TGIF: Sandwich Night

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‘Twas a full day of library, lunch date with FishPapa and homeschool park day — with a shoe shopping trip thrown in for the kid who left the house with no shoes and we were too far to go home and get them and still be able to do what was planned. I’m beat.

Thankfully, I had the foresight to have pizza night last night so that we could have Sandwich Night tonight. Easy peasy!

And I’m not talking your regular PB&J. Oh no. We love $5 Footlongs with the best of them, but to really feed our family, we need 5 feet of sandwich. Don’t love that price tag! So for less than half that we’re having a feast: turkey on whole grain artisan bread with fresh avocado, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and pepperoncinis. And sweet pineapple on the side.

To top it off we have popcorn and a movie in our future.

What are you doing tonight? How do you best usher in the weekend?

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  1. We almost always have Friday Night Pizza and Movie Night. We had homemade pepperoni pizza with a salad of romaine hearts and strawberries dressed with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. A tip on buying pepperoni? Don’t waste your money on the packages of small pepperoni slices. Head over to the deli counter and buy the large sandwich size pepperoni. I can get 20 thin slices for $1.50. They’ll cover 2 large pizzas.

  2. Love your website! I like your readers suggestion of the large pepperoni! Didn’t know you could get such a thing.

  3. Friday night is Pizza & movie night at our house too. Tonight’s pizzas were turkey pepperoni and the other was mushroom & black olives.

  4. We had a great dinner of Tortilla Crusted Tilapia, Mac & Cheese, and Texas Cheese Toast. We then enjoyed a walk with the kids and dogs (had a 70 degree day in Ohio today) and then settled down to watch a little Mickey Mouse’s Choo Choo Express, a favorite in our house!

  5. Friday night is usually pizza night or leftover night (from all week of cooking). Fridays I usually spend the day with my friends, so I rarely cook. We also always watch a movie on Friday night! Your sandwich night sounds good!

  6. We had pizza – because I had no plan – BUT sandwiches sound good – maybe that will be on the menu next week! They looked fabulous!

  7. We usually have homemade pizza. We love it! Our movie night is Saturday night. Good night to snuggle with the kids.

  8. Love the picture of the Best Foods Mayonnaise. Around here (East Coast) it’s called Hellman’s with the same labeling. I love seeing differences like that. So how does someone leave the house without shoes? Perhaps a baby that you were carrying? Anyway, sandwiches sound like the perfect quick dinner. We don’t do it often enough around here. Have a great weekend!

  9. Mmmmm, you have avacados in so many of your pictures…I really need to buy those more!

  10. Oh, the sight of that bread makes my tummy rumble. It looks delicious! I absolutely love a good sandwich…

    Friday nights are “pizza and a movie” night around here most often. Being that it’s Lent and we’re Catholic, that means lots of veggies right now! Last night, it was mushrooms, green peppers, red onion, and broccoli. I love it that way! But I do think my hubby misses the meat a bit… 😉

  11. great idea.

    we already have pizza night I like sandwhich night

  12. Friday night is our popcorn and movie night too. 🙂

    My teenager is always out on Fridays so it is just the four of us, and there is usually enough left overs for us.

  13. Oh how funny, just talked about doing sandwiches and movie tonight. I mean like 3 minutes ago!!

  14. One of our favorite ways to do sandwiches is to make Italian subs – use sub sandwich bread, tomato sauce with herbs or pizza sauce, meatballs or pepperoni, and top with mozzerella cheese and heat. YUM! We also make our sub sandwiches with cold cuts and run them under the broiler like a favorite restaurant (which charges $8 a sub!!). I have even made these at church for the teenagers. It is amazing how much better they like them broiled.

  15. How do you cut your bread into such nice even slices? Love your blog.

  16. I have so been there with the no shoe thing! Some how one of my kids made it into the van and an hour away from home before we realized that we had no shoes. Luckily, we were going to shop, so I just added new shoes to the list. 🙂

  17. That bread looks delicious. Is it homemade bread? I’ve just begun experimenting with bread recipes and haven’t found a good one for sandwiches.

  18. We’re fans of the Spicy Italian sandwiches @ Subway. Recently we’ve been recreating them at home for a fraction of the price. They’re delicious and the girls are thrilled when they find out they’re on the menu which recently has been once a week.

  19. Love your blog! We had the same sandwiches last week. 🙂 Except my hubby insists they have bacon on them, too. We get the Kirkland pre-cooked stuff. Works great! *crud. now I want a BLATT! 🙂 *

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