The Best Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me

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My mom is a clever woman. She knows that little girls with long hair do better with a shampoo at the kitchen sink. She knows that little fingers can “paint” cookies better than they can pipe or frost. She knows that little hands are more successful at feeding the Christmas tree with ice cubes instead of schlepping a bucket of water across the living room.

There’s no end to the good ideas that my mom has handed down to me over the years. She’s a genius, I tell ya! But, unlike those of us who offer unsolicited advice rather verbosely (ahem), my mom has always been subtle about how she’s advised me.

Recently, I put together a little tribute to my mom, complete with funky 1970s style music to set the mood. 😉 It’s about the best advice my mom ever gave me — and how it informs my parenting.

If the video doesn’t show up on your screen, you can go watch it on my YouTube channel.

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What’s the best advice YOUR mom ever gave YOU?

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  1. Your video is so cute! Some of the best advice my mom ever gave me is to be patient and keep the peace. SOmetimes it is makes us feel better to say I am sorry rather than to be stubborn because we think we are right. Also, I never FULLY appreciated my mother as a mom until I became one myself…she always made it look so easy little did I know how hard she was actually working.