Thankful for For Where I’m At

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OK, I’ll try not to rub it in too much. But we spent yesterday at the seaside! We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather here in San Diego so the temps were in the 70s; the skies were a clear blue; and I was “overdressed” in jeans and a tshirt.

Oh my! Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas, anymore.

When we bought our first home about ten years ago, I was convinced that we would never move. Well, I was wrong. Five years later, we moved to Kansas City. And when we packed up the truck that time I thought we would never move. Well, I was wrong.

One thing I know now that I’ve moved almost as many times as I’ve given birth, nothing is forever. Who knows? We may be freezing our tootsies off in Siberia next winter. (Just kidding, Mom!)

But, regardless of where we live, I want to be thankful for wherever I’m at and to enjoy what’s unique about that place. When we lived on California’s Central Coast we appreciated the great restaurants and fantastic local produce. When we lived in Kansas City, we savored the BBQ sandwiches and loved a day spent at Union Station. Now that we’re in Southern California, we’re trying to soak up all the good that there is to soak up, sunshine included.

And so it is with motherhood. The days will drift away and you won’t know what happened. Suck every minute dry!

Baby is just a baby for a short time. So relish in those late night cuddles. They won’t last forever.

Toddlers are voracious book listeners. Sit down with a stack and make the most of the moment. Once they learn to read, they leave you in the dust. Trust me.

What’s unique about this season in your mothering? And how can you enjoy it?

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  1. What’s unique for me is in just 7 weeks I am due to have 4 children 5and under–oh my! But, as much as I fail, they still love their Mama. Isn’t it amazing how joyful and excited a young child can be to cuddle with Mama even though maybe just yesterday you blew it in your attitude toward them? I want to be like them in that way. Quick to forgive, quick to be excited, joyful, and delighting in the smallest of life’s pleasures. Even on a cold, gray day like we are having today in KC, my little guys are giggling, playing, laughing and having fun without complaining even one time about the weather. I think I see why Jesus said to become like one of them…. 🙂

  2. I’m thankful for the time I have alone with my youngest while my oldest is in school. I’m also enjoying seeing him be independent when he runs in to playclass (45mins once a week) and tears off his boots and jacket and yells “Bye Mommy…have fun”, and runs to his little friends, while I go to the cafe next door and have a cup of coffee. But, my favorite part is when I pick them both up (him from playclass…her from kindergarten) and they yell…”Mommy…” as they come running with open arms, like they haven’t seen me in years. That’s what I like best these days!

  3. I am home schooling for the first time ever, with a two year old and an infant. It is interesting everyday to say the least. But I love that I am the one who gets to witness all the “firsts”. I taught my son to read. We were both jumping up and down with excitement! Even though there are days that I want to pull my hair out, I try to just relax and relish it. I enjoy listening to the giggles and the stories coming form the “fort” in the living room. I love the nature walks. I love having a big kiss and hug after we have a disagreement knowing they have already forgiven and forgotten. This season will go by so fast…and then they will want a car! LOL!

  4. Shari, great perspective. And since you’re building your family preschool style, make sure you give yourself permission to relax about the house stuff (and the weather)!

    CountryMama, how sweet! Where can I get a playgroup/cafe setup like that?

    Mrs. S, it WILL go by fast. I can’t believe my big boy will be 12 this year!

    Julie, thanks. Hope everyone is happy and healthy where you are. Be sure to come see us if you head this far south!