TGIF: Park It!

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One of the things that we enjoy as a family, that is also a frugal entertainment, is to go to the park. Thankfully, we have one just across the street. With a playground, a sand pit, and a large grassy expanse, it is a great place for the whole family. The littles dig in the sand while the bigger kids throw the football with Papa or simply run around.

Yesterday we went to the home of some new friends for a few hours. They have a park right behind their house, so we headed there with the kids – we had 10 children between us! That’s a lot of counting heads. But, it was a great time, especially as the park was empty and the kids could roam freely without disturbing others. They enjoyed climbing the hill, collecting pine cones to take home, and generally running around and exploring.

While we enjoyed temps in the 70s, some parts of the country are chilling out these days. I saw that my cousin welcomed 30 inches of snow today. But, you can still head outside — once the 70 mph winds slow down. Just bundle up real good and take your snow shoes along.

Our culture is becoming such an indoor one. We really have to think creatively as moms and figure out ways to get our kids (and ourselves) off the couch and out of doors.

Do you have a fun park? What things does your family like to do at a park outing? How do you adapt to the changing seasons? Share your ideas in the comments section! I’m always up for a good idea, aren’t you?

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  1. My kids love pretty much any park. It can be hard to get the older one to go out in the cold though. His favorite activity right now is chasing chickens in the yard.

  2. We have to drive 17 miles to the nearest park which is not the most feasible. Thankfully, we live on over two acres in the country so there’s lots of runnin’ room!

    I shamefully confess that I am not an outdoorsy person. I’m not a couch potato; I work out every single day. But I detest bugs. And dirt. And weeds. : )

    I enjoy our outdoor time more if I make an event out of it- pack a picnic lunch to eat in our gazebo, spread a blanket to read stories, and pack a big bottle of bubbles.

    Still, part of why I love winter is that it ensures more INDOOR time. (I know, I know… this is one of my bad-mommy traits. I’m not proud of it. But I am honest about it…)

  3. JessieLeigh, you crack me up — again. I’m not an outdoors person, either, unless I’m gardening or have a good book. But, motherhood is drawing me outside. The noise carries better there.