TGIF: Get Outside!

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One of the aspects of my life that the Lord surprised me with over the last few years is the fact that I have four boys! By the time the third arrived, I realized that my house would always be loud, my toilets would always be messy, and wrestling, though begun in fun, would always end in someone’s tears.

I love my boys with a fierce Mama bear love and wouldn’t trade them or their rambunctiousness for anything. That said, I am someone who craves peace and quiet. Hmm, where do those two things intersect?

One way that we’ve found to accommodate their energy levels and my desire for low noise levels is to get the fam outside. Lately we’ve headed to the beach in the late afternoons. They run, jump, swim, scream, and holler. I sit with the baby and constantly count heads. The trip home is amazingly quiet, and, as you might guess, everyone sleeps really well at night.

Now, you may not be located so close to the surf, but there are other places to explore. Consider your local nature center, botanical gardens, lake, river, or simply the park down the street. Fall is an excellent season to get outside in most places. And Friday afternoon and evening can be a great time of the week to take advantage of fair weather and free time. Pack a picnic dinner, grab some jackets to ward off the evening’s chill and get out in the Great Outdoors with your family!

What’s your family’s favorite outdoor adventure? Share it with us in the comments.

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  1. Hi Jessica!

    I completely relate. I have become increasingly convinced that fresh air coupled with burning off steam is the best way to maintain my sanity and to keep my boys from wounding each other!

    In the fall, our favorite outdoor adventure is to trek out to the apple orchard where in addition to picking delicious fruit, there are piles of hay and different structures to climb on, great donuts and fresh cider to eat and drink and beautiful fall weather to soak up before Chicago turns snowy. I blogged about our trip home today which was typical boy hilarity at it’s best.

    Looking forward to trying out some of your readers’ recipes for all of these apples!


  2. I have 4 boys also, ages 7, 6, almost 4, and 6 mo. The best thing to do with the boys is to make them run, and make them run A LOT! Mixed with fresh air… there is no better way to tire out a high-energy little boy!

  3. We always make it a point on the weekends to go to a park nearby, not far from our home… sometimes we venture out to the lake too.

    Daily we go outdoors and play in the sandbox, kick around a soccer ball, toss the football, walk in the n’borhood to the community park… and if weather doesn’t permit it – we break out the chalk in the garage and splash in rain puddles!!! – one of our fav. places to unwind!

  4. Boys are wild aren’t they? My kids like to go to the park. Times are tight, so we can’t go far. My older son also gets plenty of exercise chasing our chickens.

  5. Honestly? I’m more of an “indoor sport”. : ) But I do force myself outside for the benefit of my kiddos.

    Mostly, I just wanted to comment on how much I LOVE this pic of your boys. So cute! Boys are so much fun.