TGIF: Pattern Blocks

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A few months back Gramma Ruthie gave us a big box of wooden pattern blocks. We were familiar with them as we have a small, plastic set for our school. I put them aside, not sure if we would need them.

However, upon move in, the kids flocked to this box and immediately started playing. From lining up the shapes to reenact battles to creating a kaliedescope of designs, they are having a blast. The wooden pieces are much nicer to manipulate than the plastic ones that we use in Math lessons.

These are such a great manipulative for learning, but they are also proving to be a great resource for family fun. The kids usually make elaborate and colorful designs with them, but having an activity book, like this one, is also great. You can really challenge their thinking by handing them a line drawing to fill in with the different shaped pieces. Fun and educational all in one package. Excellent!

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  1. We love pattern blocks at our house, too! My children don’t make such elaborate designs as I see here, but I was able to find *free* printable pattern block designs online to print off for them to practice filling in. These are a much anticipated table activity at our house during school.

  2. my grandmother had a toy at her house similiar to this and one where she had gear shape puzzle which would turn if you fixed it correctly I loved toys like that and always tried to find great toy/games like these for mine

  3. We have two sets (that I purchased for my classroom when I was teaching 2nd grade) and we love them! The pattern book is a great idea…especially for beginners. You can also find free worksheets online! Another activity I had my class do is to make their own pattern, then draw it and make their own worksheet, then pass it on to a partner to try. Have fun! Great manips!

  4. We love these. We call them tanagrams. Admit it, Fishmama, you like to play with these too!

  5. I purchased some wooden pattern blocks this year along with an animal patterns book, recommended to go with My Father’s World curriculum we are using. I’m surprised at how much my first grader loves to play with them. And I agree, the wooden ones are so much better than plastic. That’s not a surprise though!