The Day Google Reader Died

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I remember it well. It came with warning, but I didn’t really heed it. I was in denial for a long time.

I still am.

I still wish for it to come back. Google Reader, why did you have to leave us?

I’ve tried bloglovin. I’ve tried following my favorite blogs on Facebook. I’ve tried feedly. None really fit the bill, some six months later.

Years ago, I simply bookmarked my favorite sites Β and made a habit to click through my bookmarks regularly so that I could keep up on the latest doings. I might just go back to those old school ways.

Bloglovin and feedly just don’t have the same feel as Google Reader did. Facebook doesn’t show all the updates that I signed up for. If I’m going to jump hoops on Facebook, I might as well jump hoops on my own bookmarks. (Take that, Zuckerberg)

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Have you found a great replacement to google reader?

What works best for you with your web reading?

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  1. I miss Google reader too! I currently use Feedly but don’t like it as much…

  2. I use and like Reeder. I picked it up when Feedly was going through the early growing pains and wound up liking it enough that I quickly dumped the other options.

  3. yeah- i currently use Feedly but I’m not crazy about it. I mostly use my kindle fire for blog reading and the feedly app won’t let me open the keyboard. So I can’t comment, or fill out forms or anything that requires typing while using the app. I have to star it for later and hope that I have time to get on a real computer and go back later to comment. But it’s better than any other option I found. *shrugs*

    • Emily. I don’t really like Feedly either, but wanted to tell you a couple things you can do on your ipad. If you are viewing an article, most of the time if you view the website (bottom right button) you will be able to add comments, etc. If that doesn’t work, in the upper right hand corner are three vertical dots. Touch the dots, and you are presented with some options. The last option for me is Chrome (which I have set as my default in Feedly, yours may be Safari) and if you touch that, it will open the post in your browser. I have to do that for Rafflecopter stuff and a few other things. I hope that helps!

      • No- this seems to be a problem with the kindle app not feedly in general. I can get to comment forms, it just won’t open the keyboard.

        • Ok. I was thinking that the mobile apps would be the same. Bummer. That would be even more frustrating! πŸ™‚

          • Yay- I was able to get the 3 verticle dots to let me open the browser. I hadn’t gotten anywhere doing that before but that seems to be a working options. Thanks for your help!

      • Thanks! for some reason I had yet to figure out how to open in a browser that way. Maybe that will help me out – I have been emailing posts to myself for when I get on the laptop (I mainly read on an android tablet) to do rafflecopter or comment.

  4. Mary Ellyn Rozell says:

    I too use Feedly. I guess I have finally gotten used to it, but definitely still long for Google Reader. Just don’t understand why they had to get rid of it.

  5. I remember freaking out over losing Google Reader, too! I use Feedly now and either I have it working almost exactly like Google Reader – OR – maybe I’ve just forgotten by now how much GR was? Either way, Feedly seems to be working well for me now. Good luck with it!

  6. I like NewsBlur

  7. Also using Feedly. It is “okay” but I miss Google Reader too!!!

  8. I really missed Google Reader too… until I found The Old Reader. It is really almost exactly like Google Reader. I think it’s just

    • I too use The Old Reader and love it for it’s almost exactly like Google Reader feel. They had major growing pains when Google Reader died but I’m so glad I stuck with it. I tried both Bloglovin and Feedly and didn’t like either, though I found Feedly better than Bloglovin.

    • This is the first I’ve heard of The Old Reader. Will have to check that out. Thanks!

  9. Feedbin. It works with the Reeder app on my iPhone, which was really all I was using when GReader died. I miss Google Reader, but Feedbin is a great substitute. I like the UI on the website. It’s how I read your blog. πŸ™‚

  10. I have been using NewsBlur. It seems to work pretty well and has a similar feel to Google Reader. I didn’t like Feedly either.

  11. So I use Feedly – but unlike many of the other commenters, I love it MORE than I did Google Reader! It’s much more customizable, and works great on Android (sorry, don’t know about iphones).

    • Elizabeth, I’m surprised to see all the comments about Feedly, too. I DEFINITELY love it more than Reader (and I sooooo mourned the loss of Reader when it happened). Like it on the computer, but love the app even more (on my Kindle Fire and phone). I particularly like the sorting features and “saved for later” flag.

  12. I love bloglovin. It’s easy for me to use especially since I was using bookmarks until I signed up for it πŸ™‚

    • I use bloglovin too, but I had to fool around with the settings before I liked it very well. I put everything in the center column. I scroll down and click “mark as read” if I’m not interested. If I want to read it, I right click and and open in a background tab. Then I read all the tabs. Works for me, but I loved Google Reader too and am sad it’s gone πŸ™‚

  13. I use, but do not love, Feedly. I never tried BlogLovin mainly because the links on FB that came FROM BlogLovin always annoyed the living daylights out of me.

  14. I use feedly, but miss google reader. I don’t like it as much.

  15. I decided early on that I hated Feedly, so now I have Bloglovin, and it’s better, but still not Google Reader. πŸ™

  16. I really like newsblur. I liked Google Reader a bit more, but it works best for me of the replacements I have tried. I do follow A LOT of blogs so I paid for a premium membership, but there is a free option. I hated feedly.

  17. Right now I’m using Feedly but I don’t love it. You can’t edit tags once they’re made (seriously?!) and you can’t search within your reader. Those are two BIG strikes against it but it’s the best alternative I’ve found. I’m going to check out some of the other services people have mentioned here, too.

  18. I’m using newsblur and really happy with it.

  19. Am and always have been using the old school method. Bookmarking and clicking. Works for me.

  20. Funny that I’m reading this on Bloglovin’! I miss Google Reader because I didn’t have to click thru ALL the posts I don’t have time to read.

  21. I use feebly.

  22. I loved Google Reader too and I did try The Old Reader for a while but decided to take the plunge and try Feedly because it had an app that worked with my Kindle. I like Feedly for the most part but it is missing the search feature for the free version.

  23. I use feedlerRSS on my iphone and it only works with some feed readers so the one I ended up switching to is BazQuz. Its very similar to Google Reader but not quite as good πŸ™‚

  24. I use Feedbin with Reeder and to be honest the only difference between this setup and when I used google reader is about Β£20 a year. Otherwise it’s identical. I love reeder! Other great options are feedwrangler, and mnmlrdr.

  25. I use Netvibes / Bloglines. I have groups of feeds sorted together into folders and I like that I can just my keyboard “N” (for next) to move onto the next post if I’m not interested. I also combine my reading with Pocket (used to be Read it Later) so I can keep my RSS feed list clean and save those articles I want to read to Pocket.

  26. Elizabeth says:

    I too was dismayed when Google Reader announced their shutdown. I tried Feedly and Bloglovin and wasn’t sold on either of those options. I prefer RSS; I don’t like to read via email subscriptions, Facebook, or remembering to check bookmarked websites (although I do check Money Saving Mom instead of subscribing because she has such a high-volume feed). My solution is a unique one – my brother created a reader of his own that he made available for family members to use. He wanted beta testers and I wanted a basic reader that somewhat mimicked Google Reader, so the arrangement works for both of us. As a bonus, I can just go to him to ask for any features that I want or with bugs that need fixing.

  27. Rss reader app works for me. πŸ™‚ love all your posts!

  28. I use Feedly now. I miss Google Reader!

  29. I went from reader to reader after my beloved Google Reader quit. I stopped when I came to Digg reader. I’ve been using it for several months and like it almost as much. I like The Old Reader but the refresh and updates were not frequent enough when I was using it. Try Digg reader, I think you’ll like it! BTW, yours is my favorite blog in my feed : )

  30. I dreaded the day too. I tried Bloglovin and hated it. So I signed up to Feedly and the You might want to try Old Reader if you haven’t yet.

  31. one of these days, I’ll try out one of these readers to see how they work. I just sign up for RSS feeds, and it downloads the posts into my Outlook. There’s a folder for each blog I follow, so I can pick which ones I want to read. Then I just click the link at the bottom of the post to go to the site to add comments. It’s easy for me to just keep the posts I want to refer back to, I delete the ones I don’t need anymore, and I can forward them like an email to others I think might like that topic. It works great for me.

    • My husband loves Outlook. I avoid it like the plague. Isn’t it funny how we’re all so different?

    • I do the same thing, but just in yahoo mail… I am sure I could do the same in gmail, etc. I have all my blogs filter into one folder called Unread Blog Posts. Then it basically functions like reader did for me. I have another folder called Blog Posts t Save that I will put them into if worth saving. I did have a few blogs that don’t have easy email subscription options so I signed up with Blogtrottr which sends email versions of those blogs.

  32. Netvibes works well for me. I used Igoogle and google reader before, and netvibes is a nice combination of the two. Not exactly the same, but it works more smoothly for me than flipping through the bookmarks, which was also my original method. πŸ™‚

  33. I have feedly and hate it! In the good old days of Google Reader I had an app called gReader that I liked better than the real google one. Apparently now you can link it to your feedly account and still use it. I was planning on going back to that when I got around to it, but now I want to look into some of the other options in the comments!

  34. Feedly is working ok for me. The Old Reader does look a lot like Google Reader, for what it’s worth …

    InoReader is a Cloud based RSS Reader aimed to fully replace Google Reader and even provide additional tools and functionalities for power users.

    Love it!

  36. Trina Grant says:

    I miss Google Reader. I use Feedly and muddle through. I might even like Feedly better if they had a bookmarklet. Saving to Feedly is a pain…I’m still trying different ways to suit me. I do love the UI though. Very user-friendly. I also like being able to share to my Flipboards.

  37. I tried BlogLovin for a while, but got really tired of having to click through the link to each post I wanted to read. Took forever and kind of defeated the purpose of reading via an aggregator. I went back to Bloglines, which is what I was using before switching to Google Reader, and I like it the best of what I’ve found. Wish it had a mobile app, though.

  38. I’ve only ever used email subscriptions and bookmarks. I guess I’m in the minority!

  39. Newsblur. Pretty similar to Google Reader, and I was able to import my blogs using the export from Reader before it shut down. I check daily (multiple-times) on my iPhone and iPad using the free app. You can sort into folders, view all or only new posts, save favorites, etc.

  40. Okay, I have to admit I am not even familiar with Google reader. I’m not that tech savvy:) I signed up for the email updates from the start and enjoy getting my daily email from Life as Mom. Those that I want to save to look at further I just put in a file. That might be old school, but it works for me!

    • I say whatever works! I’ve done that with some blogs recently, but they don’t let you get the whole post in the email. I find that very annoying. They do that so that they can get the pageview, but that’s not convenient to the reader.

  41. I have a side comment. You are a blog writer – you spend a certain amount of time reading other blogs and such as part of your WORK.

    I am not, and read blogs such as yours for my own pleasure during my [discreet cough] free time – of which I have almost none LOL.

    I cannot understand why some bloggers fail to make email an option – even if you need me to click through to your blog to read – give me a title and a sentence or two with a jump link and I will be looking at most of what you write if I’ve bothered to subscribe.

    Understand that you’re trying to find a way to read those blogs that you used to read on google reader – but I have simply stopped reading any blogs that don’t let me subscribe by email. I may stop by due to a pin, or a link from another blog – but when I find I like that new to me blog and can’t find a subscription spot, well, I sigh and just leave again after reading the initial link.

    I don’t understand a lot about the business of blogging – but it seems to me that driving traffic to your site is worth whatever annoyance the subscribe by email thing would be – I often share links to an article I read – that’s even more traffic – I pin, always to the original source rather than repinning and have quite a few followers for someone not an online ‘presence’ – more traffic that’s being missed.

    I did used to have google reader and those blogs? The ones without a subscription option? They’re gone from my world as I’m never going to click through a bunch of bookmarks to find them just to see what’s up . . .

    Not asking for a solution LOL – hope someone suggests something useful – just putting it out there as I know a lot of bloggers READ your blog!

    And don’t YOU ever stop subscriptions πŸ˜‰ Some days you are an island of reason in a sea of chaos!

    • First, thank you for your kind words. I’m glad to know that there is reason somewhere in my chaos! LOL I get you. I went to subscribe to a few and was stunned that they didn’t make it easy.

      But, I don’t like the jump links in emails. I subscribe to an email so I don’t have to click around. You really don’t mind that?

      • Hmmm, depends – I don’t love it. But I don’t mind it if it’s a worthwhile blog and if they give me enough to make a decision before I click . . . I do it for david lebovitz πŸ™‚ and for the amateur gourmet LOL – but it needs to be something that I know I’m interested enough to click kwim?

  42. re-entering the professional work force 4 months ago after 20 years, I’ve got a stack of those yellow “for dummies” books on my desk as I navigate through today’s technology. lol

    I don’t even know what this topic is about (google reader?) may I offer a suggestion to all you seemingly much younger than I folks? don’t let yourself become a rip vanwinkle such as myself. does anyone remember Lotus?

    i’m gathering this topic is about increasing your blog traffic? expanding your audience to a bigger audience will require you to adapt very quickly if need be. i;m sorry for your frustration. i have nothing else to offer but hugs and giggles.

    • Actually, no, it’s not so much about expanding an audience as much as keeping up with the blogs I’ve enjoyed and learned from over the years. A “reader” is a place where all the blogs you follow can congregate. Each time a blog you like updates, the post will show up in your reader, kind of like an inbox. Then you don’t have to open an email, deal with an email or click around.

  43. I use Feedly only because it’s the only replacement that came close – not nearly as nice and has quirks that I’m not a fan of (only sometimes marking articles as read, when trying to play a video in the mobile app, it shuts the entire app down…). My husband started using Press (it’s a mobile app) and he really liked it, but I need something that can go between PC and Android. I miss reader, and have cut back on my google product usage because I was afraid of getting attached to another service only to have it removed. If gmail and google voice go away I will really be in trouble!!

  44. I switched to Bloglovin. I didn’t like it as much at first, but once I got used to the change, I decided I like it better. πŸ™‚

  45. Elizabeth says:

    I now use Pulse.

  46. I loved Google Reader, and was so sad when they got rid of it. Have you tried Netvibes? I love it! I tried a couple of other readers and didn’t like them at all, but Netvibes is very similar to Google Reader and works well for me.

  47. I miss Google Reader, too. I don’t know why they got rid of it! I currently use Feedly, but I hate how it doesn’t keep anything, and you can’t search for things, either. My inbox is just getting full of everything that I read and want to keep!

  48. I was just thinking this same thing the other day – I still miss google reader and haven’t found a replacement I like either. There is just something wrong with each one I’ve tried. I’ve actually started going back to my old school bookmark method as well – so much for progress.

  49. I love greader and hated feedly. But somehow you can use feedly with greader? Interested to know if anyone does that.

  50. I do most of my blog reading on my phone these days and have come to really like the Newsify app. It works through my Feedly account, but I like the interface better. (Poor Feedly, I found Newsify when the Feedly app was down for two weeks right after GR left. I think Feedly lost a LOT of business that week.

  51. I use NewsBlur. I like it, but I still would prefer to us Google Reader πŸ™

  52. Try newsblur. I love it, and it’s pretty easy to figure out.

  53. I have been using the Blogger dashboard. Easy to add blogs with copy/paste. Check it when you want to look at blogs you are following and there are in order from newest back. Works for me at least, and I can see my own blog stats on top. even if I haven’t posted in a couple of months. That’s what a new job will do.
    Unrelated, I stumbled into this blog from your other one. And I have had your book for quite some time. Wasn’t aware until today that your blog was by the book author.
    Love your book, and I am liking the direction you are heading in your blog…Thanks! We are salt reduction focused these days..
    Keep it up! That way I can avoid updating mine!

  54. I loved Google Reader, and now use Digg Reader both on my desktop and iphone. πŸ™‚ It’s not “quite” the same but I love that you can sign in with your Google id and all your old subscriptions and faves/bookmarks are automatically there, even the way you organized them in folders (I’m so particular about that!) Hope that helps πŸ™‚ Here’s the link

  55. Oh, p.s., at the Digg login, i think you don’t have to sign up for a new account… Just go to “Already a user?” and login using the Google option πŸ™‚

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