The Daze Will Pass All Too Quickly

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The daze seems long, but it will pass all too quickly.

The Daze Will Pass All Too Quickly | Life as MOM

The days really will go faster than you think. The little old lady in the grocery store is not wrong.

And life is really hard sometimes. That makes you wish time to go faster, for potties to be trained, and noses to wipe themselves. It’s true that some days really suck and to be told to enjoy it can be annoying.

In that moment when those two truths collide,

think about ten years from now and the relationship you want with your child. Suck it up for the sake of that person you will be and that person he will be.

What we do now isn’t just about now. It’s about tomorrow.

Your kids will always need you. In fact, Cathy is right, they will need you more, not less, as they age. I am seeing that in my teens now.

That may be why I pine for the toddler years! I could fix things with a cookie and a nap. It’s not so easy nowadays!

And I guess that means, it’s not too late for me to enjoy the daze we’re in right now.

Have a great week enjoying your peeps for who they are today in order to bless the ones they will become.

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  1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this simple yet critically important reminder! I cannot believe how fast my kids are growing up…….

  2. Though it may seem cliche, this is so true. Like you, I have a son who is a senior, and my youngest is five, still in preschool. Looking back, it truly seems like just yesterday that my senior was in this preschool stage. It makes me
    more able to see how soon my little one will be a teenager and to appreciate this phase of her life. Even still, there are days when her constant chatter can wear on me. But, I try to keep it in perspective and hope that in ten (short) years she will still want to talk to me as much!

  3. The time can go so fast. As my kids get older, I do appreciate their independence, but their problems can be a lot harder to solve! We just had our first major “girl drama” with my 11 yr- old. And I know that there will be more. 🙂 But there are some of the fun experiences, like getting to know the person they will become, and seeing them learn to think things through and form their own opinions.