking questions that won me an orange pie.

Just so you know, orange was his bag: sports. But, the actual category is “sports and leisure,” so from time to time I would score big on questions like, “What dessert is made with lady fingers and coffee liqueur?” Just when he was expecting that I’d get floored by something like, “Who hit the winning home run in the 1956 World Series?” tiramisu would come to my rescue.

Yeah, those were the days.

Anyway, our love of board games still lives on. It just a little trickier with small toddler hands, babies, and chokable pieces. Often, one gets to play a game with the big boys while the other runs interference with the littles.

Some of our family’s favorites include Blokus, Mancala, Blink, and Skip Bo.

What’s your favorite game to play as a family?

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  1. My hubby grew up playing Phase 10 — it's a card game. He's quite the pro at it, and we haven't played in ages. Probably because it usually ends up in him rubbing my face in it when he is winning… and then not being able to stand it if I actually start to win! We also have enjoyed playing Sequence. That's a good one for two players or a group.

    These days the only game I've been playing is Memory with my 3-year old. We tried Chutes & Ladders but she wasn't really into that one.

  2. We like to play games too. Leverage, from my childhood, is a 2 player one that big kids like to play. Same with Stratego.

    We also like Life, Cranium games, and UNO.

  3. Apples to Apples and In a Pickle are fun adult/older children games as is Rummikub.

  4. We also love board games. Santa brings the family a new board game every Christmas – it’s a tradition. We like Whoonu (a Cranium game), Jenga, Uno, and Sequence. Our favorite though is Dominoes. There are so many different ways you can play it but our favorite is one called Mexican Train. Even the 6 year old can play (he’s really good, too!). During the school year we try to have a game night once a week. Low stress family time!


  5. My oldest is 3, so we play Memory and Candy Land Castle quite a bit. My husband and are are both card game lovers so we’re currently working on teaching our son some simple card games… LOVE cards. So cheap. So portable. So many different games…

  6. We love to play games.

    My son is only 5, so we are still somewhat limited on games. We play a lot of Chutes and Ladders, Trouble, Hi Ho Cherrio, Checkers and Backgammon.

    My daughter is almost 2, which makes it even harder, because she wants to help play and the pieces are still too small.

    Us adults like Trivial Pursuit, Shout About Movies/Music, Pictionary, and Malarky.

  7. My hubby and I play Phase 10 and Trivial Pursuit a lot. I always kick his butt in Phase 10, but we come out about even in Trivial Pursuit.

    My brothers and I and our families always gather at our Mom’s house for every major holiday. After dinner is game time. Our all time family favorite is Mad Gab. It’s absolutely hilarious and gets the entire family involved.

  8. I like to buy the fam a new game at Christmas. Now, I’ve got some great ideas to try. Wow! I didn’t know there were that many good ones out there.

  9. Oh!!! I forgot about Mad Gab – here’s a second vote for it. It is a hilarious game, especially with a big group. How could I have forgotten that one?


  10. hey there jessica,
    you mentioned skip-bo. i don’t know how to play but i will tell you that tim and elizabeth play this whenever he can talk her into it. they used to have these marathon sessions and now it is limited to once a week or so but i love seeing them sitting down and playing this game together and “trash talking” each other!she is almost 19 now and it is good they have a game all to their own.:)love,julie