The Foodie Family and the EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale

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As you know we are a family of gluttons foodies. We love to cook. We love to eat. We love to learn about food.

Years ago, I read in a cooking magazine that a kitchen scale was essential to proper baking. The reason is that flour weight can vary by manufacturer, so to just add “1 cup” to a recipe can result in very different results, depending on the manufacturer. I bought a cheapo scale at a discount store but it seemed to give me inaccurate readings. The same bowl of potatoes would weigh different amounts each time I weighed it. Obviously, it wasn’t calibrated properly.

So, I added a digital scale to my kitchen wishlist, but didn’t really move on it. Then Alton Brown told FishPapa that we needed one if we were going to properly prepare “good eats.” So, two of us had “digital scale” on our wishlists.

How pleased we both were when EatSmart Products sent me their Precision Pro Kitchen Scale to review. It is a small, lightweight scale that easily fits inside a kitchen drawer for quick access. My previous scale was bulky and inaccurate, requiring me to assemble several pieces, recalibrate each time, and then disassemble it in order to store it. Conversely, this baby is sleek.

And by the way, the silver version is super easy to keep clean (in our experience.)

We’ve used this scale for all sorts of things: weighing ingredients for baking, comparing the price breakdown of buying trimmed meats versus untrimmed, dividing up ingredients, like shredded cheese from a bulk bag, for long-term freezer storage. I’ve even used it to weigh letters and small packages so that I can determine the proper postage needed.

I am really impressed with this scale. If you’re just getting used to the ins and outs of your kitchen, put it on your wishlist for later. It’s not a beginner’s necessity.

However, if you are looking to get a little more serious in your culinary endeavors, I think this is a great tool to have and one that fits a reasonable price point. It’s currently $25 on Amazon with free shipping. (And if you have Swagbucks gift certificates, well, then it would be free.)

Win a Precision Pro Kitchen Scale!

This week, in honor of LifeasMOM’s blogiversary, two readers will each win a Precision Pro Kitchen Scale.

Simply leave a comment, telling us what kind of foodie are you: Are you a beginning cook? Can you hold your own? Are you ready to be the Next Food Network Star?

For an extra entry, tweet (use @FishMama) or blog this giveaway. Make sure to link back to this giveaway and leave a second comment here, telling me how you spread the news.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, May 16th 8 pm PST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified by email. Those who don’t respond with 48 hours of their notification email will forfeit their prize.

Disclosure: EatSmart Products provided me with a Precision Pro Kitchen Scale for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way for reviewing this product or offering this giveaway, nor was I required to do so. My opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. I like to cook so I guess I can hold my own but I don’t have much time to prepare nice meals.

  2. I think I’m in the “I can hold my own” category. 😉
    Happy blogiversary!

  3. I think I can hold my own in the kitchen.

  4. I tweeted. I’m AliciasTweeting. 🙂

  5. I’m in the “I can hold my own” category.

  6. I think I can hold my own in the kitchen when I have time.

  7. My hub and I are also big Alton Brown fans…and I think we’d probably fall right in the middle of the cooking skills spectrum 😉 My hub is very detail-oriented in cooking so he especially would get a kick out of the scale…I am very much more on the “close enough!” side of things!

  8. I’m a wanna be foodie. I love the idea of cooking and once a get a couple recipes down pat, I cook them all the time. This scale might help me!

  9. I can hold my own. I love to bake and cook from scratch. I have a simple scale that I got at a yard sale and it works ok. Would love to win this one though!

  10. Deborah K. says:

    I “can hold my own”. Love getting ideas and inspiration from this blog. I use cook books mostly for inspiration (gotta love pictures!) but usually alter recipes. I don’t have a scale in my kitchen.

  11. I can hold my own. I love to cook and am enjoying having more time to experiment in the kitchen now that I’m home full-time. Although that will certainly change when our first little one is born next month!

  12. ashley m says:

    I can hold my own! I cook as many things from scratch as possible. Cooking is a big passion of mine but I am always reading blogs and searching the internet for new and exciting recipes to try!!!

  13. I would be in the “can hold my own” category, as would my husband. We are both foodies, and we both love to cook. Although I do the majority of the cooking as a SAHM, my husband likes to get creative when he has the time–like last Saturday morning when he woke up with a craving for donuts. He found a recipe online, then made some chocolate-glazed cake donuts for breakfast. Yummy! And he let me sleep in, too! What a guy!

  14. Christine says:

    I think I’m in the “hold my own” category. 🙂

  15. Fun! I am a beginner – you can usually eat what I cook, but I follow the recipes EXACTLY. Thanks!

  16. I would definitely say I can hold my own in a kitchen. I’m starting culinary school in the fall, so I can imagine I’ll only get better 😛 🙂

  17. Rachel P says:

    I am a hold my own mama, not so great at sticking to a recipe though:) I like to experiment.

  18. After years of following the recipe, I am starting to become adventurous in my kitchen. I love altering recipes – adding and subtracting ingredients to suit my tastes. I want to become more comfortable making my own dishes from scratch! Slowly but surely I am trying my hand at creating food on my own 🙂

  19. How funny you post this because my husband and I were literally talking last night about how we need a better kitchen scale. We have a very basic scale that holds a small amount of food in a container that very delicately balances onto of the scale. Needless to say it doesn’t work very well. Oh and to answer your question, we can hold our own!

  20. I can hold my own in the kitchen, but I still like to try/learn new things!

  21. I can hold my own. I enjoy cooking, but I’m more of a baker. I like the precision of baking. And, it does appeal to my sweet tooth. In fact, I have a whole bunch of ripe bananas that I’ll be turning into muffins and bread, starting tonight. Yum!

    For day-to-day cooking, my husband is the primary cook in our household. I’m more of the ‘when the mood strikes me’ cook.

  22. How funny, I just started Weight Watchers and ordered this exact scale last week using Swagbucks!

    I’m not a new cook, but not a Food Network Star, somewhere in the middle!

    Love your blog

  23. I love to cook from scratch when I have time! My scale is an old balance type that I got for $5.00. I defintely need a new one!

  24. I can hold my own for sure! A digital scale has been on my wishlist, but no one takes me seriously and I never get one.

  25. I can hold my own. I love to cook, especially cajun food. I’m still a far cry from my mom, who can whip up a fabulous meal out of nothing.

  26. Valerie S says:

    I love to cook following recipes but I’m not a creative cook. I try to cook most days a week and I love to try new things as long as I can follow the recipe.

    vjsweeley at gmail dot com

  27. I am a beginner cook. I really want to start cooking without just opening a box. Your blog has been so helpful and I’m soon planning to say that I can hold my own! 🙂

  28. I read alot but haven’t put all of it into practice. But my next endeavor is breadmaking, so this would be fabulous!

  29. I *love* food! Trying new recipes, techniques for food prep…Addicted to the Foot Network- it’s caused my entire family to turn into much so that the parental units are in need of a scale for our new Weight Watchers program! lol.

  30. I feel pretty confident in the kitchen. It’s been so much fun and help to add freezer cooking to my repertoire! Thx FishMama.

  31. I love to cook & experiment, however my kids don’t always enjoy it. I think I can hold my own, but have always wanted a kitchen scale. My husband also mentioned we needed one after watching Alton Brown!

  32. I love to cook. I don’t know if I’m NFNstar material, but I’m pretty good. I’ve really been wanting a kitchen scale. We’re really working on portion control and such in our family and a food scale would be great for that…I’m sure our meat portions are out of control!

  33. I think I am a pretty well seasoned cook ;p I like to experiment and am currently trying to figure out the whole natural whole foods thing and been for a while. I’d love this scale! I love to bake as well and it would help me to concoct my own recipes 🙂

  34. I can hold my own. I really enjoy cooking and baking, but wouldn’t want to do it professionally.

  35. i’m a “hold my own” kinda girl

  36. I’m a hold my own cook. Recently have been becoming more of an adventerous cook, trying new things and experimenting with new spices. Many times have thought how handing a scale would be when bulk buying and separating to freeze items.

  37. I think I can hold my own. I like recipes for a guide but I hardly ever use them! 🙂

  38. I am a beginning cook.

  39. I can hold my own. I love to play around with recipes and experiment in the kitchen.

  40. I can hold my own, but a scale might help me with my breadmaking!

  41. “I can hold my own”, but I love learning new recipes and trying new ingredients.
    Yvette 🙂

  42. I can hold my own but I’m exploring more healthful cooking methods so I’m finding lots of new things to learn.

  43. Angela Shrader says:

    I can hold my own. My family is definitely a family of foodies. Unfortunately it means we are overweight. I hope to win so I can show my 10 year old daughter the proper portion sizes for her age/ height….b/c she’s eaten like an adult since she was 5. She has already taken the initiative and gotten more active and lost lots of weight. And hubby lost 30 pounds recently. So I would like to take us all to the next level. Great blogaversary, Life as MOM!!!

  44. Michelle Crook says:

    I hold my own! Would love this! Thanks.

  45. I’m holding my own!

  46. I am not a beginner, but definitely not close to a Food Network Star! I have wanted a kitchen scale for a few years now, so this would be awesome to win!

  47. Yes, I’m somewhere in the middle as well–hold my own! I know Alton Brown advocates the use of these, but I’ve never picked one up…oh, the shame…

  48. I love to cook. I’m no where near a food network star, but I can hold my own in the kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. I love to cook, but still definitely a newbie! Learning new stuff every day!

  50. I would say that I can hold my own.

  51. I tweeted.

  52. Congrats! I’m somewhat of a newbie. I am trying to learn more about truly homemade meals and baking.

  53. I would love to win this scale. I love to cook for my family, it’s become a passion of mine! Are Canadian’s eligible for this giveaway?

  54. I think I’d finally consider myself in the “hold my own” category. I have several recipes I’m comfortable with but I’m still learning. I’d love to win the scale.

  55. I took over the cooking from my husband about a year ago when I decided to stay home with our 2 year old. I’m pretty good in the kitchen, but just starting to get into batch/freezer cooking.

  56. I can “hold my own” pretty well in the kitchen. I can attribute my talent to 4 *always* hungry kids and a husband who still has the appetite of a teenage boy, so I get LOTS of practice in the cooking department.

  57. i like to believe i can hold my own. i have had a food scale in the past and loved it! that is, until i melted the battery case by leaving it on the toaster oven. don’t worry, i’ve learned my lesson.

  58. I can hold my own and love to learn new things in the kitchen.

  59. Happy Blogiversary!!

    I am definitely somewhere in between a beginner and the Next Food Network Star. I love to cook, but have just started being adventurous and changing up recipes, etc.

  60. I can hold my own, but I’m always learning.

  61. I love to cook and can “hold my own”. I’m a very adventurous eater – however my hubby and two children are not. I have used a kitchen scale for about 5 years, but the button on the one I have is cracked from so much use and I’m afraid it doesn’t have much life left. Mine was actually a digital postage scale from Staples. I would love to have a new one!!!!

  62. Stephanie says:

    I can hold my own. I love to cook and would like to ave a scale it has been on my list for quite some time. I love trying new things and feeding he family wholsome healthy fun food that looks like it could be not so good for you.

  63. I can hold my own I guess. There are a few things I am still learning about. But with a newborn and toddler, I don’t cook or bake as often as I would like.

  64. Chelsea Porter says:

    I have this scale (in red, purchased from Amazon), and I love it! It’s super easy to use, and even easier to store! 😀 I add my recommendation to FishMama’s, for what it’s worth. 🙂

  65. I think I can hold my own except when it comes to baking. It still seems intimidating but I would love to start trying!

  66. Karen Thornton says:

    I feel like I can hold my own. I try to experiment with different foods and make new recipes of my own. This scale might help with that!

  67. I’m growing in my cooking abilities. I love to bake and am learning to branch out and try new things in the kitchen.
    I’m on a journey to cook frugally, healthfully and hopefully – make my family happy in the process. 🙂

    Blessings on the journey~~

  68. I was the oldest of six children – I started cooking around 5 and have been ccooking for crowds ever since. I can hold my own. I would LOVE to be a Food Network Star!! =)

  69. I can hold my own and would LOVE to be the Next Food Network Star but with a newborn and 3 other kiddos (oh! and working full time OUTSIDE of the house) I often feel like a newbie to cooking!

  70. my husband and i love the food network! our favorite show is Iron Chef America, and Alton is one of our favorite chefs too. i am learning to cook and have found that i actually like it! that scale would be a great addition to our kitchen, and would be fun to learn how useful it is.

  71. Michelle says:

    Between a beginner and holding my own. Some nights we still have burnt offerings for dinner!

  72. I have been married 40 years and have enjoyed (at times) cooking. I retired about a year ago and since I have fallen in love with trying new meals. Thanks for all your helpful tips.

  73. Jessica S. says:

    When I was first married almost 4 years ago, I was a clueless cook. My mom refused to cook growing up and my dad was the cook, but an unimaginative one – basically rotating between 5 or 6 simple meals. When I got married, I discovered that I was someone who loved to try new recipes and do new things in the kitchen, and I’m proud to say that I can hold my own now in the kitchen. 🙂

  74. I guess I can hold my own pretty well, there’s not much left that I’d be scared to try. Finding the time to do it is the hard part for me!

  75. Christina says:

    I enjoy cooking and baking and can hold my own. Good thing since I do a lot of it with 11 kids.

  76. I can hold my own….but don’t put me in a competition!

  77. Merry Jo says:

    I can hold my own, but boy could I use this scale to make things better! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  78. I am a pretty experienced foodie (I think)!

  79. I’m fairly confident in the kitchen. But then, I don’t cook things that are super complicated. My family has always been happy with my cooking, though, and I guess that’s really what matters!

  80. As my family says, I am a food snob! It must be delicious for me to eat it, so that means I must spend the time to make delicious food and I am always looking to try out new recipes and new techniques. I have never used a kitchen scale, but I think it would come in handy quite often!

  81. I love to cook. Don’t know if I’d want to be on the food network, though. I like to try new recipes and cook for company, too. I’ve always wanted a decent kitchen scale. This would be great!

  82. I really enjoy cooking. I would put myself in the intermediate range. But, I am definitely a foodie. I am into organics, cooking from scratch and whole foods.

  83. I’m a wanna-be foodie. I love to cook, and can hold my own with it, but lack the time to go into all-out foodie mode 🙂

  84. sue chibana says:

    I am new in cooking. Still collecting my utensils, plates, cups, glasses and pots. I wish I would win a scale!


  85. I think I can hold my own in the kitchen; but I also know I’ve got a lot to learn.

  86. I can hold my own.

    I love to bake, love to cook, and do most from scratch. My MIL jokes that I am kind of annoying because all my recipes work, even the first time. If you come to our house I am most likely to feed you. On the volunteer sign up sheets I am most likely to sign up for snacks and then bake them.

    Tonight for supper we are invited out, and I am taking white velvet butter cake because where is the fun in just making white cake?

  87. I can hold my own, but still always learning for sure 🙂

  88. I would love to win!! I recently began cooking more and more thanks to following your blog 🙂

  89. I can hold my own when it comes to cooking but I’m no means the next foodnetwork star! I do enjoy trying out new recipes and I love to decorate cakes! 🙂

  90. I’m on my way to being pretty proficient…

  91. I would say I can hold my own but I still pick up things here and there. I do love to bake though.

  92. Kristina says:

    I can hold my own for sure, but one thing i’m still doing is looking up weight equivalents for all my fav Alton Brown recipes!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a kitchen scale… it is already on my list thanks to that food-genius!

  93. I am definitely a beginning cook! Your posts inspire me try try new things (I made butterhorns last week!!) and I have started to stock our freezer with quick meals. Thank you so much for writing in this space!

  94. i cah hold my own but a lot of my means turn out tasteless:( but i love to try!

  95. Heather Kruger says:

    I am in between the “beginning cook” and “I can hold my own” at this point, but I just started weight watchers because I need to lose weight, so I could really use this to measure my food! 🙂

  96. I have hungry teenagers and a picky husband so I am a “Huge Quantities” kind of cook. I wish I liked it more…

  97. I think I’m pretty good. I would say I could hold my own on the stuff I’m familar with.

  98. Danielle says:

    I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but I think I’ve come along way. I’ve been thinking about getting a food scale for awhile, especially for baking. I’ve been doing a lot more scratch cooking, especially breads and I’ve been wondering if I’d get more consistent results with a scale.

  99. I tweeted this give-away at

  100. I’ve been wanting a scale for the kitchen, so thanks so much for the recommendation and the opportunity to win one! I’m in the “I can hold my own” category 🙂

  101. kathleen says:

    i can hold mine own. my family seems happy with the food i make so that is good enough for me.

  102. I love to cook and can hold my own. I love to try new recipes! I love your blogs!

  103. I can definitely hold my own in the foodie department. I love to cook and bake. Right now I have pizza dough rising for tonight’s dinner and I just pulled peanut butter choc chip bar cookies from the oven.

  104. I am on the experienced foodie side in both cooking and baking. My scale died last year and I haven’t replace it yet.

  105. I can hold my own in the kitchen. I’ve been baking since I was 12, and added cooking soon after. I love to create new things and try new recipes. I love to read cookbooks and then create my own version based upon the recipes I’ve read. Fortunately, my husband is a very adventurous eater…kids – not so much.

  106. Michelle M. says:

    I am holding my own very well in the kitchen.

  107. I’m an intermediate cook. I can cook all basic dishes but don’t have gourmet skills.

  108. I’d say I’m an intermediate enthusiast. I can hold my own, but you won’t find anything insanely fancy coming out of my kitchen and if I’m in a restaurant, I love trying new things but it doesn’t mean I’ll be able to pick up on every tiny spice in a recipe.

  109. I love this scale. We just started a new way of eatting healthy and this would come in very handy! I really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading your post each day. Thanks for your hard work!!
    I am in the “Can hold your own” kitchen catagory.

  110. I am a home cook foodie — lots of normal stuff in my repertoire but I can hold my own. My problem is my weight. I’ve too been looking at scales for the kitchen — so that I can more accurately weigh my food in order to get a more accurate idea of the amount I’m eating so I can adjust accordingly. Please please please let me win!

  111. I’m a beginner, but I’m trying hard! This would help! 🙂


  112. Kristen Deweese says:

    I can hold my own in the kitchen and I have wanted a food scale for a looong time!!! I hope I win!!

  113. Channing G says:

    I am a beginner but want to venture out and learn more

  114. I’m retired so I’ve done my share of cooking. It isn’t as much fun any more, so I’m constantly trying out new recipes to motivate me. That seems to work nicely for us.

  115. Amanda Y. says:

    I can hold my own with cooking, but sometime I don’t like to! We enjoy eating, but not so much the preparation!

  116. eunice b says:
  117. eunice b says:

    I can hold my own when it comes to cooking, but I love learning more! 🙂

  118. I enjoy cooking at home and can hold my own.

  119. i can hold my own in the kitchen. however, i am trying to get better at cooking more diverse meals- i.e. full meals and new recipes.

  120. I feel pretty confident in my abilities, which is a far cry from where I was a few years ago

  121. Ginger H. says:

    I think I can “hold my own”. I’m a pretty good cook but would like to be more creative and come up with my own recipes.

  122. I have no idea what kind of foodie I am, I think it depends on the day I’ve had in the kitchen!

  123. I’d say I can hold my own pretty well. Still a lot of room for improvement though! I won’t be appearing on the Food Network any time soon, haha.

  124. I can hold my own pretty well in the kitchen but I would really like to accel in the baking variety. (I love the goodies a little bit… okay: too much!) This handy-dandy scale would be the perfect tool in my workshop to accomplish that!

  125. I can hold my own in the kitchen but I’m not quite ready for my own show!

  126. Michelle says:

    I think I can hold my own, especially when it comes to desserts.

  127. I can hold my own in the kitchen, which is great considering I’ve been married for 26 years now. Like you, we’re on a journey to
    make much more of our food from scratch and there’s now a lot less junk food in the house.

  128. I’m in the “my husband and kids are in love with my food so that’s all that matters” category. 🙂

  129. I FEEL like I am a beginner cook but I probably would say more accurately somewhere in the middle. I still for the most part need a recipe, I can’t just open the cupboards and create. thanks!

  130. I can hold my own-I own my own Baking Business-called Heavenly Creations.

  131. I enjoying cooking and I sometimes daydream about being on the Next Food Network Star. I could do it. I mean, they don’t even have three demanding children vying for their attention while they cook. Piece of cake.

  132. I would say that I am a “hold my own” kind of cook and I would much rather bake than cook.

  133. I am a cook from scratch gal. I like making my own salad dressings, breads, granola, etc. Right now I use an old plastic scale that is really ugly, but this Precision Pro looks WONDERFUL, I could actually keep it out on my counter!

  134. I’d rate myself as an intermediate cook. I totally feel comfortable substituting and/or changing recipes to suit my family’s tastes. We are big Alton Brown fans and have been looking out for a scale, too! Great giveaway!!

  135. I am a beginning cook, wanna be foodie!
    Great giveaway, thanks!

  136. I can probably hold my own, although nothing I make is that fantastic. What a great giveaway! Have a happy blogaversary!

  137. I would LOVE to win the scale! I too saw the episode of “Good Eats” where Alton shows you the different weights of flours. While I don’t think I consider myself ready to be the next food network star, I do think I can hold my own. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway.

  138. I have been wanting a kitchen scale ever since I read the book “The Bread Bible.” We used scales for baking in school- I’ve been wanting one to perfect my chocolate chip cookie recipe as well. So I guess that would make me intermediate?

  139. Love to spend time in the kitchen – cooking and baking – not star material yet – but hey! – this scale might put me there!

  140. i guess i’d go with “hold my own” and always interesting in reading and learning more. thanks for the opportunity to win the scale. it looks sleek and awesome!!

  141. I have that same cookbook, it was my mom’s as a kid. I can hold my own in the kitchen, although I still have a lot to learn.

  142. We’re living with my parents until we move to CA the beginning of August, so I’m a sharing-the-kitchen, not-making-all-the-decisions kind of foodie right now. When I have my own kitchen, I’m a decent cook and love learning new things.

  143. I want to be a foodie but still rely on some good recipes to get the job done

  144. Not quite the next FNS – but almost! 🙂

  145. I’ve been cooking well balanced meals for about a year (I don’t count heating Pasta Roni in college as cooking)… however with a new recipe, it’s still hit or miss for me! I’m working on it, and a kitchen scale would help quite a bit. Thanks for the chance!

  146. Trying to maintain my ‘foodie’ status while 7 months pregnant and raising 14 month-old twins…a tough task 🙂

  147. I’m in the beginning stages of learning to be more inventive with my little girls – trying to teach them a love of cooking, that I don’t yet have, so thought we could practice together. Training them up better than I have been…

  148. Alyson M says:

    I can hold my own, but would love to be better!

  149. I can hold my own with a few things but am still learning. I think a scale like this would be a great addition to my kitchen. Thanks.

  150. I can hold my own–love to try new things and would love a scale.

  151. With a food-loving husband and 9 hungry children, I am thankful I can hold my own in the kitchen, and I love to experiment when I have the time. I’m currently sprouting 3 gallons of kamut, I have 20 pounds of almonds soaking in salt water ready to dehydrate, and am trying to get my newly acquired kefir grains to slow down…

    I would LOVE to win this to weigh my bread dough – even loaves are one of my pet peeves, mainly so they all cook in the same amount of time! 🙂

  152. Marilyn K says:

    I can hold my own now…I often look back at my younger years in my parents’ home and wish I had spent more time with my mom in the kitchen! Now I just call her with questions and that happens less often now. A scale would be great, especially since I’m looking to do more with bulk foods.

  153. I’m think I’m somewhere on the road to being able to hold my own. I’ve gone from basic cooking to collecting great recipes to being brave enough to experiment and now on the road to eliminating processed food. What a fun journey!

  154. I’m not exactly a beginner, but close!

  155. If I’m just cooking for my family I can hold my own, since we all have the same loves, anything Mexican, pizza, pastas and casseroles! But as far as entertaining…not so much, but try to branch out!

  156. Twetted!!!

    jennaod @Fishmama enter to win a free digital scale

  157. I can hold my own, but pregnancy-brain has led to some unfortunate kitchen disasters in the last few months….not wise to try to “soften” butter by putting the cube still in its wrapper directly in a 350 oven. And then forget about.

  158. I can hold my own;). My family thinks I am Next Food Network Star material but I think they are a bit biased;). I am also a huge AB fan!!!

  159. I’m a pretty good cook, but I wouldn’t want to cook for anyone but family and friends.

  160. I can hold my own in the kitchen…but at this point in my life I decide our meals based on how quickly I can get the meal together and what is relatively healthy……I used to spend tons more time and money…. but those days are gone! I enjoy cooking but homeschooling and running kids to lessons & keeping our house sane takes up a lot of my time! thanks!

  161. I can hold my own, but lately some friends and I have taken up the endeavor of polishing up our skills by working through a culinary textbook – we could sure use a good scale!

  162. I would love to win this scale! I can hold my own in the kitchen. I like cooking and trying new recipes …. especially when I have the time to be creative.

  163. I can hold my own! ; ) I have actually been wanting a scale for a while but I keep putting it off for one reason or another. I love to cook and bake from scratch. I also LOVE your blogs!

  164. Thanks for the scale give away- I am getting to “hold my own” but I am not there yet.

  165. I can hold my own and I’d say I’m pretty savy when it comes to healthy eating.

  166. Michelle says:

    I’m a middle of the road kind of a gal. I’m not afraid to try & cook anything – sometimes I succeed, sometime I don’t, but I always enjoy my time in the kitchen…. except for the dishes! LOL

  167. i can hold my own. being on food network would only happen because of my gabbing skills. not the cooking.

  168. I am definitely a “hold my own” cook. Like FishPapa, I am an Alton Brown devotee and have a kitchen scale on my list!

  169. I can definitely hold my own, especially if I have a recipe. Not so much the next star though – way too much drama!

  170. I can hold my own. I’ve been trying out once-a-month cooking for a couple of months now and LOVE it, but I try to cook at least a few “fancy” meals a month still just for fun.

  171. I love to cook and can hold my own in the kitchen.

    Happy Blogiversary!

  172. I think I could hold my own at this point, I still have a lot to learn but I enjoy exploring the world of food now where I used to just feel intimidated by new things!

  173. Christina says:

    I can hold my own in the kitchen. My oldest son wants me to try out for the Next Food Network Star, but I wouldn’t be able to handle being away from my family for more than a night or two. I have a kitchen scale, but I can tell it isn’t calibrated properly. I have been looking for a new one and this one looks really good. Thank you for the information on it and the opportunity to try to win one.

  174. I like to cook, but I rarely have time to try new recipes. i have a kitchen scale that I am using all the time. I would love to upgrade 🙂

  175. I can hold my own, but still have a lot to learn.

  176. Stephenie says:

    I know my way around a kitchen, so I guess I would consider myself able to hold my own. I would definitely like to kick things up a notch and this would sure be a nice way to get moving in that direction. We do A LOT of baking around my house.

  177. Brenda B says:

    Oh I have been wanting a digital scale! I think I can hold my own in the kitchen.

  178. I can hold my own…but am always looking for ways to improve 🙂

  179. I can hold my own! Learning more through ‘Good & Cheap Eats’ 🙂

  180. I would say that I can hold my own. My cooking has definitely improved over the past five years of being married and hopefully will continue to do so. I love to cook. I love to eat. My relatives like coming over to eat at my house and I’m flattered.

  181. Preparedmom says:

    Happy Blogiversary!!!
    I’m a “can hold it on my own” kind of foodie. I’ve been cooking for around 20 years, mostly from scratch. I’m not anywhere near being a FoodNetwork star however!

  182. I’m a frustrated cook. I had a family of five but now it’s down to just my last child at home, a teen of 15, and myself. She barely eats enough to survive and doesn’t like changes. I love to cook! We’re working out the details but I did get her to try something new tonight and she loved it! I’m not terribly great at cooking. Won’t be offered a show anytime soon unless it’s entitled “Don’t Let This Happen to You”. But I’m learning and someday my grandchildren will be grateful for it…even if they’re yet only two and negative 3 weeks. My newest venture is baking and I have been looking for a well behaved, good looking, precise scale so I can really get into baking on the right track. I’m excited about this giveaway. Thank you and Happy Anniversary!

  183. I can hold my own in the kitchen. Nothing impressive, but everyone’s bellies are usually full by the end of the day. 🙂

  184. hmmmm…I do like to cook. I like to think that I can hold my own. It would really help to have a shiny new cooking scale 😉

  185. I feel I can hold my own. I cook something new several times a week. A digital scale would be a great addition to my kitchen essentials.

  186. I am comfortable in the kitchen. I started cooking when I was about seven, but I still learn new things!

  187. I’m a beginner but really enjoying it. I’m on my way to becoming a foodie!

  188. We have the same boys and girls cookbook in the picture! My kids love to look through it !
    I can hold my own in the kitchen.

  189. I can hold my own — but not any kind of expert. I always substitute something in (or omit something from) about every recipe I make.

  190. tweet tweet-

  191. I can hold my own- I love to cook and bake. I am very inspired by all of the blogs that encourage me to keep trying new things- like this one.

  192. Christina says:

    I can hold my own in the kitchen…I have been thinking about getting a scale recently so I would LOVE this!

  193. Sheryl F. says:

    I enjoy baking and I have to follow a recipe if I make dinner so my husband does most of the cooking.

  194. i think i’m in the can hold my own category but my husband and i are starting to learn more about traditional/whole foods. in that sense, i’m definitely a beginner! happy blogiversary!

  195. I can hold my own…lately hubby has been the cook with a new baby in the house!

  196. I can hold my own in the kitchen. Love learning new things and trying out new recipes! Congrats on the past two years! Thanks for the inspiration your blog gives.

  197. I would say I’m in the “hold my own” category. I would LOVE this scale!

  198. I’m in the can hold my own category…just wish I didn’t like to eat so much…haha!

  199. I’m not Food Network Star, but I think I can more than hold my own in the kitchen…. now if I can just convince my four girls to share my enthusiasm I’ll be thrilled!!

  200. bridget coker says:

    yup, i’m ready to be the next food network star. we love food.

  201. Definitely a middle ground, hold my own girl. I enjoy most cooking, especially when I can spend time with my kids enjoying it.

  202. Anna Whiteside says:

    I can hold my own with cooking, but still learning on the baking end. I think this scale would be very helpful!

  203. I am very intimidated by the kitchen and by my fantastic cook of a husband…but he is teaching me to more comfortable in the kitchen and we are trying to prepare more meals as a family. I was even reading him blog entries last night about freezer cooking and we have decided to give it a try! Hope we win the scale!!

  204. I can definitely hold my own. Love to cook new things.

  205. I guess I can hold my own, I like to experiment and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake! Our other kitchen scale died – we used it to measure breastmilk into bottles by weight and it was so nice. I’d love a new one!

  206. I’m in the “hold my own” column. Now my husband on the other hand – he’s in the “Next Food Network Star” column. He’s awesome. He drives me crazy though because he never cooks the same meal twice and while I can cook on my own, I have a hard time duplicating his because he can’t even duplicate his!

    This scale would be an awesome addition to our kitchen!

  207. Christina H says:

    I think I can hold my own in the kitchen – but my h usband would say that I’m the next Food Nextwork Star!!

  208. I believe I can hold my own in the kitchen. That scale is an awesome prize. Happy Blogiversary!

  209. I blogged you!

    AND I even shared on my Facebook page my blog post.

    Thanks for the giveaway and for hosting such an encouraging blog!

  210. Sarah H. says:

    In the past year I’ve definitely developed as a baker and cook. I think it has a lot to do with being a stay-at-home mommy which I love!

  211. I’m a new foodie and love the learning process!

  212. I’d love to win this! I’d consider myself in the “I can hold my own” category. Not a gourmet, but I can cook and I like my food. So does husband, in fact since he’s been eating my food for the past 3 1/2 years he thinks most other food as no flavor. 🙂

  213. Sarah H. says:
  214. Heidi Fritz says:

    The cookbook in today’s photo!!! I have that one, too, and just had it out yesterday consulting the Molasses Crinkles recipe. It was a treasure when I was young; I poured over the pages, read all the notes from the children, and made several of the recipes. And now I know what inspired your creative cake baking! It seems like we once tried the castle cake. And at Christmas when it’s time to bake gingerbread boys, that’s the book I go to. So wonderful to see someone else enjoying the cookbook long after first childhood! Blessings.

  215. I can hold my own in the kitchen. I love to cook – I just wish I made more time to do it.

  216. Brandette Winblad says:

    I think I can hold my own, but I am still learning every day. I love trying new recipes that incorporate ingredients commonly found in our kitchen. I hope I win, this would be such a fun thing to learn in my baking endeavors.

  217. I can hold my own, maybe a little better than that. My mom put me in charge of dinner when i was a teenager at home, and now I make dinner from scratch most nights for my family and myself. We usually enjoy simple food, although lately i have been experimenting with different recipes. My husband however, is a professional and the rare occasion he cooks at home it’s always excellent! We would love to win your scale!
    Happy Blogiversary!

  218. Kelsey M says:

    I grew up cooking in the kitchen with my mom! I am however a newly wed so any new kitchen gadget would be awesome!

  219. I can hold my own in the kitchen…

  220. Totally agree about the necessity of a good kitchen scale! I’m on my third (!!) one in my cooking career–nothing has revolutionized my baking like my kitchen scale.

  221. Crystal Hankey says:

    I can hold my own in the kitchen. I have always been more of a “baker” than anything else. My daughter in law is a pastry chef and until I saw her weighing dry ingredients I didn’t know there could be so much difference in measuring. I would love, love, love one of these scales. Thanks for you awesome blog. I look forward to it every day!

  222. Ruth Hill says:

    I’m a very good cook. I am not ready to be the next food network star, but give me a recipe, and more than likely, it will turn out well.

  223. I can hold my own. I really enjoy cooking for my family and when people come over to eat with us.

  224. I am a beginner cook! I am getting married in August, we are in college and will definitely be on a budget! I am learning!! 🙂

  225. I’m a good enough cook to prepare meals from scratch while my college roommates are subsisting on Hamburger Helper and boxed cereal. I think that ranks me fairly high in the life skills department. 😉

  226. Debbie P. says:

    I’v been cooking many year’s now so I think I can hold my own, but I do enjoy be adventurious in the kitchen!

  227. I can hold my own.

  228. If I have a recipe, I can follow it. But forget being able to cook without a recipe! For some reason, cooking intimidates me! But ask me to bake something, no problem!

  229. I can hold my own but they scale would sure help. Happy Anniversary, LUV your blog

  230. I used to be a much better cook till I had my son and continued to work… before when I came home from work I had the time to make elaborate home cooked meals for dinner- now dinner is still home cooked but not quite elaborate due to changing diapers, feeding little one dinner, and playing with him.

  231. I’m definitely in the “hold your own” category, but I would love to have this scale. I’ve been thinking about getting one anyway, so it would be great if I won!

  232. I tweeted! @CardamomsPod

  233. Although I am relatively new to cooking (I’ve only really been cooking since I got married almost 2 years ago), I have been pretty successful and can definitely hold my own. I love cooking tasty and satisfying meals that are inexpensive and healthy. I love to try new things and experiment and everything I try works well even the first time. I would like to step it up and become more of a foodie but I don’t even know where to begin. Thanks for all of your tips and suggestions!

  234. Okay, I honestly don’t care about the scale, but the cookbook your son is reading caught my eye…I grew up with the original cookbook and my mom made the castle cake at least 4 times for my birthday – I asked for the same one every year. The pages are torn and covered with old jelly…it’s a treasure! 🙂 Good memories…

  235. I would say I am still in the beginning stages of cooking, I am anxiously trying to improve my skills though!

  236. I’m a make it from scratch, try anything sort of foodie =)

  237. I think I can hold my own:) I love cooking though, and am always interested in tools to help in the kitchen.

  238. I am above a beginner, but not an expert. My husband is the one that could go on the Food Network!

  239. I love to bake! My husband loves to cook. We are a great pair. I would love a scale to ensure better baking.

  240. I can hold my own in the kitchen.

  241. anna christensen says:

    “I can hold my own but just realized that my current scale is incredibly inaccurate and am looking for a new one” category.

    Happy Blogiversary!

  242. Tara LaPierre says:

    I can hold my own but still like to venture out and try new things

  243. I love to cook and bake. I believe I can hold my own…Yeah!
    This scale looks awesome…I want one!!

  244. I can definitely hold my own! I love to cook and bake from scratch and I usually fiddle with and change recipes. I’d LOVE to have this scale- I have baking books that recommend weighing flour, and I’d love to be more accurate.

  245. I can hold my own, with help from the store. I really want to do more cooking from scratch though. Thanks for the giveaway. – Dawn

  246. I would love to have a kitchen scale after all the good things I’ve heard. Actually your cooking style reminds me of my own.

  247. Amanda Warner says:

    I can hold my own in the kitchen quite well!!! Just wish I had the courage to do OAMC!!!

  248. mimi1214 says:

    I love food, cooking food, sharing food, eating food. I’d love a nifty little scale like that!

  249. I have cooked from the box for years. I am learning to cook from scratch.

  250. mimi1214 says:

    Tweeted for @FishMama – love your blog!

  251. Clarissa says:

    I can hold my own in the kitchen. I’ve had a food scale on my wish list for a while as well!

  252. Maybe in 3 more years I can hold my own. Right now, surviving, is more of what I do in the kitchen! Although a scale would be nice since we do a lot of fishing and get venison from friends often.

  253. Thank you for the opportunity. I can hold my own most days.

  254. I’m a planning foodie. I love to have things on hand to make in a flash without having to go to the store. With 4 children now, I don’t like having to go to the store every week unless I want to.

  255. I like to think I can hold my own…

  256. I am a new reader and adore this website! I am definitely a newbie to the cooking world. I’m trying to feel more comfortable and confident in the kitchen. I have a 9 month old at home so I have a little time to get this down before I have her as my critic!

  257. Michelle says:

    I cook when I have to, but my husband is the real chef in our kitchen!

  258. Pretty sure I’m in the “hold my own” category. I am learning more and more about being organic and eating more healthy. I am a fan of Alton Brown myself. I would love to win this scale!

  259. I tweeted about your giveaway.

  260. Jessica F. says:

    I am a novice! I love to read food blogs and cookbooks, but am still learning how to create something new.

  261. I would be in the “hold my own” category! I’ve had a kitchen scale on my wish list for a while, I’m getting really into baking bread and a scale is becoming more and more of a neccesity 🙂

  262. I think I would be in the “I can hold my own” category!

  263. I’ve prepared meals for a long time, but am still learning! Have never owned a kitchen scale, but would love to! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  264. I love to cook and bake and since I am nursing I eat all the time!

  265. Jan Tremaine says:

    I am definitely a foodie! I love to bake and cook (as do my kids). I’m not ready for the Food Network, though I love to watch various shows on it. I would love to win this scale.

    I absolutely love your blog. Our families are at similar stages and have similar interests. You provide great encouragement and practical ideas. Thank you and Happy Anniversary!

  266. I love to cook. I am one of those that has to have a recipe though. It scares me to think of coming up with my own version. I wouldn’t want to waste all those ingredients in case it didn’t turn out.

  267. I’ve baked for years but just started cooking about a year ago. I had always worked a job where I was out of the house for supper and on weekends so never had an opportunity to cook for more than just myself. I think I’m around the “hold my own” category now!

  268. I’m a beginner cook; newly married but working full time so my cooking is progressing a little more slowly than what’s intended! 🙂

  269. I can hold my own in the kitchen. I am pretty good, but definitely not ready to compete on any level 🙂

  270. Andrea Watts says:

    I can hold my own but I’m not quite ready for Food Network lol!

  271. oooh, I would love this! I’m a baking enthusiast and recently an Alton Brown junkie, so this would be perfect!

  272. Recently found your blog! Love it!!

    I can hold my own in the kitchen, but I’m not ready to compete. I also love my kitchen gadgets and don’t have a scale yet.

  273. I am a definite fit in the “hold your own” with a slight aspiration to jump up one category eventually as life allows.

  274. Mary Smith says:

    I can defiantly hold my own. We watch Alton Brown every night and that scale has been on my wish list for some time now.I posted this on my Facebook page.

  275. MelanieL says:

    I hold my own in the kitchen. I love to try new recipes! I try not to get discouraged if they don’t turn out like I expect, I just roll with it and learn from my mistakes. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway:)

  276. I can definitely hold my own, but am trying to move into the next food network star category!

  277. I’m at the “I can hold my own” stage.

  278. I think I’m in the “I can hold my own” category.

  279. We recently came over to the healthy way of cooking from the eating take out and from packages side. A scale would make the switch alot easier.

  280. I can hold my own where baking is concerned. I have a scale, but I c0uld use a better one.

  281. I love to cook, but with a 9-month-old, I’m a hurry-and-get-it-on-the-table kind of cook right now!

  282. I LOVE to cook! And my 3 sons love to eat so it really works out well!

  283. I am pretty sure I can “hold my own” in the kitchen. I love to cook and I am always changing recipes to try something different. My husband cooks for the fire department he works for and uses a lot of my recipes there!

  284. I think I can hold me own. I love to cook and try new stuff a lot. I say my cooking as an 90% turn out rate.

    This scale looks amazing. The one i have not too good or accurate.

  285. Kristine in WA says:

    Im a “can hold my own” with high aspirations to be a Next Food Network Star. 🙂

  286. i’m newly married, and a beginning cook! this scale would sure be helpful as i’m learning all kinds of new things in the kitchen… =]

  287. I’m just holding my own. Trying to eat better and healthier this year. The scale would help!

  288. Wow. I cook, I garden, I raise some of my plants, I freeze all spring & summer, starting with the peas and berries in the next few weeks. Ohio weather dictates when we get our produce from the garden. I would love to have a great scale to add to my kitchen as I love gadgets, but they must be helpful or I will not let them take up room here. Thanks for the chance to get one. I have been rebating/couponing for over 30 yrs. Can anyone beat that?

  289. I am a intermediate cook. I have been ‘cooking’ for 12 years but am just starting to enjoy it and learning new things. Had to wait for the children to stop climbing up my leg all day.

  290. Brandy F says:

    I think I can hold my own if I stick to my recipes. If I try new recipes I get rave reviews sometimes and fail sometimes so, it depends.

  291. I guess I would consider myself a beginner. I have just started to really cook in the past six or so months and I really enjoy it.

  292. While I would love to say I am the next food network star, I know I am not. I still have a lot to learn about different cooking methods, but my husband seems to think I am Martha Stewart and that is all that really matters 🙂

  293. I think I consider myself somewhere between a beginner and someone who can hold my own – perhaps an intermediate cook? I want to learn so much more, I just don’t know where to begin.. I simply love food and cooking – there is nothing more fun than coming up with something delightful all on your own and finding that everyone really loves it. So … I guess I’ll call myself the “in between” cook. 😀

  294. I wish I were a Food Network Star, but for now, I’m holding my own.

  295. I’m a beginner who is edging closer to the “hold my own” category. This past winter I really began experimenting and trying tons of new recipes. It’s been so fun and I’m happy to say the most of the time the new recipe turns out great!

  296. I can hold my own, but only recently have begun doing things like making homemade bread, pizza dough, etc. I’m surprised at how much I enjoy it!!

  297. I can pretty much can hold my own. I am the FoodNetwork Star in my mind. 🙂 My family hasn’t complained yet, and we’re all over weight. That’s why we NEED the food scale.

  298. I can hold my own in the kitchen, and with 2 teenage boys, I HAVE TO!!!
    I’d love that scale so I can practice portion control.

  299. would consider myself somewhere between beginner and holding my own!! Sometimes my cooking just doesnt turn out the way I envisioned it!!

  300. I can hold my own, but would like to know more about weighing when baking. Therese

  301. I can hold my own. I love to cook and bake for my family and friends.

  302. Love Alton Brown, too! I have been wanting a kitchen scale forever. I would say I can definitely hold my own (plus, I couldn’t imagine being away from my family to do FN!).

  303. I would say I can hold my own, but after the birth of my last child (9 months ago) I feel like I am a beginner cook all over again.

  304. momofmanyinca says:

    I think I’m a medium good cook.Theres some of my recipes that always taste great and then theres the recipes I think that look and sound great and aren’t after I try them.LOL I have been trying new recipes this last yr. Most are just ok. I keep searching though.

  305. I can hold my own, but must confess I choose to make more of an effort to make dessert turn out right than I do making dinner turn out right…there may be something wrong with this picture. : )

  306. I can hold my own and am somewhat adventurous, but my husband could definately be the next food network star!

  307. I’m definitely not a star, but I can hold my own . . . and I have been drooling over the digital scales in the store. It is at the top of my wish list! I totally agree with what you said about differences in weight of brand names. So true! Thanks for an great blog!

  308. Adrienne Larkin says:

    I love to cook! I wouldn’t call myself the next Food Network star because I am not very creative and are always looking for new ideas but I love to be in the kitchen. My next problem is that I love to eat all that I cook hence why I need this scale 😮

  309. I’m retired and learning how to make artisan bread. So far, it’s been an experience; however, having an accurate scale would be very helpful in measuring the flour.

  310. I’d say I hold my own. Since we are a family of 7 I think it’s a requirement so our food bill isn’t out of this world!

  311. Kelly H. says:

    I am in the “hold your own” category!

  312. Michelle B says:

    I can def hold my own. I actually just bought new Rachel Ray’s Anodized cookware. I love to cook.

  313. I’m a foodie but not ready for the Next Food Network Star!

  314. I would consider my self an intermediate cook. I would love this scale for baking!

  315. I can hold my own in the kitchen but I like to follow recipes–I rarely wing it.

  316. I can hold my own but am still learning new things. I’ve really enjoyed the tips I have learned from your blog…. the bread machine was a great purchase! A digital scale would be another great addition.

    Happy Blogiversary!

  317. Leah2021 says:

    I would say that I hold my own. Although I do alot of creating and experimenting.

  318. I am a hold your own cook. I have been branching out of my comfort zone and my family is pretty receptive so far!

  319. Tessa B. says:

    i love cooking! i guess you could say i can hold my own!

  320. Wow… this is great!!! A nice kitchen scale has been on my wishlist for a while too!

  321. Lori Gearheart says:

    I can definitely ‘HOLD MY OWN’ !! I love to cook and approach cooking like it was a science project! Fun!

  322. I can hold my own! I love to cook, always have. I am always coming up with new recipes, and am actually cooking for 75 people this weekend! Super fun, it would be awesome to have a scale!

  323. I think I can hold my own. In general I’m a “close enough” cook; however, I recently started to bake from scratch so I now need to be more precise.

  324. I love to try new recipes and consider myself to be a pretty good cook!

  325. I can “hold my own” in the kitchen, but would also love to be the Next Food Network Star…maybe in a few years 🙂

  326. I have this scale already so don’t enter me in the giveaway, but I just had to say how much I love it!

  327. I think I can hold my own in the kitchen, for the most part 🙂

  328. Im doing more at home cooking since I am lost my job. Sometimes the meals are a ‘win’, and sometimes they are not so great. But I keep trying!

  329. I am quite a baker. My hubby can’t get enough of my oatmeal cookies! I do well if I “humbly” say so myself.

  330. I would adore that scale, mine is from Sal. Army and its ok but not great.

  331. I can hold my own. I’ve heard Alton Brown’s admonishments about using a scale for flour and such.

  332. I can hold my own, I do alot of scratch cooking and I enjoy cooking for my family in a healthy way, with home grown vegetables and canning and freezing things. That being said, I can always use the help.

  333. Jennifer says:

    I do well in the kitchen! With a small budget and creativity, we eat very well. A scale would be a great addition. 🙂

  334. Carol D. says:

    I like to cook and bake, and have been doing it my fair share of years, but I’ve just been diagnosed with celiac disease, so no more gluten for me! Gluten-free baking seems more like a science experiment than cooking to me, so a kitchen scale would be wonderful to make sure I’m using the right amount of foreign ingredients! 🙂

  335. I can hold my own in the kitchen, but baking more and more each week.

  336. I love to bake and cook, so I can definitely “hold my own” in the kitchen. Your blog has really inspired me to do more meal planning and some freezer cooking.

  337. I really need a kitchen scale! I’ve been cooking ever since I was young. Started out helping my mom. I enjoy cooking for health.

  338. would LOVE to win this!! I am a big OAMC person and this would help so much when me and my friends are trying to figure out measurements!!

  339. Whitfieldwalker says:

    I come from a long line of foodies. I love to cook and spend a lot of my time in the kitchen. Would love to win!

  340. I think that I can hold my own … and most days my family would probably agree. Although I must admit that last Friday evening, anything that I touched in the kitchen was a disaster–dropping, spilling, splashing. My hubby sent me out and prepared a simple dinner!

  341. I’m a better baker than I am a cook, but I’m coming along. The scale would be a great addition to my healthy kitchen:)

  342. Michelle R says:

    My husband and I are super foodies.. actually, kind of food snobs. If it’s gourmet or specialty, we’re game!

  343. Rachel K says:

    I am sort of a beginner. I have a few recipes that are great! I would love to experiment more, but I would hate for a meal to turn out awful. I have learned that just because the recipe calls for a certain amount of an ingredient doesn’t mean you just add it and not taste as you go. (Bad experience making sesame chicken…recipe called for too much soy sauce!)

  344. Elizabeth R says:

    I can.hold my own. I am into healthy budget cooking right now.

  345. I am a total newbie to cooking.

  346. Oh, I’m so excited about this giveaway! I’m a relatively experienced cook and i’ve been wanting a scale to make
    my measurements more accurate. Plus, I’m an Alton Brown fan and know I can’t have really good eats without one :-).

  347. I’m maybe a middle of the road cook… but a beginning baker. And I know how horrible those plastic scales that come in two pieces are because that’s what I have in my kitchen!

  348. I am a pretty experienced foodie. I LOVE to cook. I also love trying new recipies for my boys. I wish I had more time to make my own bread and rolls, but that just doesn’t happen. But I make it a must to cook dinner everynight and we all eat together at the Table because that is what families should do!

  349. Melissa L. says:

    I like to cook and my food is edible but I would say that I’m a beginner. I even have trouble following a recipe and having it turn out. But I keep trying : )

  350. I love to cook, and love experimenting in the kitchen…the hardest part is finding good chunks of time to do it! I have three little helpers underfoot, three and under.

  351. I am holding my own

  352. I can hold my own – but I’m not ready for the stress of competition! 🙂

  353. I can hold my own in the kitchen, and I’m pretty good at baking!

  354. I think I hold my own. 🙂

  355. I’m somewhere between “holding my own” and “the next network star”, ok, well, maybe a little better than holding my own. Well, at least I’m holding my own (most days)!!

  356. I’m at the beginning, but working to hold my own! I think I’m getting there 🙂

  357. I am a pretty good cook. I have a regular scale, but don’t use it much – too much effort. A digital one would be great!

  358. Mary Kate says:

    I’d love to win the scale. We’re foodies, but nothing exotic. We appreciate real, homemade food and are trying to go more natural.

  359. I love to cook and try new recipes, but I’m not into the creation stage yet!

  360. I think I’m really coming into my own in the kitchen. It kind of sneaked up on me, but now when we go out to eat I’m often disappointed. I think to myself, “Man, I could have done better than that!”

  361. Katherine C. says:

    I love to cook. I have always wanted a scale. I love to watch food network!

  362. I love to cook and can hold my own but I typically use recipes as I feel more confident cooking that way.

  363. I can hold my own. And my poor scale has been abused. Believe it or not, I think dh is the main culprit (leaving heaving items on it!).

  364. I can hold my own. While I won’t be the Next Food Network Star or win any awards, my son doesn’t seem to go hungry.

  365. I can hold my own in the kitchen. I have been eying a scale for a long time. This one looks really good!

  366. I can hold my own! I love to try new things!

  367. I can hold my own in the kitchen. While not a newbie in the kitchen, there are still a couple things that intimidate me: baking and cooking a turkey. But anything else, I’ve been able to tackle confidently!

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