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An app that tracks when your baby eats, sleeps, and poops? Check this out.

My baby daze has faded. I was thinking this week of the time I lost 20 pounds in 2 minutes. I just shook my head at the memory of Mommy Brain. Oh my!

As I mentioned earlier this week, my last little one is going to be four next month. FOUR. I’m stunned. I just carried her up to bed after her having fallen asleep on our big teddy bear floor pillow. She’s outgrown nap — yet, every once in a while, she’s just too pooped to party.

And she still looks like a baby — at least when she’s sleeping.

Baby Daze

While I am no longer nursing a wee one, I remember those early days, especially when a child’s birthday approaches. As I look at baby pictures, it all comes back to me about tracking wet diapers, clocking feedings, and otherwise keeping track of a baby’s activities, growth, and development.

I never scheduled my kids’ naps and feedings; we followed more of an attachment style of parenting. But, in those early months, I remember how important it was to my nerves to know how often the baby was nursing and getting his or her diaper changed.

My mom and I would come up with hasty hand-written charts on scrap paper so that I could remember when I had last fed the baby. And we had a special method of stacking diapers on the changing table to be able to track diaper changes.

If I were having a baby these days — but I’m not, in case you’re wondering — I would most certainly download BabyESP. It’s an app for iPhone and Android users that lets you track almost everything that concerns a newborn’s early weeks and months.

And, yes, I think in my head, “What will they think of next?!”

BabyESP allows you to track:

  • Naps and Night Sleep
  • Breast Feeding Sessions
  • Bottles
  • Diapers
  • Medicines
  • Pumping
  • Growth (Weight, Height, and Head Circumference)
  • Baths
  • Multiple children
  • Any custom activity (even timed ones!) and more

I never had an iPhone when my kids were little. Heck, I didn’t have an iPhone four months ago!

But now that I do, I totally understand how this app can play into the “life as MOM.” Most moms who have a smart phone keep it close at hand, so you’d have at your virtual fingertips all this important info to keep track of.

I obviously haven’t been able to put it through the paces myself, but I think it’s definitely something for you to investigate if you’ve got a wee one to care for.

This weekend the folks at BabyESP are offering one Life as MOM reader a $25 iTunes giftcard.


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  1. Cool! Baby #2 is on the way and I would love to use an app to track things!meven just two years ago with my son we wrote everything down in a notebook!

  2. I tracked everything with my first baby, but got more relaxed. This is such a hot summer, though, it would be great to track baby Octavia’s nursing etc and make sure she’s getting enough fluids etc… It would be even good for tracking medicine etc when i have multiple children ill at once. I have all seven down, some on antibiotics, two on inhalers, one on a nebulizer as well – that was a HUGE chart to fill out every three hours !

  3. This is a great App that I have been using since the birth of my 21 month old daughter. When she was an infant it was great for tracking her nursing sessions and wet diapers. Every time I went to the pediatrician and he asked how long and how many times a day she was nursing, or how many diapers, I would grab my phone and give him all the answers. Now that she is older I use it to track medications, her sleeping schedule, and I’m even using it to track when she goes potty. Now that we are potty training, it’s great that I can pull this app up and see when she went last so that I can avoid the dreaded accidents! You can pretty much customize this app to track just about everything! I highly recommend it to all mom’s!

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